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Best Foldable Mini Trampoline

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One of the best aspects of mini-trampolines is that they are relatively affordable and small options for working out at home. Foldable mini-trampolines are even better as they can be folded to half or even a quarter of their normal size for easy storage or transport. Compared to some other pieces of exercise equipment, they are attractive options if you don’t have much space to layout a full-size home gym. Furthermore, rebounders are well-renowned for providing a full-body workout that is excellent at improving fitness in many different areas. Finding the best foldable mini trampoline that works for you isn’t that hard as long as you know what you want to use it for. If it will mainly stay at home and you want it for easy storage, it better be easy to fold and highly functional.

We have looked at some of the most popular folding rebounders currently available to see which ones work in a variety of situations. The JumpSport 230F folding fitness rebounder (available at Amazon) is the best overall as it flawlessly presents a mix of value, performance, and high-end features. If you’re looking for extreme value, the MaXimus HIIT Bounce PRO (check price at Amazon) is hard to beat as it offers a wide range of accessories and features to go along with strong performance. Read below to find your perfect folding mini-trampoline.

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JumpSport 230F Folding Rebounder

Best Overall

The folding in-home fitness rebounder by JumpSport is one you may be considering. There is a lot to like about the JumpSport 230F folding in-home cardio fitness rebounder. For one, it comes with a unique design that offers both comfort and versatility. The rebounder is designed to minimize the impact of consistent jumping and provide solid low-impact exercises. It offers a 40 percent reduction in impact as opposed to some of the other traditional rebounders available. This mini-trampoline is also meant to be both foldable yet sturdy. The frame is made of black powder-coated steel which you can count on to withstand a lot of use. However, it doesn’t sacrifice portability or storage as the legs can fold inwards.

The jarring impact of bouncing is reduced greatly by the use of premium bungees. The EnduroLast 2 elastic cords that are used on this rebounder are capable of lasting millions of bounces and they offer a much better cushion than you would get from other options. This alone makes it worthy of consideration because rebounding may be an otherwise high-impact exercise. For those who have sore joints or joint discomfort, the lessened impact makes it a viable exercise.

The rebounder itself features a large surface area. Because of this, you shouldn’t have a problem with running out of space while exercising. This makes it a good option for those young and old. You won’t have to worry about losing your balance because there is plenty of surface area to regain it.

The JumpSport 230F is a rebounder that offers a lot of value for the money. The unique selling proposition of this rebounder has to be in its low-impact exercise. You won’t find a product offering such low impact as this one in the space. The bounce is strong, yet soft. If you are suffering from joint pain, there are no better options available to buy.

Key Features

  • Large jumping surface (882 sq. in.)
  • Permatron jumping surface
  • Premium bungees (30 EnduroLast 2)
  • Free trial online workout videos
  • Half-fold


Weight Capacity225 lbs
FrameAlloy steel
WarrantyLifetime / 2 years / 1 year


  • Fast and easy to fold
  • Silent jumping
  • Very high quality
  • Built to last


  • Slightly more expensive

MaXimus HIIT Bounce PRO Folding Mini Trampoline

Best Value

Today people are looking for extra value when it comes to their home workout equipment – and the MaXimus HIIT Bounce PRO Folding Rebounder offers just that in a package that uses spring-loaded legs to fold (in half and then down to quarter size) for easy transport and storage.

This 40-inch indoor trampoline provides an exceptional workout surface thanks to the generous mat which is anchored by 32 coiled springs. Springs on mini-trampolines have their pros and cons. In this case, they can be quite noisy, but nothing applying a bit of WD-40 from time to time won’t fix. It is suitable for those weighing up to 300 pounds and the double-cross stitched mat provides both exceptional traction and durability. Non-slip (non-marking) rubber feet ensure stability and make this rebounder suitable for use on all floor types.

The construction of the HIIT Bounce PRO uses high-quality materials and it offers an extensive warranty – testament to the care which has been taken in design and manufacturing.

However, it is the value-added items that are supplied as part of the MaXimus HIIT Bounce PRO package that allows it to stand head and shoulders above the competition. Buyers are supplied with three months of free online video membership to get the most out of their exercise routine, two DVDs with seven great workout routines, a stability bar and a storage/carry bag, as well as resistance bands. The combination provides great value and a huge variety of options when it comes to the exercises that can be enjoyed using this MaXimus product.

For those who are new to the rebounder exercise option, this package offers exceptional value and an easy way to get started with an effective cardio routine (or want to build core strength) in the comfort of home. The folding design also means easy transport and space-efficient storage. Users can expect to pay more than a budget model but will be getting a highly versatile, quality piece of equipment suitable for home use that delivers where it counts – results.

