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Best High Weight Capacity Trampoline (375+ Weight Limit)

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Trampolines are a joy for the whole family to have some good and healthy fun outside of the house and away from the television and video games. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to find one that can handle enough weight for your entire family.

A trampoline’s weight limit can vary greatly. Normally, as the size of the trampoline increases, the trampoline weight limit also goes up proportionally. Furthermore, while some trampolines boast an impressive weight limit, it may be misleading as the quality of the trampoline may cause it to deteriorate rapidly.

Below we have looked at some of the most popular trampolines with a high weight limit. We looked at quality, durability, performance, and accessories to determine which heavy duty trampolines give you the best return for your investment.

While these heavy-duty trampolines deserve recognition, there can be only one winner. We chose the Zupapa 15 FT trampoline at Amazon as the best balance of our criteria for what makes for a good trampoline deal. Read below and find your next trampoline!

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Zupapa 15 FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

Best Overall

The Zupapa 15 ft trampoline continues to appear in our comparison for one simple reason. It is a very solid trampoline. While it doesn’t shine in any one area, it gives a solid performance almost everywhere with very few drawbacks.

The 15 ft version of the Zupapa is an incredibly spacious trampoline with plenty of room to allow for multiple participants. Furthermore, a 375 lb weight limit ensures that it is designed to handle the weight of extra jumpers. The Zupapa trampoline is a heavy duty trampoline that features a higher weight capacity than many of its competitors. As this trampoline uses high-grade materials, the performance can compete with much more expensive trampolines and is incredibly durable.

Numerous safety features include the no-gap mat design, safety net, and safety padding. The no-gap design works very well in helping to reduce potential accidents due to the springs. The spring cover fits snugly up against the mat.

Additionally, wind stakes are included to prevent high winds from damaging the trampoline. Unfortunately, some customers have reported that the wind stakes sometimes come out of the ground easily and have replaced them with stronger alternatives.

The incredibly durable materials utilize a hot-dip galvanized steel approach to extend the lifetime of the trampoline. This approach further reduces rusting and keeps the springs, frame, and other metal components in top-notch condition for years. As such, Zupapa provides an absolutely stunning warranty that is one of the best you’ll find anywhere. A 10-year warranty on the frame and a 2-year warranty on other components ensure you won’t have to worry about anything for a long time.

The bounce provided by the numerous springs (108) and tightly woven mat performs near much more expensive models. While there are cheaper 15′ trampolines, you won’t find many that can match the quality and performance embodied by the Zupapa. The springs maintain their responsiveness and the mat seems to be one of the more durable jumping mats.

Assembly can be tedious as it can take 1.5 – 3 hours, depending on how handy you may be. The most difficult part of setting it up, as is often the case, is the safety net. Using a helper can greatly speed up assembly time and take out some of the hassles. Attaching the springs is best done by spacing out the springs and attaching every 5th spring, so the final few springs are easier.

Overall, this is one of the most balanced trampolines around. It gives excellent performance, and durability, and has everything a family needs for their first trampoline. The high weight capacity and spacious jumping area make it perfect for neighborhood jumpers, family time, or just plain healthy activity. A strong warranty, long-lasting materials, and safety accessories galore ensure that the high marks the Zupapa consistently receives are absolutely warranted.

Key Features

  • No-gap design
  • Hop-dip galvanizing
  • 375 lbs. weight limit
  • Wind stakes
  • Safety enclosure
  • 7-inch springs
  • Spring pad
  • Anti-UV polypropylene mat
  • Rain cover


Weight Capacity375 lbs.
FrameGalvanized steel
Warranty10 years (frame); 2 years (Mat, Pad, Net, & Springs)


  • Spacious and roomy
  • Strong and responsive springs
  • High quality metals
  • Durable and rust-resistant
  • Sturdy
  • Tightly woven mat for extra strength
  • Fantastic warranty


  • Wind stakes could use improvement (won’t stay in ground)
  • Net is difficult to attach

CalmMax 12 FT Round Trampoline with Enclosure

Best Value

The CalmMax 12′ trampoline seeks to offer an affordable yet highly rated heavy weight capacity trampoline. This trampoline offers high value for its relatively affordable price point.

The CalmMax trampoline is guaranteed to comply with the ASTM F381-16 Standard Safety Specification that regulates trampolines in the marketplace. Therefore, you know you are getting a trampoline that has excellent quality control and assurance. This is a big thing for anyone who is looking to get a trampoline for either children or adults.

