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Best Long (Rectangle) Trampolines for Gymnastics

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Trampolines have long been an excellent way to experience healthy fun for the whole family. Traditionally, circular trampolines have been the most common found in backyards across the globe. While round trampolines work well for family fun, long rectangle trampolines are much better suited to more strenuous jumping, such as gymnastics. These long trampolines provide a more even bounce and do not force the jumper towards the center of the device. Furthermore, they are often made of higher quality materials and are tuned for the highest jumps and the softest landings. It’s no wonder that these are the models that are commonly used in gymnastics competitions everywhere, including the Olympics.

Finding the perfect long trampoline for gymnastics can be a great benefit if you enjoy the convenience of simply being able to walk outside and have your fill of trampolining. After the initial setup, they are mostly “hands-off” and require little maintenance. Rectangle trampolines often cost more than their oval or circular cousins, primarily due to the better performance offered from the higher quality (and more expensive) materials.

Below, we have reviewed some of the most popular models currently available that can work for gymnastics on a trampoline. While some models work better than others, there are different categories of prices to suit anyone’s needs. Obviously, the lower-priced models are more intended for families, although they can work for gymnasts if you are on a budget. We have selected the Happy Galactic Xtreme as the best long trampoline for gymnastics as it provides commercial performance and quality. If you are looking for the best value, the SkyWalker 15’ x 9’ rectangle trampoline does a good job at providing good all-around performance at mid-grade prices.

Best Picks

Best Performance

Happy Trampoline

Everything you want

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Best Value

Skywalker Trampolines

Affordable and versatile

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Best Budget


A few sacrifices

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The Reviews

Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme

Best Performance

The Happy Galactic Xtreme trampoline with reversible spring pad covers and enclosure safety combo may be the best gift to buy for your family or aspiring gymnasts this summer. The Happy Galactic Xtreme trampoline has numerous qualities that stand out when compared to the competition. The trampoline’s high weight capacity and strong steel tubing demonstrate the high-quality nature of the trampoline. Long springs are also included as they significantly improve performance while jumping. Additionally, a lifetime warranty is in place to give buyers peace of mind.

When you order the Galactic Xtreme, you will receive a rectangular trampoline, ladder, mats, net enclosure, and reversible spring covers. The frame is perhaps the strongest and thickest on the market today. A sturdy frame means that your trampoline will last for years. In fact, with the lifetime guarantee, it will last a lifetime. The maximum weight capacity is 550 pounds compared to many other inferior trampolines that only provide 250 pounds of weight capacity. The steel frame shock-absorbing padded cushion poles will flex on impact.

Some of the key safety features include a soft foam padded steel frame, a polyester mesh net material with a safety interconnecting frame enclosure, and a heavy-duty galvanized ladder complete with slip-resistant rungs. The heavy-duty frame structure will not warp, bend, or break. This feature will allow bouncers to jump without losing inertia. The frame is galvanized on the outside and inside to fight against corrosion and rust.

One of the most important things to consider before buying a trampoline is the jumping surface. Cheaper trampoline mats wear out quickly and especially when weather conditions are extreme. This trampoline has quality jumping mats that are manufactured to last more than 20 years (!!) even in the most extreme weather conditions such as arctic snow or desert sun.

This well-built rectangular trampoline is perfect for gymnastics, competitive jumping, cheerleader training, exercise, and plain old fun. The Happy rectangle trampoline is one of the best models you’ll find on the market for quality and performance. It does cost more than your average trampoline, but if you are looking for incredible performance, this is the one for you.

Key Features

  • 3.0 mm Galvanized Steel Frame
  • Patented Enclosure Net
  • 9" Tapered Springs
  • Polypropylene Jumping Mat
  • Spring Pad Cover
  • Ladder
  • Lifetime Warranty (Frame/Springs)


BrandHappy Trampoline
Weight Capacity550 lbs.
Size10’ x 17’
FrameGalvanized Steel Frame


  • Commercial grade quality
  • High-end performance bounce
  • Perfect for gymnastics
  • Long-lasting (20-30 years frame)
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Expensive

Skywalker 15' x 9' Rectangle Jump N' Dunk Trampoline

Best Value

The Skywalker Jump-N-Dunk Rectangular 15′ Trampoline has one significant advantage over circular trampolines: stability. Unlike circular and many other shapes of trampolines, rectangular trampolines are renowned for a controlled landing and takeoff from any point on the mat. As such, this trampoline is perfect for practicing gymnasts and athletes. Whatever the move, it supports a person steadily, and with top-notch safety mechanisms, allows gymnasts to push their limits without any fear of accidents.

The structure of this trampoline is also quite impressive. It is 37.4″ above ground and measures 15′ x 9′ x 9′, which translates to a jumping surface of 92 sq. ft. The jumping surface is spacious enough to practice several gymnasts moves. Additionally, the trampoline also comes in handy when kids are playing, since it has more than enough room for 3-5 kids. The materials are also weather-resistant, soft, and durable, and the enclosure has a no-gap system that keeps kids safe. Additionally, it uses two different kinds of 25mm springs, 80-7″ & 4-5.5″, which manage the tension during use. These also boost stability.

