Girl on trampoline with balloons

6 Fun Things to do on a Trampoline

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Are you considering buying a trampoline and wondering what you can do on one besides just jumping? You have to get rid of the mindset that trampolines were created for kids only; this is because they are for adults too. A trampoline could be the piece of the puzzle missing in your backyard (see 8 Games to Play on a Trampoline by Yourself for more). It could make you relive your childhood while relieving you of any stress and what have you. Read on to find out how you can elevate your trampoline experience; after all, the goal is to have fun. If you’re interested in a trampoline with a little more than your average model, take a look at our Kangaroo Hoppers Trampoline with Basketball hoop review to see what you think.

Build A Trampoline Fort

Are you adventurous and love trying out new things? If so, a trampoline fort would be ideal for you if not, your kids. All you need is old sheets to tuck in the spring pad. To bring the whole fort idea to life, you should ensure that it sags around the trampoline. Note that no one should jump on it after fixing it, as things will undoubtedly fall apart. There are one too many activities that you could partake in it including sleepovers and games. Don’t forget to compliment them with great snacks like popcorn.

Sprinkler on green grassConsider Using Water

This would be such a fun activity for kids, especially on a hot summer afternoon. Get them changed into their swimsuits and turn the hoses or, better yet, sprinklers on. Ensure that they are headed in the direction of the trampoline. Kids undoubtedly love playing with water, and what better way than to combine the two (and clean your trampoline a little at the same time). Once you start, there is no turning back as your kids will be making requests to do this often. However, it would be best to be present while your kids are playing as the jump mat could get quite slippery, and you wouldn’t want things to go wrong.

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For Tanning Purposes

Summer and tanning go hand in hand, and getting one on a trampoline would be nothing short of excellent without reasonable doubt. You must know that tanning on a trampoline will keep your body cool as the wind blows thoroughly in all directions, and it also absorbs more light as the mat is dark in color.

Yogi Much

Aren’t you tired of doing yoga on flat ground? Perhaps it is time you challenged yourself and maybe gauge how those classes have impacted you so far. Make do of that trampoline for yoga as it will improve your coordination and balance, to mention but a few. Try those poses that have been eating at you, and go ahead to perfect those that you are good at. If you are bored of being confined in a room for yoga classes, try practicing on a trampoline as this will be a change in environment and will do you right.

Grandmother, Granddaughter And Mother Bouncing On TrampolineTry Playing Hokey Pokey With Your Toddler

This is an excellent way to ensure they are active, especially at this time with the pandemic on your neck. Hokey pokey is a classic game that will intrigue your toddler while making them have so much fun. Besides being fun, your kids will get to know the names of their body parts. In addition to that, they will learn how to follow instructions, which will come in handy in their lives. Also, ensure that you have music.

Watch The Sky At Night

You can light the trampoline and stay up late watching the sky. Your child could too with a blanket, stuffed animals, and you by their side. This is better than lying on the grass: it could get itchy at some point, and there could be bugs too! If you wish to, you could read them bedtime stories before you break and go to bed. Also, with time you will find them going out with their stuffed animals to do the same.

Final Words

The above activities are some fun things that you could engage in while on a trampoline. You certainly don’t want to miss out on the fun. If you’re thinking about buying a trampoline for the first time, they are an excellent source of healthy entertainment for the whole family. Ensure that you buy a trampoline with excellent quality, though; it is an investment no matter how small.