The entire trampoline from the legs on up is built to offer high-level safety and durability. The heavy duty trampolines frame is made up fully of galvanized steel. This makes the frame resistant to both rust and corrosion.

The Calmax trampoline features 4 U-shaped legs with 8 balancing contact points that are sufficient to offer optimal stability for those using it. One of the good things CalmMax decided to do with the safety enclosure net is to pad the steel poles with high-density foam sleeving. That way, anyone who makes contact with the poles while jumping won’t be harmed.

Like some of the other high weight capacity options you will find, CalmMax uses Polypropylene (PP) for the jumping surface. This, along with the springs, helps to ensure that the bounce is a smooth, yet powerful experience.

This type of bounce makes this trampoline viable for kids and adults alike. It also makes it a good option, whether for recreation or fitness. Thanks to the durable frame and the use of PP, the max loading capacity of this trampoline sits at a whopping 398 lb weight limit.

Whenever buying a trampoline, you want to find a brand and company that is willing to stand behind its products. Calmax delivers on this front offering customers a 24-month warranty that is extended to 36 months if they become a CoolMax member. The price to performance this trampoline delivers makes it one of the better options to consider if you want something that delivers excellent performance without breaking the bank.

Key Features

  • 398 lbs. weight capacity
  • PP jumping mat
  • No-gap enclosure safety net
  • Dual zipper and latch close system
  • Galvanized steel ladder
  • Spring pad


Weight Capacity398 lbs.
FrameHeavy Duty Steel
Warranty24 mo / 36 mo


  • Strong value
  • Superb customer service
  • Sturdy and safe
  • Can hold multiple jumpers
  • Easy setup and installation


  • Instructions can be confusing for first-timers
  • Only average warranty length

JUPA 12 FT Trampoline with Enclosure

Runner Up

If you’re looking for an excellent mid-grade trampoline that exceeds expectations, the JUPA heavy duty trampoline may be right up your alley. Numerous aspects of this round trampoline make it a worthwhile option. Not only does it feature a solid build quality having its frame made out of galvanized steel, but it comes with 6 U-shaped legs with 12 contact points for greater stability. These things add up to having one of the most solid and well-constructed frames at an affordable price.

Having a solid frame that doesn’t wobble is critical for safety. After all, a lot of trampolines suffer from wobbling especially when placed on uneven surfaces like grass. With the well-placed 6 U-shaped legs and 12 contact points, you don’t have to worry about dealing with instability even during the most intense jumping sessions.

This trampoline also features some of the best bounce of the bunch. While you may find trampolines that focus on the stability that suffer from poor bounce, this isn’t one of them. The JUPA 12′ trampoline features great bounce with 72 pieces of 7-inch galvanized springs. This leads to the trampoline offering excellent elasticity for an impressive bounce, considering the springs aren’t considered “performance springs”.

Because the springs and the frame are made up of galvanized steel, they will be both rust and corrosion-resistant. This means you don’t have to worry about your trampoline suffering from a decreased bounce in the long run when exposed to the elements.

Getting a trampoline that is safe to use is another major selling point and the JUPA 12FT round outdoor trampoline passes this test with flying colors. It features both wear and UV-resistant mat made up of PP, which can withstand high pressure. Likewise, the safety/enclosure net that is included is tightly connected which allows for good protection for anyone who is jumping on it.

Overall, the JUPA 12′ Trampoline and Safety Enclosure is a solid heavy duty trampoline with a strong focus on bounce, stability, durability, and safety. While it won’t compare to the premium models that can cost well over a thousand dollars, it provides impressive performance, nonetheless.

Factor in the reduced price when compared to premium models, and this is an excellent value for the money. The bounce is strong but soft, assembly is relatively painless for a trampoline, and safety obviously an important aspect for JUPA.

Key Features

  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Anti-UV jumping surface
  • 375 lbs. weight capacity
  • Rain cover
  • Safety enclosure
  • Wind stakes (6)


Weight Capacity375 lbs.
Diameter12 FT
FrameGalvanized steel
Springs7-inch (72)


  • Excellent mid-grade option
  • Perfect bounce for teens
  • Responsive support
  • Fast assembly
  • Outside netting for additional room


  • Spring puller is cheaply made
  • Rain cover could be better

Exacme 15 FT Trampoline

The Exacme Luxury L15 trampoline is the high-end trampoline offering from Exacme to compete with the likes of the Zupapa or JumpSport models. While it does provide a solid jumping experience and seems to be made out of decent materials, the price is in the same range as some much better trampolines. As far as bounce, the Exacme does a good job, provided there are not too many people on the trampoline, or it isn’t approaching the 400 lb weight limit.

