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Best Mini Trampoline for Heavy Adults

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Mini trampolines have been a staple of the fitness industry for many years due to their low-impact design that still offers an excellent workout. Finding a good model for those on the heavier side can be a surprisingly frustrating task, at times. The best mini trampolines for heavy adults offer features that accentuate stability, durability, and a solid bounce. If you are a beginner and are just starting to focus on living healthy, fitness trampolines are one of the best ways to start your journey. Finding the perfect model that suits your needs can go a long way to an enjoyable experience.

We have looked at some of the most popular heavy weight trampolines to find the best of those currently available. While prices have a wide range, depending on features, quality, durability, and a host of other attributes, we believe those listed below have something to offer almost everyone, regardless of body type. Ease of use and dependability were two determining factors in choosing the best mini trampolines and the JumpSport 350 PRO really epitomizes what makes up a great rebounder. Read below to see which model works best for you.

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JumpSport 350 PRO Fitness Trampoline

Best Overall

The JumpSport 350 PRO Fitness Trampoline is a professional’s choice mini trampoline that can support up to 300 lbs. of weight. So, if you are searching for a fitness trampoline that can handle heavier weights, this is the model for you! This JumpSport model has been tested for over a million bounces and it even allows you to adjust the bounce tension so you can get the right tension according to your personal weight and bouncing needs. You also do not have to worry about splayed legs as this trampoline has no-tip arched legs which provide maximum safety and stability. The additional stability provides users with a safe and reliable exercise environment that allows you to get the most from your workout.

This trampoline has a large jumping surface and offers 915 sq. in of space to comfortably jump and exercise. It has a skirt around the jumping area that is 4 inches wide and gives even more space to work with. This is also an incredibly quiet and smooth trampoline and you can adjust it up to four different levels. It is so quiet; you can actually use it in the day or night without disturbing anyone.

The great thing about using this exercise trampoline is that it provides excellent full body exercise within a short period of time. You can work out on it for as little as 20 minutes and it would be equivalent to running for about half an hour. It is also excellent for fat loss as it increases your metabolism, burns hundreds of calories and can even reduce cellulite. This trampoline will not only improve your physical health but also your mental health and improve your sleep quality.

To wrap things up, the JumpSport 350 PRO Fitness Trampoline is an excellent quality mini trampoline that will not disappoint. A high-end fitness trampoline, the JumpSport 350 is designed to handle heavy weights without skipping a beat. The exceptional warranty puts this trampoline over the top of the competition to provide buyers with a tool they will not regret.

Key Features

  • 36 EnduroLast-4 Cords
  • Adjustable Bounce Tension
  • No-Tip Arched Legs
  • 4” Permatron Skirt
  • Extra Large Jumping Surface
  • 1.2 Million Bounce Rating
  • 300 lb. Weight Limit
  • 4 Workout DVDs


Weight Capacity300 lbs.
Diameter39 in.
Dimensions41 x 41 x 12.5 in.


  • Exceptional warranty (Lifetime/4 years/1 year)
  • Stable while working out
  • High-quality materials
  • Very heavy weight capacity
  • Adjustable tension works well
  • Adaptable and long-lasting
  • Silent jumping


  • Pricier than the competition

Maximus PRO Folding Rebounder

Best Value

The Maximus Pro Folding rebounder seeks to fill that middle ground between premium features and performance at affordable prices. This mini trampoline has been voted the #1 mini indoor trampoline and it will not only provide many hours of fun but will help you to lose weight and get fit. It can support persons up to 310 lbs. and when you purchase this trampoline you will get a stability bar, resistance bands, sand weights as well as 2 workout DVDs and a storage bag.

This is an extremely strong and well-built mini trampoline that is perfect for either professionals or home workout warriors. It is made with 32 well calibrated giant springs that ensures proper support for your ankle and feet while bouncing. This trampoline is CE marked as well as ASTM F381 tested to ensure it is up to standard and as safe as possible.

It has spring loaded legs which means that putting it together will be quite simple and it also folds into quarters so you can store it away when not in use. A bag is also included which will help you to easily take your trampoline anywhere you wish to workout.

As mentioned previously, when you purchase this mini trampoline, you will also receive 2 DVDs with 7 workouts that will help you to get started and working out. They can help you to burn hundreds of calories every day which will help you in your weight loss journey. You will not only lose weight but also improve your bladder control, coordination, build endurance and stamina, improve lymphatic drainage and more.

So, if you are looking for one of the best mini trampolines that can support a lot of weight, then the Maximus PRO Folding Rebounder is on the short list of quality options. While it may not quite measure up to the JumpSport 350, it comes at a cheaper price and gives a ton of bang for your buck.

