Kids having fun with a trampoline in the gym

Are Mini Trampolines Safe for Toddlers

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Today’s toddlers and young children have traded traditional “play” for screen time as a means of entertainment. Looking for engaging ways to entertain children without electronics can be a challenge. When considering safe activities that keep toddlers involved and having fun, a mini trampoline may not be the first activity to come to mind. This may be because the word trampoline is often associated with large, outdoor trampolines that are generally considered dangerous for toddlers and small children due to their size and design.

Shot of a girl standing on a trampoline and her friend sitting on a large exercise ball

Many adults have vivid memories of the metal springs from an outdoor trampoline pinching their fingers or toes; or even falling off of an outdoor trampoline onto the hard ground, when they were younger. Mini trampolines are designed with children’s safety in mind (see our review of the Sportplus Rebounder), all while keeping them engaged and active, and have become highly sought after for a child’s development.

Safety Measures

Mini trampolines are uniquely designed in a way that makes them safer than traditional outdoor trampolines. Because they offer a smaller bouncing surface that is much closer to the ground, the risk of falling off is minimized drastically. They are often made with soft, durable padding that covers the springs and gaps around the outer edge of the trampoline which ensures your child’s feet and hands do not get pinched while bouncing. Many toddler trampolines (and fitness rebounders) sold today are made with elastic cords that attach the bouncing surface to the trampoline’s frame (learn the best time to buy a trampoline). This eliminates the need for metal springs, which minimizes the risk of getting pinched.

The frames are made of durable steel that ensures they are stable enough for children of all sizes. Additionally, most mini trampolines are equipped with a safety handrail that assists toddlers with gaining balance and confidence when first getting acquainted with their mini trampoline or when trying new skills on the trampoline. The handrail is adjustable to several different heights so that it can grow with your child over time.

Age Appropriate

Children’s mini trampolines are designed for different age and weight groups. The majority are designed for toddlers between the ages of three and six years old; weighing under 60 pounds. Since there are different types of mini-trampolines based on these recommendations, it is important to find the model that best fits your child’s age and weight to ensure they stay safe while jumping. Mini trampolines offer different size jumping surfaces and weight restrictions to ensure the correct bounce for their users, so considering your child’s future weight and age is important if you want them to be able to use their mini trampoline for years to come.

Little girl jumping on trampoline in gym - isolated, slight motion blurBenefits

There are many benefits to encouraging toddlers to use a mini-trampoline as a form of play and exercise. Because bouncing is a lot of fun, it keeps children engaged for a longer period of time than other, less interactive activities. Parental supervision is required when a child uses a mini trampoline, and children enjoy parents being involved as they bounce and have fun. With the help of the safety handrail, the toddler’s balance and coordination will begin to develop and soon their overall confidence will increase as their bouncing skills advance as well.

Additionally, it is a great exercise to burn extra energy and build stamina. Mini trampolines have an advantage over outdoor trampolines because they aren’t affected by weather conditions, as they are generally used inside the comfort of one’s own home. Toddler’s blood circulation and heart health are also improved with the use of a mini trampoline, and rebounders can even promote bone and muscle growth when used over a period of time. Motor skills are improved by using a mini trampoline and they offer great aerobic exercise.

Final Words

If you’re looking for a safe activity for toddlers that helps them burn energy, a mini trampoline is an excellent choice. Because they are relatively inexpensive, can grow with the child, and offer health benefits, they are very beneficial. Mini trampolines are accessible to more toddlers than traditional outdoor trampolines since a backyard is not necessary to enjoy them. And parents can be assured that the added safety benefits of a mini trampoline will ensure their toddler stays safe while enjoying their jumping experience.