A 400 lb weight limit for a round trampoline is a very high weight limit. Although some models may be listed as a trampoline with 1000 pound weight limit, it doesn’t mean it’s entirely accurate. Due to the T-joints and large springs, this trampoline goes above and beyond most models in providing plenty of strength for multiple jumpers. The galvanized steel frame is solid, and the trampoline is sturdy when set up correctly.

A tightly woven net supported by a carbon fiber railing provides a good safety mechanism. Unfortunately, the spring padding leaves a little to be desired as it tends to pop up during use.

This 15′ trampoline has an above-average warranty with a 3-year frame warranty and 1 year for the other parts. Due to the galvanized steel nature, rust should be repelled for at least a 3-year period, while the soft parts may wear out before the 1-year warranty has expired, depending on conditions and maintenance.

The Exacme 15 ft round trampoline has a strong trampoline weight limit, but it is lacking in other areas, primarily the quality of materials when compared to JumpSport or the Zupapa brands. The price is similar to those models and it doesn’t really offer anything that they don’t. While it isn’t an embarrassment or anything of that nature, it should be closer to the budget model trampolines instead of competing with the mid-grade model trampolines.

Key Features

  • T-Joint support
  • 108 7” galvanized steel springs
  • UV-resistant mat
  • Carbon fiber rails for netting
  • Spring pad
  • Optional basketball hoop


Weight Capacity400 lbs.
Diameter15 ft
FrameGalvanized steel
Warranty3 years / 1 year


  • High weight limit for round trampoline
  • Sturdy and solid
  • Good customer service


  • Safety pad will pop up at times
  • Basketball hoop is an afterthought
  • Decent quality, but could be better

JumpSport SkyBounce 14' XPS Trampoline

The JumpSport SkyBounce XPS 14 ft trampoline is another in a long line of quality products from JumpSport. Due to their exceptionally high standards in construction materials, JumpSport trampolines are well-known for offering some of the safest and best-performing trampolines in the industry. While this one has a 200 lb single user weight limit, JumpSport’s real-world testing rates the model at an impressive 500 lbs.!

Numerous features on the JumpSport 14′ trampoline ensure that you are getting the best return for your money. The high-end performance is supported by the StagedBounce Mat technology embedded in many JumpSport trampolines. This allows for springs to engage on an alternating basis to lessen the impact on jumpers when they land. This is an excellent method of reducing injury risk in the case of awkward landings.

Safety features such as the netted enclosure, additional safety straps, and no-zipper enclosure are a nice touch. The no-zipper doorway is especially nice as it takes the hassle out of entering and leaving the trampoline but still provides a secure environment for jumpers.

Overall, this is one of the better trampolines for heavy weights due to the superior quality of the frame, mat, and JumpSport’s StagedBounce technology. Although there are a few problems with the soft components (wear out quickly), a solid warranty, easy assembly, and superb performance make this trampoline a close contender for best overall.

Key Features

  • StagedBounce technology
  • 96 zinc-coated springs
  • Spring pad
  • Safety enclosure
  • Safety strap
  • Premium Permatron jumping mat
  • Overlapping doorway


Weight Capacity220 lbs. / 500 lbs.
Diameter14 ft
FrameGalvanized cold rolled steel
Warranty3 years / 6 months


  • Very bouncy
  • StagedBounce mat technology
  • Very high real-world weight limit
  • No zipper to deal with
  • Fast assembly with helper (1 hour)


  • Netting straps can deteriorate quickly
  • Safety pad shows wear quickly

JumpSport AlleyOOP VariableBounce 10’x17’ Rectangle Trampoline

If you don’t care about cost and just want performance, durability, peace of mind, and extreme safety, this is the trampoline for you! The JumpSport AlleyOOP 10′ x 17′ rectangle trampoline has everything that you could possibly want in a high weight capacity trampoline.

Performance is incredible with superb bounce due to the combination of JumpSport’s patented VariableBounce technology, high performance springs, and solid craftsmanship. The trampoline is rated at a 220 lb weight limit per user with a combined user weight limit of 800 lbs.! So, if you want to allow for multiple jumpers and don’t want to worry about exceeding the limit, the JumpSport has this in spades.

