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Best Cheap but Good Trampolines on a Tight Budget

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If you’re looking for a cheap but good trampoline on a tight budget, you may be astounded at the choices currently available. Finding a good value buy for a trampoline can be difficult if this is your first time buying one of these products. Unlike trampolines of yesteryear, modern trampolines come included with a bevy of features and different characteristics. Safety enclosures, galvanized steel, spring padding, responsive jumping mats, and a host of other features can make buying a new trampoline a dizzying process. Knowing what to look for can ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

We have pored over some of the most popular budget models to find the best deals currently available. While trampolines can cost in the thousands, we have limited our search to not exceed $500. We have chosen those that offer the most important features, use the highest quality materials, and generally improve your jumping experience when compared to some other brands. Look below to find some of the best cheap but good trampolines you can find on a tight budget.

Best Picks

Best Overall


12 - 15 FT Trampoline

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12 - 14 FT Trampoline

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10 FT Trampoline

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The Reviews

ORCC 12 - 15 FT Outdoor Trampoline

Best Overall

The ORCC brand of trampolines have become more popular through the years as they have made a habit of offering a high-quality trampoline product at affordable prices. This model comes in 12 FT, 14 FT, and 15 FT versions to accommodate a wide range of situations. Featuring a high weight capacity in all models ranging from 330 lbs for the 12 and 14-foot versions up to an impressive 375 lbs in the larger 15 FT model, you can expect multiple jumpers to have fun simultaneously. Although this is not a well-known brand, the materials and extremely sturdy nature of this trampoline have caused it to become a highly regarded trampoline manufacturer. A wide range of included features such as the safety enclosure, wind stakes, and ladder give new owners everything they need without requiring them to search for the various accessories separately.

All materials are made of high-quality parts such as the heavy-duty galvanized steel frame and galvanized steel springs to prevent rust and extend the lifetime of the trampoline. The UV-resistant mat, netting, and safety padding can also be expected to last longer than the average budget trampoline to increase the value of the purchase. Setup is relatively quick, depending on how handy you may be with this kind of thing. Setup can be completed in as little as 1.5 hours with a helper for most. If you have any problems, the responsive customer service is highly recommended as they can quickly facilitate replacement parts.

The ORCC 12 FT – 15 FT trampoline line includes everything a new trampoline owner could want. High quality materials used in construction ensure it will last a very long time for hours of enjoyment. The range of safety features work very well and greatly reduce the chance of accidents without needing to hassle with finding them a la carte. While there may be some small issues, this is a very good trampoline at an affordable price. High bounces for those daredevils or slow and easy jumping are possible with the versatility afforded by the strong springs and heavy-duty stitching technology of the mat. While it may not quite measure up to some of the more expensive brands in terms of performance and durability, you really can’t ask for a better quality trampoline for such a tempting price.

Key Features

  • Rust-resistant steel
  • 6 FT safety enclosure
  • Padded enclosure poles
  • Waterproof surface mat
  • UV-resistant and fade-resistant
  • 7-inch galvanized springs
  • Spring padding
  • W-shaped legs for added stability
  • Anti-skid ladder
  • Rain cover
  • U-shaped wind stakes


Weight Capacity330 - 375 lbs
Diameter12 - 15 ft
FrameHeavy-duty galvanized steel
Warranty90 days (mat); 1 year (frame)


  • Strong and durable materials
  • Very sturdy
  • Solid bounce
  • Versatile for different types of jumpers
  • Relatively fast assembly
  • Fast customer service
  • High weight limit
  • Strong poles for enclosure


  • Wind stakes are less than impressive
  • Ladder pushes up mat over time

Merax 12 - 14FT Trampoline with Enclosure

Best Value

Merax has gone above and beyond in providing their customers with a trampoline that performs like a much more expensive trampoline at a cost-effective price. The Merax trampoline includes a safety net, galvanized steel ladder, and one of the best basketball hoops available for trampolines. Additionally, due to the sturdy construction and high-quality materials used, it is built to last for a long time. As with all trampolines, the soft parts need to be replaced much more frequently than the frame and springs, but the UV resistant materials used stretch out the replacement time quite a bit further than expected for a budget trampoline. Seventy-two galvanized springs attach the mat and frame while providing above average bounce and performance. Additionally, this Merax trampoline is specifically designed to offer a responsive bounce that is easy on the knees and joints for older jumpers. In fact, this can be easily used for physical training without worrying about purchasing a smaller mini trampoline to allow buyers to get entertainment and physical fitness for the whole family.

