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8 Games to Play on the Trampoline by Yourself

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Even when you own a trampoline being by yourself is not a lot of fun. While jumping on a trampoline with multiple people is generally only recommended under specific circumstances, it is common to find more than one jumper at a time. Some don’t believe that having fun on a trampoline by themselves isn’t possible. But that will change once you learn about all the games you can play by yourself when you want to exercise and enjoy that trampoline in your backyard. To find out some of the many games you can play on your trampoline by yourself, just continue to read our article. It has a nice list to get you started in having fun when everyone else is busy.

A Few Games You Can Play by Yourself

There is no particular order to this list and one or two may not be technically games, but they certainly allow you an opportunity to have fun. Just remember to always follow the established safety rules for your trampoline before engaging in any activities.


You can make your own dancing game if you want. Just add the music you like to listen to and you are off. Make up your own rules, get plenty of exercise, and enjoy dancing to your favorite dance music. You can even add a costume if you want. Just make sure to pay attention to the edges of the trampoline so you don’t hurt yourself.

Surprised young cheerful guy jumps high on trampoline and touches basketball rack with his feetOne Person Basketball

When you have nothing to do and your friends are not around, just grab the basketball and hook up your trampoline basketball hoop (see our Skywalker 15′ Jump N’ Dunk review). This allows you to practice your trampoline b-ball and help you develop some great shots. Seeing how many times you can dunk the ball in different styles is just one activity you can do by yourself. Just do not get too overly enthusiastic or you may land on the wrong spot.


It is possible to write on the surface of your trampoline. That option allows you to draw a hopscotch game on the surface and add a new element to this old fashioned child’s game. You can play alone and develop new rules so when your friends are free you can teach them how to play. The extra bounce allows you to do tricks as long as you land in the right box.


The same sidewalk chalk that helps you draw a hopscotch outline on the surface of your trampoline will work here. Use it to draw different masterpieces and take photos of them. If you make a mistake erasing the drawing is easy and you can start over with a fresh canvas. You can always time yourself and make a game out of by seeing how many pictures you can draw in 20 minutes. Then try to beat that record.

Jump the Barrel

All you need is a solid object that won’t roll away from you. Then place that object in the center of the trampoline and jump over it. Watch the strength of your jump so you do not get too close to the edge. Make sure the object is soft enough so you won’t hurt yourself if you land on it (see Are Trampolines Bad for Your Back). Learn to do tricks as you are flying over the object.

Sprinkler on green grassBouncing Balls

This is a form of dodge ball without the speed or risk. All you have to do is place a set of balls, any type of ball, in the center of your trampoline and then bounce like you normally would. The trick is not to be hit by one of the bouncing balls. If the balls fall off the trampoline then just get down and put them back in their right spot.

Create Challenges

Time yourself to see how many jumps you can do in one minute, or count how many twists you can do in one jump. Sometimes the simplest games are the most fun and you can create a lot of confidence in yourself as you get to see what you are capable of doing. The sky is the limit when you try challenging yourself and your abilities. There are many variations so you won’t get bored or do the same challenge twice right away.

Add Water

Put a sprinkler near one side of the trampoline and then count how many times you can jump before the water returns. It is simple and perfect for when you have no one to play with on a hot day. Or even better, if you have a trampoline with a basketball hoop, use the water to make your game a little more interesting.  Just make sure to wear that sunscreen.

Final Words

Playing games by yourself helps get rid of any boredom you may feel. Plus, it is a good way to get fresh air and exercise. These games are just a beginning and hopefully, they will inspire you to create your own games or adapt others. Playing games by yourself is not always the best, but sometimes you are left with no other option. Using your trampoline will add a new element to traditional playtime.