Trampoline springs

Are Longer Trampoline Springs Better?

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Why do trampolines have springs? Well, other than the fact that springs are the primary device to provide the bouncy effect when one is using the trampoline, they have other great benefits such as safeguarding the users by bouncing them towards the center of the equipment. The springs also help to stretch and join the trampoline to the poles. There are two sizes of trampoline springs used in crafting of this equipment. A trampoline may feature long springs or short ones, but do they make a difference?

Trampoline springs for most large trampolines can range anywhere from 6” – 10” springs. Overall, the shorter the spring is, the less ideal it is for heavier weights. For young adults and teens, springs shorter than 7 inches should be avoided as they provide a less smooth and enjoyable bounce. Shorter springs (6” – 7”) are typically suitable for lightweight use such as children. Longer springs (8”+) are better suited for young adults, teenagers, and heavier weights. These are commonly found on high-performance trampolines, like the Galactic Xtreme by Happy Trampoline.

Trampoline bounceShort Springs Overview

The other feature of the short springs is that they consist of low energy transfer. The length of the springs influences the energy transfer to the body, depending on your bouncing height. Short springs do not allow high jumps and thus, the lower you jump the less energy will transfer in your body and vice versa. The short springs provide a smooth jump which results in a faster transfer of energy into the body. The short and stiff jumps offered by the short spring trampolines make them the perfect option for kids’ use.

Long Springs Overview

The trampolines made with long springs are suitable for heavier weights or those who require a trampoline that offers high jumps. Longer spring trampolines provide an excellent flow of energy since the high jumps allow the body to absorb energy fully. The stretch of the spring allows the body to propel to some incredible heights while also providing a softer landing. The long spring trampolines are made with high-quality materials and frames that can withstand high jumps and are ideal for multiple users. The trampolines with long springs are normally quite large and are classified as heavyweight capacity trampolines.

Are Longer Trampoline Springs Better?

Although longer springs commonly provide a much better performance, shorter springs also have their place. Overall, if you are looking for performance and to support weights higher than what children normally offer, longer springs work best. Shorter springs are perfect for children’s trampolines. Read below for more details.

Safety coneSafety

If you need a trampoline that will ensure the total safety of your family, then short spring trampolines are the right option. These trampolines do not stretch much which in return reduces the level of bounce. High jumps on a trampoline are a common cause of accidents due to uncontrolled jumping. Therefore, the short spring trampolines are designed to reduce high jumps that could cause accidents. Obviously, this isn’t suitable if you have teenagers or young adults who want to have a little more fun than what is normally provided by trampolines commonly intended for younger children.

Energy Flow and Workout Results

If you are looking for such results when using a trampoline, then the long spring trampoline is the perfect choice to make. The long spring trampoline does not restrict one’s bounces when jumping, which allows the body to absorb all the energy and for a longer period (higher ups and lower downs). You can also perform various trampoline jump tricks (see our picks for the best trampolines for flips) with a long spring trampoline, especially if you are into athletics or working out and maximizing the health benefits of trampolines.


Both the long and short springs are quite useful in trampolines and the choice between the two is influenced by the user. If you are buying a trampoline for kids use, short-spring trampolines are most likely the best option, but if you need a large and flexible trampoline that you can perform different tricks and bounces, long spring trampolines are the best. They are made of heavy-duty material that can withstand heavy weight capacities and often last longer than the shorter versions (see Do Trampolines get Bouncier Over Time). Additionally, if you intend to have more than one jumper, long-spring trampolines are the best option to support the weight of multiple people.