In addition to being well-made, the Merax trampoline comes with a solid 5-year warranty should any problems occur. If that happens, customer support is responsive and acts quickly to replace parts when contacted via email. Their support staff are knowledgeable about their products and it is apparent that they are highly trained. Assembly can be accomplished by just 1 person, although additional helpers make the job easier. Expect to spend approximately 2-3 hours during assembly, including setting up the safety net. The instruction manual can be confusing at times, as always seems to be the case with any moderately complex product that requires assembly. Fortunately, if you get stuck, there are plenty of videos on YouTube to help.

Overall, this is one of the best budget trampolines you will find at this size. The high-quality materials are a nice surprise when considering the price. Most would expect to pay double to get a model that comes with the wide range of features included in this product. While there are a few problems, they are mostly cosmetic. The basketball hoop is very sturdy and not one of those cheap plastic models that lasts all of about a day before being unusable. If you’re looking for a high-value purchase, take a look at what the Merax trampoline has to offer.

Key Features

  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel frame
  • Rust resistant
  • UV-proof safety enclosure
  • Galvanized steel ladder
  • 72 galvanized springs
  • Basketball hoop and backboard
  • Responsive bounce
  • Easy on knees & joints


Weight Capacity330 lbs
Diameter12 - 14 ft
FrameGalvanized steel
Warranty5 years


  • Sturdy and well-built
  • Very strong bounce
  • Strong weight capacity
  • Responsive support
  • One of the best basketball hoops you’ll find
  • Able to be set up by 1 person


  • Basketball backboard increases wind resistance
  • Setup instruction can be confusing
  • Setup can be lengthy (approximately 2-3 hours)

Zupapa 10 FT Kids Trampoline


The Zupapa 10 FT trampoline is a smaller model aimed at parents that want a high-quality model for their children that will last for a very long time. Using a hot-dip galvanized approach to prolong the life of their steel, Zupapa claims that it takes 5 times longer than their competition for rust to form. Additionally, exhibiting some of the best craftsmanship in the market, these trampolines are made to last! As a testament to the nature of the materials in use, Zupapa includes one of the best warranties around, featuring a whopping 10-year warranty for the frame. The strong and sturdy steel can hold up to a beating as customers experiencing inclement weather report that it holds up to high winds and even falling debris without showing any signs of misuse. While this is a smaller trampoline, the exceptionally high weight capacity allows for multiple jumpers, even adults.

Zupapa has created a very solid design that makes this trampoline one of the easiest to assemble you’ll find. Some buyers have reported being able to assemble the trampoline fully in approximately 30 minutes, although the netting makes it more likely to take 1 – 1.5 hours. Threading the netting is time consuming, although very simply done after the initial start. Safety features such as spring padding, a safety enclosure, and a handy ladder all come included at an affordable price, considering the quality of the materials being used. The safety net is troublesome in that it uses buckles that can come undone while in use. This is easily remedied by tying the netting down and bypassing the buckles altogether.

The Zupapa 10 FT trampoline is a very good trampoline, provided it can meet your needs. It is a small trampoline and is not intended to support the entire neighborhood. If you intend to have numerous jumpers or big trampoline parties, it may be better to look at a 14-foot or 15-foot model. Zupapa is one of the higher quality manufacturers, so expect to exceed the $500 budget requirements for this comparison. On the other hand, if you have a small backyard (i.e. live in the city), this is perfect, as it has a very small footprint. If you want an extremely high-quality trampoline, but don’t need the size a 15-foot model affords, this is one of the best you’ll find. It may cost a little more than a comparable model, but you can expect it to last a very long time and provide one of the better bounces around.

Key Features

  • Hot-dip galvanized steel
  • 60 anti-rust springs
  • Anti-UV polypropylene jumping mat
  • Safety net
  • Padded foam poles
  • Non-slip ladder
  • Rain cover
  • Wind stakes


Weight Capacity330 lbs
Diameter10 ft
FrameGalvanized steel
Warranty10 years (frame); 2 years (other)


  • Great for small backyards
  • Sturdy and solid
  • VERY high-quality materials
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Incredible warranty
  • Excellent bounce for budget trampoline
  • High weight capacity for smaller trampoline
  • Very fast assembly


  • May be small for some
  • Safety netting can come loose
  • Rails on ladder would be helpful

Giantex Trampoline with Safety Net

The Giantex trampoline comes in a variety of models to suit almost any family’s needs. One of the best aspects of this trampoline is that as the size gets bigger, the value increases as well. The smaller models, while affordable, don’t exactly leap out at you as being a real deal. By the time, you are looking at the 14 – 16 ft models, it becomes clear that you are getting quite a bit of real estate at bargain prices. Unfortunately, all those cost-savings come with a catch, as is often the case. The trampoline offers above average durability, for the most part, but the springs seem to weaken quickly as time goes by. Furthermore, the mat tends to break down at about a year, so it may need replacing earlier than most other models. To exacerbate the problem, warranty information seems to be difficult to find and remains unclear.