It can be used by kids as a mini-basketball court to perfect their dunks, jumps, and shoots thanks to the basketball hoop. Trampolines have often been called ‘kid magnets’ because they are great alternatives to traditional bouncing castles. They pull neighboring kids like magnets, which adds life to the back and front yards of a home. Unlike bouncing castles, however, trampolines attract even older kids. With basketball accessories, it is exceptionally versatile for kids of all ages.

If there is something to dislike about the Skywalker trampoline, it would be the green spring protector. The spring protector is quite weak. Additionally, manually fastening it underneath the trampoline is tedious during assembly. The ladder works well and does an excellent job of promoting safety as jumpers leave and enter the trampoline. Overall, the Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk rectangle trampoline offers an excellent mix of value and performance. It works well for gymnasts and the entire family without costing a small fortune.

Key Features

  • Galvanized Steel Frame
  • T-Sockets
  • No-Gap Enclosure
  • 7" Springs (80)
  • 5.5" Springs (4)
  • Spring Safety Pad
  • Breakaway Rim


BrandSkywalker Trampolines
Weight Capacity250 lbs.
Size15’ x 9’ x 9’
FrameGalvanized Steel


  • Versatile for multiple uses
  • Even and responsive bounce
  • Sturdy with no movement while jumping
  • Durable materials


  • Spring protector could use improvement

JumpKing Rectangle Trampoline

Best Budget

The JumpKing Trampoline is the perfect solution to keep your kids entertained and stave off boredom. The JumpKing rectangular trampoline is wholly enclosed with safety net siding to prevent your child from bouncing off the trampoline into a dangerous area. Jumpers will not only be having fun jumping; he/she will be spending a lot of energy. Going to sleep at bedtime will no longer be an issue.

The trampoline surface is made from polypropylene, which is easy to maintain and clean. The setup is easy to do and can be done in only a short time. An essential safety feature is the L-shaped zipper door with a safety clip lock. This feature makes entering and exiting the trampoline a breeze. All of the springs of the trampoline are covered with safety pads. The entrance into the trampoline has a different colored pad, which highlights the trampoline entry. The trampoline is well constructed and has a weight capacity of approximately 250 lbs.

Although the primary user of the JumpKing rectangle trampoline is kids and teenagers, it also provides an excellent source of fitness training for everyone in the family. Gymnastics are possible, although it isn’t as large as most rectangle trampolines intended for gymnasts. At best, it can easily work for beginners, but experienced gymnasts will want something that is more in-line with their skill level.

Key Features

  • Polypropylene Mat
  • G3 Pole Design
  • Patented Enclosure System
  • L-Shaped Zipper Door
  • Foam Spring Padding


Weight Capacity250 lbs.


  • Strong bounce
  • Rugged and solid
  • Easy to put together


  • Some quality assurance issues

Upper Bounce 10 X 17 FT Rectangle Trampoline

If you are looking for a spacious rectangular trampoline, go for the Upper Bounce 10 x 17 FT Rectangle Trampoline. It comes with a flex frame safety enclosure system that prevents you from toppling down on the ground while exercising. In fact, the enclosure system makes this trampoline the ideal product for children.

The premium polypropylene mesh material provides resistance to moisture. This means you don’t need to worry about slipping and falling even if your feet become sweaty after exercising for half an hour. The galvanized steel structure and gouged steel springs prevent the rebounder from bending or breaking. You can use the trampoline for years without fear of replacing it due to a dent in the frame.

Apart from its design and structure, the installation process also makes a notable mark on users. You hardly need another person to install this full unit. Just read the instructions on the manual carefully. Open and assemble the parts accordingly to set up this trampoline. It takes a maximum of thirty minutes to install the rebounder. Consider this as putting together a lego structure. Put the right pieces in the right places and start using the trampoline right away.

Your Upper Bounce Rectangle Trampoline box will consist of a galvanized steel frame, polypropylene trampoline jumping mat, trampoline springs, pole caps, pole foam sleeves, trampoline safety pad, enclosure poles, legs, spring pull tool, and the product’s warranty card.

The corrosion and rust-resistant materials make this trampoline ideal for all types of weather conditions. Its polypropylene mesh material ensures the longevity of the trampoline jumping material for a longer life span. Overall, the Upper Bounce 10′ x 17′ rectangle trampoline offers an average bounce for numerous jumpers. The high weight capacity makes this an excellent trampoline for backyard fun for the whole family, but if you are looking for a trampoline to do gymnastics, it leaves a little to be desired.

Key Features

  • Polypropylene mesh jumping mat
  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Safety enclosure
  • Safety pad
  • Spring tool


BrandUpper Bounce
Weight Capacity500 lbs.
Size10' x 17'
FrameGalvanized Steel


  • Very high weight capacity
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Safety netting is superb


  • Average bounce
  • Paint is easily scratched
  • Assembly can be tough

Buying Guide

Buying a Rectangle Trampoline

Trampolines come in various shapes, such as round, oval, and octagonal. With so many shapes available, why should you buy a rectangle trampoline? This may be the first question that comes to your mind and leaves you scratching your head. Is buying a rectangle trampoline worth the money, or should you look to spend on another shape?

