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Benefits of Jogging on a Rebounder

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If you’re looking for a fun and effective form of exercising, rebounding may be an excellent choice to consider. Although there are many different forms of exercises to choose from once you’ve begun your rebounding fitness journey, we will focus on the specific benefits of jogging on your rebounder. Jogging is one of the most effective exercises you can do on a rebounder, and because it can be modified to offer different degrees of difficulty, it is a great choice for both novice and advanced fitness levels.

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Weight scale with measuring tape and apple on topWhy You Should Jog on Your Mini Trampoline

1. Improved Balance and Coordination – Rebounding is a great way to improve your balance and coordination. Because you are not jogging on a static and hard surface, your muscles remain engaged during the entire exercise to help keep you stabilized. This, in turn, causes you to have increased balance and coordination.

2. Low Impact Exercise (Joint Relief) – Whether you are recovering from an injury, or would simply like more longevity in your workouts, jogging offers many benefits to joints. The rebounder’s flexible surface of a rebounder will allow your joints a reprieve from the constant impact they normally endure when jogging on the hard surface of a jogging trail or treadmill (see these mini trampoline exercises for seniors). In turn, you will be able to jog for a longer period of time on a rebounder, which will burn more calories and cause less fatigue to your joints.

3. Detoxifies Body by Activating Lymphatic System – Your body requires movement to engage the lymphatic system since it operates as a one-way system to move out toxins. Without movement, the lymphatic system is unable to process out the toxins your body naturally produces. When you jog on a rebounder, your blood begins flowing and stimulates the lymphatic system (learn more about rebounders and the lymphatic system). Once the lymphatic system has been activated, the lymph fluid will begin removing the toxins from your body.

4. Promotes Weight Loss – Because jogging on a rebounder engages many muscle groups at once, it is a more effective form of exercise than other stationary exercises that exercise one muscle group at a time. You can also add ankle or wrist weights to increase the degree of difficulty in your workout. When you engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, you burn more calories, which will have a greater impact on your weight-loss journey.

An image of a nice clock with time for fitness5. Energy Booster – As you jog on the rebounder, you will notice an almost immediate boost to your energy level. The jogging exercise causes your blood to begin pumping throughout your body and the oxygen in your blood circulates which creates a boost in energy.

6. Tones and Strengthens Muscles – Jogging on a rebounder creates a total-body exercise and helps to increase the body’s overall strength. Rebounding decreases the amount of body fat your body stores, which improves your overall muscle tone. Improving your muscle strength, while decreasing body fat, creates a lean appearance to your body image. Additionally, it will strengthen your heart and other organs, which allows the body to work more efficiently overall.

7. Less Equipment Needed – Unlike traditional jogging on hard pavement or a treadmill, jogging on a rebounder is gentle on the soles of your tennis shoes. Hard jogging surfaces cause the soles of your shoes to wear more quickly and mean you will have to buy new shoes sooner. Many people find that while using the rebounder, no tennis shoes are needed, and they still achieve a safe and effective workout. If you find that rebounding barefoot is enjoyable, you will not have the expense of tennis shoes. You also forego the cost of a gym membership by choosing to exercise with a rebounder in your own home.

8. Weather Friendly – When jogging on your rebounder, you do not have to be concerned with the weather forecast, as you would if jogging outdoors. You can achieve your workout from the comfort of your own home, making it easier to accomplish on days when the weather might otherwise prevent you from exercising.

Final Words

Achieving your fitness goals while jogging on a rebounder is not only attainable but also entertaining. Rebounders have quickly become popular among all fitness levels since results are achieved faster than with traditional exercise methods and with less risk of injury. The positive benefits you receive from a rebounder will keep you choosing it over other, more complex exercise equipment.