Aside from some durability issues with the softer components, the rest of the trampoline is well-made and very stable when set up correctly. Assembly is moderately simple even though the instruction leaves a little to be desired. If you have ever put a trampoline together before, it is a simple process that will seem all too familiar. The bounce is surprisingly nimble, considering the issue with the springs. If you are looking for a model with huge real estate, the 15 foot and 16 foot models have surface area, in spades. A moderately high weight limit further reinforces that this trampoline was designed for multiple jumpers.

Overall, the Giantex trampoline leaves a little to be desired in craftsmanship, but the price point for the larger models is hard to overlook. It isn’t often you can find a 15’ trampoline that is priced in a reasonable range. The fast assembly time, safety accessories, and adequate performance makes this trampoline an option for many that are looking to save a few bucks but still provide healthy recreational activities for the family. There are obviously better options available, but you may expect to pay a little more. In the end, it is probably a better option to look at a brand that is more reputable and will last much longer such as the Zupapa or Merax trampolines. Their price is comparable, and they come with similar features.

Key Features

  • Galvanized rust resistant steel frame
  • 90 springs
  • 5 U-shaped legs
  • Safety enclosure
  • Ladder
  • Polypropylene jumping mat
  • Double-sided zipper
  • No-gap spring cover


Weight Capacity200 – 375 lbs.
Diameter8 - 15 ft
FrameGalvanized steel


  • Silent and sturdy jumping
  • Above average durability
  • 16 FT version is massive
  • Highly affordable
  • Intuitive assembly


  • Unclear instructions
  • Warranty information is unavailable
  • Weak springs

Buying Guide

What to Know Before Buying a Budget Trampoline

The modern trampoline has been a common sight for over 60 years. The traditional design has largely remained unchanged for a very long time, until the early years of the 21st century. Engineers began to improve on the classic design and integrated more advanced techniques. Getting a new trampoline or replacing one can be a difficult undertaking due to the wide range of features and characteristics. There are several factors to consider before deciding on which is the best budget trampoline that will serve you accordingly. Below are some of the factors you should know of before purchasing a budget trampoline.

Important Aspects

The Manufacturer

Trampoline manufacturers are an important component when searching for a new trampoline. Before buying a trampoline, it is essential to research the best ones being made from which company adequately. You can study by checking online or asking from friends, experts, or those that have trampolines already. From the information gathered during your research, you will be able to know which company offers the best quality and durable product. Customer reviews on the product while finding information from online shopping sites like Amazon will be a great help on your decision to choose the best manufacturer of the trampoline you want to buy. Manufacturers such as Zupapa, Skywalker, Giantex, and Merax are a few examples of popular producers of backyard trampolines.

Weight Capacity

Having the correct information on the total weight of the users going to jump on the trampoline is vital. The trampoline’s weight capacity often dictates how it is best used. Higher weight capacity models are often used when the intention is to allow multiple jumpers simultaneously. Although some may accommodate many users, it may be dangerous if the trampoline is overloaded. Ensure that you are well versed in the capabilities of your new trampoline before allowing jumpers to use it fully. You can find cheap but good trampolines that can hold surprisingly high weights that can fit almost any situation.

Space Availability for Placement

When going to purchase a budget trampoline, it is good to have the correct information on the area it is going to be placed. In some situations, it is advisable to measure or draw with a rope on the ground where the trampoline is to be set as an imaginary trampoline. This will help as people tend to underestimate the size only to come and find maybe the entire backyard is not enough. Try to keep 5-10 feet of available space between the trampoline and any other obstructions in the yard such as sheds or branches. Additionally, ensure that the area in which the trampoline will be set up is level and doesn’t have holes or other dangerous areas in the ground.

Size of the Trampoline

After determining the maximum area allowable, based on the size of the yard, the trampoline’s surface area is relatively easy to determine. The number of users will often greatly factor into the size of the trampoline that best suits your needs. Furthermore, trampolines vary in sizes ranging from 6feet to 16feet, but the most common ones are the 8feet, 12feet, and 15feet. The greater the jumping area, the more jumpers that can be allowed to safely jump. Additionally, ensure that you account for the age, weight, and size of the potential jumpers. A larger size is recommended for teenagers and adult jumpers, if this is your target participant. A twelve-foot trampoline will often suffice if your jumpers are in the 10 – 14 year old range, but you may want to move up to a 14 or 15 foot trampoline to allow for multiple jumpers that are adults or older teens. Be aware that the cost of the trampoline often scales up relative to the size, so expect to pay more the bigger your trampoline is.