Key Features

  • 310 lbs. Weight Capacity
  • Home Gym Package
  • Handle Bar
  • Resistance Bands
  • Sand Weights
  • 7 DVD Workouts
  • 32 Giant Springs
  • Quarter-fold
  • Carrying Bag


Weight Capacity310 lbs
Diameter40 in.
Dimensions33.1 x 15.6 x 5.5 in.
Warranty1 year/6 months/3 month


  • High quality materials used in construction
  • Convenient with a small footprint
  • Wide range of features
  • Very high weight capacity
  • Good value


  • Can be difficult to fold at first
  • Warranty could be better
  • Can become noisy without proper maintenance

BCAN 40" Folding Mini Trampoline

Best Budget

The BCAN 40″ Fitness trampoline offers a highly durable and heavy-duty mini trampoline for a budget cost in this product. The BCAN line of trampolines have been well-regarded by their owners and this offering does a good job at keeping with the tradition. Offering heavy-duty craftsmanship for an affordable price, this BCAN rebounder provides durability, performance, and a solid workout. The allow steel frame and water-resistant polypropylene jumping mat combine to support up to 330 lbs. weight capacity. Additionally, as there are very few moving parts, you can expect to get years of use from this mini-trampoline with very little maintenance. The steel springs and the jumping mat will be the parts that most often will need to be replaced after a couple of years.

The BCAN fitness trampoline also features a quarter-fold design that allows for easy portability. Folding the trampoline is moderately easy, although the first time can be confusing. A folding oxford pad is included to further accommodate storage and make transportation easier while using the safety pad. Overall, BCAN has done a solid job with the ease of folding. Additional accessories, such as the adjustable foam handlebar, help to provide a more complete workout experience. The handlebar can adjust from 32″ – 42″ to accommodate a range of different body types.

The BCAN 40″ folding mini-trampoline offers a strong blend of high-quality craftsmanship and affordability. Users love this brand and this model is no exception. The heavy-duty qualities foster a highly durable tool without costing an arm and a leg. Additionally, the versatility of a folding trampoline and an adjustable handlebar make this trampoline a bargain for anyone looking for an entry point into home fitness.

Key Features

  • 330 lbs. Weight Capacity
  • Quarter-fold
  • Steel tubes with anti-slip rubber
  • Anti-scratch springs
  • Height adjustable foam handle
  • Water-resistant PP jumping mat


Weight Capacity330 lbs


  • Versatility
  • Highly durable
  • Folding ability
  • Excellent customer support
  • Very quiet during use


  • Intended for beginners
  • Bounce could be better
  • Rubber feet can wear

ANCHEER Mini Fitness Trampoline

Most adults in the United States have gained extra pounds because of their sedentary lifestyle. Prolonged sitting behind computers and the excess consumption of junk foods make it easier for these people to gain pounds but harder to get rid of it. Most adults don’t have enough time for regular outdoor workouts due to their busy schedules. That where the Ancheer mini fitness trampoline for heavy adults comes in handy. This model is especially good for those that are just “testing the waters” as it is very affordable and offers good value.

The Ancheer mini fitness trampoline is ideal for those who can’t find the time to go out to do some exercises. You can shed pounds, tone your muscles, and improve blood circulation in just 10 minutes of using this product. The trampoline has a weight capacity of 220lbs making it ideal for heavy adults. The handrail is easily adjustable from 35″ to 46″ to accommodate most adults as well as kids. The mat is made from the highest quality polypropylene components to withstand the weight of heavy adults. It’s ideal for heavier adults due to the strength and longevity of the mat. The mat is resistant to normal wear and tear that come with regular use.

The trampoline has a foam cover to prevent kids from falling when using the unit. Both adults and kids can make use of this exercise trampoline to lose some extra pounds, improve balance, or for just plain fun. The trampoline is not only for fitness exercises but for yoga, cardio, and many other workouts. The rubber guards attached to the unit prevent the floor from scratching. It takes only a few minutes to assemble the unit. It comes with a bungee cord design for quiet exercises. While it may not be in the premium class, it is very affordable and the cheapest model we have reviewed. The additional affordability comes at the cost of durability and more quirks to get used to.

Key Features

  • Rubber Caps on legs
  • Enhanced Springs
  • Foldable
  • Breathable Mat Design
  • Protective Pad


Weight Capacity220 lbs.
Diameter38/40 in.