Key Features

  • Spring-loaded folding legs
  • Quarter-fold
  • 3 month online membership
  • HIT Rebound DVD
  • Incline kit
  • Weighted gloves


Weight Capacity330 lbs.
FrameHigh-grade steel


  • High weight capacity
  • Wide range of videos and accessories
  • Sturdy
  • Incline leads to a vigorous workout


  • Springs can be noisy

ReboundAir Ultimate Rebounder

Best Premium

One of the most popular brands of rebounders currently available is Rebound Air and the company has two versions of their foldable mini-trampoline. The first folds in half and when in use stands 10 inches off the floor. Its bounce surface is anchored by springs and measures 40 inches in diameter and is designed to handle a generous 300 pounds. The second option (this one) folds into quarters and boasts similar specifications. This is the option for those in search of the ultimate space-saving mini-trampoline. Both are supplied with a lifetime guarantee. It is worth noting that the company will honor that guarantee even if it fails under weights of up to 400 pounds – so both are overengineered to a certain extent, which is comforting to know.

Several accessories can be sourced from the company (such as a stabilization bar) to make the use of the products easier and safer. The Rebound Air Ultimate Rebounder carry case with its wheeled design makes the use of this piece of equipment even more of a pleasure. There are also several other free gifts supplied with the purchase such as ‘Al Carter’s World Lecture CD’ and a dolly/trolley to make transport a snap.

Buyers were particularly impressed by the stability of both units (possible due to the innovative locking leg system). Many also found that setting up the unit for use and folding it away presented no challenges – the operation is extremely intuitive.

Overall, the ReboundAir Ultimate Rebounder is one of the best folding mini-trampolines you’ll find. The bounce is powerful, yet easy on the joints and ligaments. Being a gym-grade mini trampoline, you can expect this model to last for a very long time with little maintenance. To back up their product, the company also offers a strong guarantee. As this is a premium model, you can expect to pay more than what you would expect from a budget model, but the durability and performance easily outweigh the additional cost.

Key Features

  • Quarter-fold design
  • Heavy-duty springs
  • Permatron bouncing surface
  • Carry trolley


Weight Capacity400 lbs.
WarrantyLifetime Replaceable Parts Guarantee


  • Simple to fold
  • Durable and built to last
  • Excellent bounce and performance
  • High weight limit


  • Premium pricing

SereneLife Portable 36" Mini Trampoline

Best for Kids

The SereneLife Portable mini trampoline is a budget model that is intended to provide a good workout without costing an arm and a leg. Furthermore, this rebounder is geared towards kids more than what most fitness trampolines are. If you are looking for something that is affordable, space-saving, and an option for your children, read below to see if this is the right rebounder for you.

The entire design around this mini rebounder is built around safety. The jump mat is made from heavy-duty polypropylene for good bouncing action and the entire frame has sufficient padding. That way, you don’t have to worry about anyone hitting their head. Likewise, it comes with a built-in handlebar that can be used to control bounce and regain balance. Having a sturdy bar can make it much easier for kids to jump with more confidence and without having to worry about losing their balance. One aspect of the handlebar to note, is that it is only 24”, so it may be better suited to children than most adults.

The trampoline might be mini, but it can support up to 220 pounds. Therefore, it can handle many grown adults, as well as children. It is a trampoline that is designed with kids in mind. It even offers good space saver functionality. Folding isn’t as easy as some models due to the fact that it has to be disassembled before folding. But, if you are traveling, it is not too much trouble to fold and increase portability. Having something lightweight and portable enough to carry around can be a big benefit.

If you are looking for a solid rebounder for kids and adults, this may be right for you. This rebounder has all of the safety features you would want to find. It has good build quality for a budget mini trampoline, and it is very easy to assemble. It offers good bounce and it is capable of supporting up to 220 pounds. All in all, it’s a value-packed mini rebounder that is sure to satisfy consumers.

Key Features

  • Folding design
  • Rust-proof powder frame
  • Heavy-duty polypropylene mat
  • 24” padded handlebar
  • Frame cover
  • Free kit bag


Weight Capacity220 lbs.
FrameAlloy steel


  • Budget pricing
  • Solid bounce
  • Above-average stability


  • Must disassemble before folding
  • Short handrail

Buying Guide

What to Look for While Shopping for a Folding Mini Trampoline

Rebounding offers various health benefits, such as circulating oxygen to your body’s tissues, improving blood flow, aiding lymphatic circulation, boosting oxygen circulation, lowering your cholesterol levels, increasing your metabolism, and reducing the risks of developing cancer. To enjoy these benefits, you need a rebounder or mini-trampoline. It’s wise to buy a foldable mini-trampoline rather than a non-foldable one as you can store them more easily.