Safety Aspects

Trampolines’ safety aspects are one of the most important things to look at before buying it. Safety is very crucial for risky equipment, and a trampoline is often considered risky if the proper precautions are not taken. Although modern trampolines have incorporated several safety features, it is critical to ensure that the one you are buying has the important ones. For an injury-free jumping experience, it is vital to check if the trampoline has a gap-free net enclosure, springs are rust-proof, springs have protective safety pads, and the frames are made of high-grade materials to make it durable and sturdy. The structure should be made of galvanized steel to make it rust-proof and durable. Another essential safety feature is the safety enclosure or net. These devices can be a pain during initial setup, but they pay off in the long run in keeping jumpers within the target area and greatly reduce accidents.

Availability of Spare Parts

With time and continuous use of the trampoline, its components like mats, springs, and safety pads will slowly deteriorate. The springs elastic limits can be exceeded and break, pads, and the mats wear out due to continuous heavy use and the stress of enduring the elements. Because of this, it is crucial to get a trampoline that the replacements parts are readily available and can be purchased without any issue. While most manufacturers are easily contacted and have replacement parts readily available, it is a good idea to check that it is not a one-trick pony, as those companies can have a short lifespan, leaving you with a product that can’t be repaired when necessary.

Cost of the Trampoline

A cheap but still good trampoline gives buyers the best of both worlds. A high quality trampoline at a fraction of the cost of professional models. The cost is often reflective of the quality of materials used during construction. As the quality of the materials improves, the cost of that model will increase. It is important to find the right balance of price vs. quality. Fortunately, we have already done the research for you above to find the highest quality trampoline and ensure you are getting the “best bang for your buck”. It is important to also include the cost of the safety features, such as a safety net, while calculating how much you expect to spend on your next trampoline. Expect to spend between $250 – $600 dollars for a quality budget trampoline.

Construction Materials

A strong budget trampoline should be able to withstand any weather conditions like hot sun and other harsh weather. To endure this, you should go for a trampoline made of high quality and durable materials. Besides, getting a high-quality and durable trampoline will make your investment last longer and increase the value of your purchase. Although modern trampolines are made of high-quality materials compared to just a few years ago, it is vital to go for the ones with UV-resistance in their fabrics. The UV-resistant materials in the structures will ensure the trampoline can withstand harsh weather, protect the colors from fading and prevent unnecessary deterioration with time, making it last for an extended period.


Whenever you are purchasing a trampoline, you should ensure the warranty is of adequate length and covers components that often wear out. Some of its components may wear out or fade before the time you were promised and having a warranty will ensure the parts are replaced by the manufacturer. Different companies offer different warranties ranging from months to a year. You must check the terms of the warranty the trampoline comes with as it will safeguard your investment. Expect to find 2-5 year warranties for the frames, with much shorter warranties being available for commonly replaced parts (safety pads, springs, jumping mat). The best trampolines offer some fairly incredible warranties, but don’t expect any gifts when searching for cheaper models. The cost of the product is often offset by the amount of “peace of mind”. It is up to you to decide if you want to pay the extra bucks for the stronger warranties and higher quality materials often found in more expensive models.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age ranges are recommended to safely jump on a trampoline?

It is often advisable to only allow children age 6 and up to jump on a trampoline. If you are keeping a close eye on your child or are participating in the activities, it will be up to you if you will allow them on the trampoline. Smaller trampolines are available, tailored specifically to suit a younger audience.

What is a good weight limit for a budget trampoline?

Weight limits can regularly approach a 375 lb. total load capacity. Depending on the brand and model, you can expect a trampoline that is rated with at least a 225 lb. capacity to fit the bill for younger jumpers. If you expect heavier jumpers, try to find a model that support 300+ lbs. of weight.

What is the best way to maintain a budget trampoline that will increase its life?

The elements that trampolines must endure are the single biggest issue as far as durability is concerned. The constant abuse the product takes from cold winter weather, burning heat, heavy rain, and high winds can greatly decrease the lifespan of anything. To help reduce these effects, it is advisable to cover your trampoline when not in use to protect it from rain and other debris. While this may not be convenient, it is a sure way to extend the life. Additionally, the soft components (pads, net) wear out the fastest. Taking down the trampoline during the winter can protect these parts, although it may be a hassle.

Final Thoughts

Trampolines can be a purchase that can cause quite a bit of anxiety. Trampolines are considered a big purchase for many, as they are not cheap, even the budget models. Following the above guidelines can greatly help to ensure you are purchasing the perfect model for your budget and needs. Finding a cheap but good model is a difficult proposition as there are numerous features and characteristics one must sift through to find that perfect device. Take a look above at the models we have already selected based on their potential durability, performance, and price. You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to find the best trampoline for your situation.