  • Solid design
  • Low cost option
  • Great for beginners


  • Tedious to fold
  • Basic trampoline
  • Instructions need work
  • Not very bouncy
  • Durability problems

Buying Guide

Choosing the Best Mini Trampoline for Heavy Adults

Who knew that just 15 – 25 minutes of happily hopping on a trampoline could have such a wide array of benefits? Jumping on a trampoline engages the upper, lower, and core muscle systems and is an effective way for beginners and experienced athletes to get a well-rounded workout. But it is essential to choose the option for your physical needs to get the most from your workout.

Mini trampolines in a gym

Considerations When Choosing a Mini Trampoline

A trampoline is designed to keep your body in a specific range of motion for ample physical engagement. Consider the following pointers when selecting a trampoline that will maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of trampoline exercise.

Choose Quality

There are trampolines that confidently claim to support a 400-pound user. But, there is a big difference between supporting and providing a good workout. Most often this difference comes down to the quality of the product. Tip No. 1 is to look for quality and performance by reading reviews and trying a few options before making your choice. Remember, if the mat is over-stressed, it tends to throw the user too high and sink too low. This provides stress to the joints that can lead to damage.

Prepare to Shop Around

The biggest issue with shopping for a top-notch item for the heavy user is that this sector of the market tends to be very costly. But, with high prices come great guarantees of satisfaction. This is especially important as this can allow you to try the trampoline yourself. Never forget, the physical dynamics of one 350-pound user may not be the same as another 350-pound user and this can alter the experience remarkably. You may find that the right option for you is cheaper than you think.

The Quiet Option

A mostly silent performing mini-trampoline is a top option that many choose. Many mini trampolines today are made with high-tensile resistance bands (bungee cords). These rubber bands provide a near-silent activity when compared to the traditional models that use springs. There are pros and cons to these fitness trampolines. Depending on your needs, it may be good too look for a high-quality bungee cord rebounder.

A Handlebar Makes Life Easy

Trampoline users should consider choosing a mini trampoline with a sturdy jump handle. Not only is the workout safer with a sturdy jump bar, but it is more effective as well. Make sure no strain is felt through the jump bar when the trampoline is in use. The feel should be sturdy with little movement.

Solid and Stable

Not everything that says “heavy-duty” delivers heavy-duty performance. The exercise experience on a truly “heavy-duty” mini trampoline is both fluid and solid. Small irregular motion reactions are a sign of poor design or a design that is not compatible with the user.

Size Considerations

Size is an especially important point when choosing an exercise trampoline. If you have never used this exercise tool, take the time to consider how much room you want to comfortably bounce. You should also consider the storage space you have available and how much room you need to maneuver between storage and exercise locations. Be aware that there are also models that can fold for easier storage and transportation.

Mini trampolines with handlebars in studio

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Weight Limits For A Mini Trampoline?

Trampolines provide an especially suitable exercise routine for a variety of body types. Fitness trampolines are available for users as heavy as 450 pounds or more. Remember that a heavy-duty mini trampoline with 400-pound weight capacity made by one manufacturer may not function the same as one from an inferior company. Always stay within your weight capacity but get a feel for what’s available before you make a decision.

Is Exercising on a Trampoline a Good Way to Lose Weight?

Trampoline exercise engages the entire body for a low-impact routine that stimulates the heart and lungs, raises the metabolism and boosts the energy burning functions of the body. In other words, your mini trampoline will provide you with a terrific way to lose weight and burn fat. A mini trampoline can be used to perform a wide range of routines including high intensity interval training which is an especially effective way to boost stamina and burn calories.

Should I Wear Shoes On A Mini Trampoline?

There are some good reasons to wear shoes when using your rebounder. Bare feet will begin to discolor the mat with dirt, skin oils and sweat. Socks can be slippery! But shoes provide a clean contact point with excellent traction to ensure a safe and effective workout. But there is nothing inherently wrong with using socks or bare feet on the exercise mat either. In the end this will be a matter of personal choice.

How Many Minutes A Day Should You Use A Rebounder?

The World Health Organization recommends an average of 25 to 30 minutes of physical exercise for good health and a bare minimum of 15 minutes. But your exercise routine should be made with your specific goals in mind. If you are unsure about how to plan an exercise routine for your goals you can find extensive FREE content on many fitness websites and blogs on this very subject. As a rule of thumb, beginning any sort of fitness routine should begin slowly and intuitively with special attention paid to daily food consumption, rest and the gradual increase of physical activity.

Final Words

A mini trampoline is an excellent way for a variety of body types to get their daily exercise in the comfort of their own home. But they must be selected with the specific needs of the user in mind. Make sure you take a moment to consider your daily workout routines and how a rebounder will improve your health, fitness and lifestyle before making a selection.