You can get two types of foldable mini-trampolines: one made of stainless steel and one made of integrated plastic. While integrated plastic is a cost-effective option, choosing a stainless steel model is wiser because of its durability and longevity.

Foldable trampolines are commonly more durable than standalone trampolines. This is because of their assembly system. Standalone mini-trampolines come with screw-in legs that wear down over time. Since rebounding involves rhythmic jumping exercises, they put pressure on the screws every time you use the rebounder. You may notice that the screws are becoming loose after a few years.

Fortunately, this doesn’t happen with a foldable mini-trampoline, as they often come with snap-in legs instead of screw-in legs. Snap-in legs are more stable and thus ensure that the trampoline lasts for years. Moreover, you don’t have to take out the screws every time you fold the trampoline. Instead, all you have to do is snap the legs in and you’re ready to go.

Measuring tape on yellow backgroundPay Attention to These Characteristics

With so many brands and models available, it’s confusing which foldable mini-trampoline to buy. Instead of choosing the first model you see, compare a few trampolines based on the factors given below to buy one that’s worth every penny.


How much space can you afford in your room for your mini-trampoline? This is an important question that needs to be answered before you even begin shopping. Generally, foldable mini-trampolines have an average size of 32 to 46 inches, although 36 and 40-inch models are the most popular. Usually, these trampolines have a ground clearance of approximately 1 ft.

Although the differences in size are not too much, every inch is crucial if you live in a small apartment. However, buying a small mini-trampoline also means compromising on the jumping surface. Therefore, consider the space that you can afford for your trampoline before shortlisting a few models.

Weight Capacity

What if you are a plus-sized guy and want to lose weight by rebounding? What is the weight capacity of the fitness trampoline that you should buy? This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions by people because they aren’t sure whether they should buy a trampoline with a similar weight capacity as their body weight or go for one with a higher weight capacity. Well, as a rule of thumb, it’s best to buy a trampoline that has a higher weight capacity than your body weight. This puts less pressure on the jumping mat and doesn’t allow it to stretch quickly.

The average weight capacity of most foldable mini-trampolines is 250 lbs, while some of them can even support up to 300 lbs. or more. But it’s wise to avoid the ones with a maximum weight capacity of 200 lbs, especially if you are a large person. If your body weight is more than the maximum weight capacity of the trampoline, it will lead to quicker wear and tear of the parts.

Relaxed woman sitting on mini trampolineFeatures

Make a list of essential features to make it easier to compare the trampolines. If you are not sure which features to prioritize, here are a few that you can keep in mind:

Jumping surface – Although there are various materials like plastic, canvas mats, and nylon used to make the trampoline’s jumping surface, it’s better to stick to the ones made of heavy-duty polypropylene mesh material. Heavy-duty polypropylene mesh material is more durable than its counterparts because it doesn’t stretch quickly.

Anti-slip grips – One of the most crucial safety features of a foldable mini-trampoline is its anti-slip rubber caps on the legs that prevent the trampoline from slipping when you jump on it. They provide stability to the trampoline by keeping it in place.

Build quality – As already mentioned, you may come across models made of integrated plastic or stainless steel. Stainless steel models are more expensive than their integrated plastic counterparts, but they also last longer. Therefore, you need to decide whether to save a few bucks now and compromise on the build quality or pay a premium price and use the trampoline for years.

Springs – Foldable mini-trampolines either have steel springs or elastic bungee cords. The advantage of steel springs is that they provide a higher bounce, but they eventually wear down and start making screeching sounds when you jump. You need to oil them frequently to keep the noise down. Elastic bungee cords are ideal if you don’t want to make any noise while exercising. They hardly require maintenance and can last longer than steel springs.


Q: Will folding my mini-trampoline frequently affect its longevity?

A: There is no connection between folding your mini-trampoline and its longevity if you buy one with snap-in legs. However, the screws of screw-in models become loose after some time. Therefore, it’s wise to buy a foldable model with snap-in legs.

Q: What is the average ceiling clearance required for my foldable mini-trampoline?

A: The average ceiling clearance required for a foldable mini-trampoline is 6 to 7 feet. Most rooms in apartments have a ceiling height of 8 feet, which is enough for such trampolines.

Q: Should I buy a trampoline with springs or bungee cords?

A: It depends on your choice. Foldable mini-trampolines with springs may last for a few years but will make noise if you don’t oil the springs properly, while the ones with bungee cords work silently for years.

Final Words

When buying a foldable mini-trampoline, make sure you invest in a model that’s worth every penny you spend. Keep these factors in mind and you should be well on your way to finding a compact yet functional trampoline that best fits your needs.