In addition to extreme performance, expect this rectangle trampoline to last a very, very long time. The tightly woven mat, net, and galvanized steel components are good indicators of the durability of this trampoline. Customers have reported having this model for 10+ years and it still looks almost new!

Although wind stakes are available, the weight of the trampoline is enough that only the strongest of storms can budge it. Other trampolines that are made using cheaper materials can easily be moved by 2 people. This model may take up to 5 individuals to move to other parts of the yard.

The safety features are some of the best you’ll find in the industry with a safety net that stands up to its name with an impact rating of 295 lbs. Additionally, similar to the JumpSport StagedBounce trampoline above, the overlapping doorway does a much better job than the standard zippered entryway normally found on trampoline netting.

This is one of the best trampolines available that money can buy. While the price is scary, it is adaptable to almost any condition. Whether you are searching for family entertainment, gymnastics training, or just want one of the most long-lasting models around. There are very few drawbacks to this model besides setup.

As this is an advanced trampoline, expect to spend 5+ hours setting it up, with the netting being the most troublesome aspect. Nevertheless, the incredibly strong warranty, excellent performance, and years of use ensure you will be happy with your purchase for a very long time.

Key Features

  • 2” Diameter galvanized steel frame
  • 108 High performance springs
  • High-tensile UV-resistant Permatron mat
  • VariableBounce technology
  • Safety net
  • Overlapping doorway
  • Safety rest zones
  • Lifetime warranty


Weight Capacity225 lbs. / 800 lbs.
Size10’ x 17’ x 40”
FrameGalvanized steel
WarrantyLifetime (frame, poles); 10 years (mat, net); 5 years (springs, pad)


  • Top-level performance
  • Solid, heavy, and sturdy
  • Durable and lasts forever
  • Designed for outdoors
  • Incredible warranty life
  • Best safety features in market


  • Assembly is lengthy
  • Net assembly is difficult
  • Premium pricing

Buying Guide

What to Know When Buying a High Weight Capacity Trampoline

Trampolines are an increasingly popular diversion for a variety of families, kids, and neighborhoods. They offer a healthy alternative to children (and adults!) playing video games or binging the latest show for their entertainment needs.

If you are thinking of purchasing a new trampoline, one of the most important aspects is to determine the proper weight limit for your use. Depending on the age, size, weight, and number of jumpers, the necessary weight capacity can fluctuate wildly. Many of us expect to have numerous participants in the activities, so a higher capacity model is usually desired.

Read further below to find out what you should know before buying a heavyweight trampoline to ensure you are getting exactly what you need.

Man athlete jumping on trampoline

Aspects to Consider

Weight Capacity

Obviously, one of the most important aspects to focus on is determining a good range of weight limit for your new trampoline. The safety of your family or the people to use the trampoline should come first and thus, make sure to choose the trampoline that can comfortably fit all the jumpers.

High weight limit trampolines are designed with different weight capacities restrictions ranging from 250 lb to 1000 lb weight limit and more. So, check out the weight limit and make sure to choose a trampoline that can withstand high weight capacity.

Overall, when considering a high weight limit trampoline, start by looking for those with at least 330 – 375 lbs. capacity. A trampoline with a 375 lb. weight capacity is usually a good indicator that it is intended to be used for those who expect to support multiple jumpers.

How Big Should It Be?

This is another crucial thing you need to keep in mind when buying this type of trampoline. The choice based on the size will be determined by the people to use it. For example, if you are a family of 6 or more people, you may want a large jumping surface compared to a family of around 3 people.

Most trampoline manufacturing companies indicate the number of people or adults that the trampoline can comfortably fit for safety and freedom when jumping. While it is often recommended for only 1 participant at a time, many models are built with multiple jumpers in mind.


Trampolines come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most popular shapes of trampolines are circular/round, rectangular, and octagonal. Depending on the shape of the device, the weight capacity will fluctuate, as some shapes are built to handle heavier weights than a typical 375 weight limit.

• Round Trampolines – This is the most common style of trampoline that we see in backyards everywhere. Unfortunately, these trampolines also regularly support less weight than most other shapes. The maximum weight capacity for a round trampoline often supports approximately 375 lbs. The round trampoline features springs that are distributed around the jumping area. The equipped springs help gravitate the jumpers towards the middle area, especially when doing back jump tricks. The round trampoline is normally cheaper than other models.