Man athlete jumping on trampolineFirst of all, rectangular trampolines provide the maximum jumping area. If you are buying the trampoline for your family, then a rectangular version makes more sense as all of you can jump on it together. Secondly, if you want to practice gymnastics, it’s wise to buy a rectangular trampoline, as they are the ones used in competitions. Want a few more reasons that will convince you to buy this type of trampoline? Here are some more benefits:

  • Rectangular trampolines allow you to stay in your place more easily compared to oval or round trampolines. This is ideal for beginners who want to learn gymnastics as it helps maintain their posture.
  • A rectangular trampoline distributes your jump’s force evenly, thus allowing you to control your landings better.
  • It offers more square footage for jumping than round trampolines.

Things to Consider While Shopping

Here’s a small bit of trivia about rectangular trampolines: George Nissen invented the trampoline in 1934 and he used a rectangle as his first design.

Now that you know why you should buy a rectangle trampoline, let’s look at some of the factors that you need to keep in mind before buying one.


The size of the mat and its ratio with the springs underneath is crucial. The more springs the trampoline has, the bouncier it will get. That means, if you are buying the trampoline to practice gymnastics, consider looking for a model that has the maximum number of springs. On the other hand, if it’s for your family, you may not want a highly bouncy surface. That means a fewer number of springs can do the job. Therefore, you should choose depending on the trampoline’s purpose.

The tension of the springs is another area that you need to keep an eye on. As already mentioned, the force of your jump doesn’t distribute evenly on the jumping pad, thus allowing you to control your landings. However, it proves that the tension of the springs doesn’t remain the same once you start using the trampoline. Try buying a rectangle trampoline that uses durable springs and can handle variable tension.

Sometimes you may come across similar models with different numbers of springs. For example, two brands selling 7 x 10 ft. rectangle trampolines may have 56 springs in one model and 68 springs in another. As a general rule, the higher the number of springs, the better.


Rectangle trampolines usually have sturdier and heavier frames. You will notice that their frames are much wider compared to their oval and round counterparts. This allows jumpers to take a moment off from jumping and rest on the frame. Additionally, the frame makes the trampoline sturdier. It keeps the trampoline rooted to the ground and prevents it from wobbling if you jump on one of the sides.

Many people say that the wider the frame, the better it is for the trampoline. But it ultimately depends on which model you like. Remember, trampolines with wider frames are costlier than the others with a comparatively narrow frame. Apart from the frame’s size, you should also consider its build quality. Most of the frames are made of galvanized steel to protect the trampoline from corrosion and rust. They also have safety pads attached at the top and sides to prevent jumpers from injuring themselves.

Safety Features

There are various aspects of the safety features that you should remember while buying a rectangle trampoline. It doesn’t matter whether you are the sole user of the trampoline or your family uses it; it should have a few essential safety features to prevent accidents.

Jumping mat – Sewing, stitches, waterproofing quality, and the softness of the mat are the key areas you need to consider before buying the rectangular trampoline. Most trampoline companies use a heavy-duty polypropylene mesh material with 8-row stitching to make the mat. This ensures that the mat can handle regular wear and tear for many years.

Safety pads – Safety pads are a must on every type of trampoline, including rectangular ones. The steel springs underneath are hard, and kids may injure themselves if they tumble over and fall. But the safety pads can protect them. In addition, these pads come with adequate cushioning on the springs and the trampoline’s frame.

Bottom net – Suppose you are buying the trampoline for your kids. They start jumping on it, but the jumping mat accidentally breaks. Without the bottom net, your kids fill fall directly on the ground. That can severely injure them. Therefore, try searching for a rectangular trampoline with a bottom attachment. The heavy-duty net prevents accidents if the jumping mat breaks.


Q: On what surface can I use my trampoline?

A: Soil and grass are the two preferred surfaces on which you can use your trampoline. They absorb the forces of the trampoline’s frame better than any other surface. Make sure that you set up your trampoline on even ground. This prevents jumpers from bouncing downhill and injuring themselves.

Q: Should I buy a rectangular trampoline with safety nets?

A: Many trampolines come with a safety net included. Safety enclosures are an excellent way to promote safe jumping. We recommend always using a safety net.

Q: What is the cost of a rectangular trampoline?

A: The average price range of a rectangular trampoline is between $400 and $2000. The price varies according to the trampoline’s size, brand, and various add-ons like safety nets, enclosure entrance, bottom attachment, and wide frame.

Final Words

A rectangular trampoline is the safest among its counterparts as it allows jumpers to control their jumps better as does not nudge them toward the center, like round models. While they generally cost more than round trampolines, they also offer higher levels of performance. The increased levels of durability, performance and safety make rectangle trampolines a popular choice for many.