• Rectangle Trampolines – One of the most outstanding features of a rectangular trampoline is that it often provides the highest jump and performance of any trampoline. Therefore, you can perform a wide range of jumping tricks on it than in other models. This type of trampoline is mainly used in gymnastics and by other athletes. Although they have traditionally been used in competitions, they have become a popular alternative for homes and backyards due to their high weight capacity. Expect to get extremely high maximum weights for this type that can easily exceed a 500 lb weight limt.

• Octagon Trampolines – Octagon trampolines are a solid middle-ground between the round and rectangle trampolines. They offer a slightly higher weight limit than round models and provide slightly better performance. Their cost is similarly somewhere in the middle of the rectangle and round trampolines range.


The base is the part of the trampoline that bears all the weight of the users; hence, for the high weight limit models, the base should be super sturdy and solid to ensure the comfort and safety of the people using it. The base should be made of strong material that can bear all the weight of the users without causing any injuries. Expect frames to commonly be made of galvanized steel to prevent rust.

Seasonal or All Season

Can the trampoline be left on outdoors throughout the year? This is a crucial aspect you need to ask or consider when shopping for a trampoline. If the device is not made of materials that are resistant to the elements, durability and longevity may be compromised.

Galvanized steel and UV-resistant soft materials are necessary to prolong the life of the trampoline when consistently exposed to the elements. A cross-woven mat is also essential in ensuring it is strong enough to support high weights and numerous jumpers.

Safety Features/Accessories

A heavy weight capacity trampoline is often designed with safety features and parts such as the T-sockets that safeguard the trampoline from bending when used under extreme pressure. Some trampolines are created with an enclosed net to safeguard the users, especially the kids from falling off the trampoline when playing.

Other safety features that are often associated with trampolines include a safety pad to cover the springs to help prevent injury. Additionally, ladders, wind stakes, and padded foam poles (for the safety enclosure) are commonly included as add-ons.


Trampolines with a high weight limit are often more expensive than those that can hold less weight (less than a 375 lb weight limit). While the price increase isn’t completely due to the load-bearing capabilities, this is something to keep in mind while shopping.

The size of the trampoline often dictates the weight limit of the trampoline, which is regularly reflected in the price. Normally, the larger the trampoline, the higher the weight limit, and the more it will cost buyers.

Couple jumping on trampoline in the park

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can a trampoline really hold?

Trampolines include stated trampoline weight limits that can have a large range, depending on the size and shape of the device. Many often try to exceed the stated weight capacity.

While this may be possible for short periods, it is not recommended as it could damage the structure of the trampoline and/or cause injury. If the maximum weight capacity on your trampoline says not to exceed 375 lbs., ensure you stay under the listed weight limits.

Why is there a weight limit on trampolines?

The components that make up the trampoline (i.e. springs, mat, frame) operate at maximum efficiency with weights that do not exceed the maximum weight capacity. If you exceed this weight, the components could be damaged or broken and cause injury. For example, springs could pop or jumping mats could tear, which could easily cause accidents for those jumping.

How many people should be on a trampoline at once?

The bigger the trampoline, the more room that is available to safely jump. It is recommended to have a large enough trampoline to give jumpers plenty of “elbow room” so they aren’t jumping into each other.

Additionally, the weight of the jumpers must be considered so as not to exceed the stated maximum weight capacity.

Overall, the number of jumpers largely depends on the size and weight of each jumper. If you have a large trampoline (12+ ft), you can probably easily fit 2-3 young (age 10 – 12) children at the same time. Older teens should probably look into larger (15+ ft) trampolines to allow for multiple simultaneous jumpers.

Can adults jump on a trampoline safely?

Of course! As long as you do not exceed the stated weight limits and there’s enough room, the same rules apply for adults as they do for children.


Finding the perfect trampoline for your family can be a rewarding experience when you stumble upon that model that meets all your requirements. Following the above guidelines will ensure that you have selected the perfect model to support all future jumpers.

A high weight capacity model is greatly impacted by the size of the trampoline. If you are expecting more than 2 jumpers simultaneously, depending on their age and size, look into models that are at least 12′ in diameter (for round models) to provide adequate room and weight capacity.

We hope this helped you in determining which model will be best for you if you are currently searching for high weight capacity trampolines. Happy jumping!