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Best Mini Trampoline for Upstairs Apartment

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Living in an apartment can present unique challenges for those who want convenient ways to exercise. Some apartments offer a fitness center with exercise equipment, but not everyone is able to go to these centers when they want. Many turn to mini-trampolines to get exercise in their apartments, but if you have downstairs neighbors, the noise could cause problems. That’s why it is important to find the right exercise trampoline that allows you to get exercise without causing too much noise. Fortunately, mini trampolines come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit almost anyone’s needs, including those that are almost silent while in use.

We have looked at some of the best mini trampolines for upstairs apartments that give a strong workout without causing noises that could disturb neighbors or cause other issues. These mini-trampolines almost exclusively use bungee cords instead of springs due to their reduced capacity for unwanted noise. We found the Fit Bounce Pro Rebounder (see price at Amazon) to be the best of the bunch for a variety of reasons as it offers some of the best exercise and noise reduction available. If you’re looking for something that offers excellent value without costing too much, the Zupapa fitness trampoline (see price at Amazon) fits the bill with its highly durable construction and quiet operation. Read below to find your best exercise trampoline for your upstairs apartment.

Best Picks

Best Overall

MXL MaXimus

Quiet and Durable

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Best Value


Affordability and Performance

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Runner Up


High weight capacity

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The Reviews

Fit Bounce Pro Bungee Rebounder

Best Overall

The Fit Bounce Pro exercise trampoline is perfect for anybody who is looking for gym-grade rebounders for home use without causing a lot of noise. Despite having a 40-inch diameter, this rebounder could handle up to 330 pounds of weight, which ensures sturdiness and also makes the product a perfect rebounder for jumpers of any size.

The Fit Bounce PRO comes with various accessories, such as a storage bag, an exercise DVD that contains a free three-month video subscription to their “Bounce and Burn” streaming service, and a pedometer or bounce counter that helps users track their progress every time they use the rebounder for their exercise. While a handlebar could also be attached to the rebounder, it is sold separately though buying one is recommended if the user is either a beginner in doing trampoline exercises or if kids will be using the rebounder.

As for the design of the mini-trampoline, it sports a semi-transparent skirt design with orange details on the side. The bungee cords of the rebounder could also be easily seen which adds a futuristic look to the product. Because of this, users also need to be cautious when using the rebounder as legs and feet could be stuck between the cords.

The trampoline’s legs can be removed and folded in half for disassembly, storage, and transport. However, two people are usually needed to do this safely as the product is initially difficult to close and open. This is due to the cords of the rebounder that needs time to break in. But as time goes on and with consistent use, assembling and disassembling this fitness trampoline becomes easier to do.

The Fit Bounce Pro’s rebounding area has a diameter of only 28 inches. This is because of the width of the mat and the bungee cords. Despite this, the mat is durable and won’t easily break. It also makes a nearly silent bounce when used, making the trampoline one of the quietest you will find. The strong and responsive bounce, when combined with the silent use, makes this one of the best trampolines to work out in apartments. Finally, the bungee cords also ensure a safer and better bounce compared to springs without causing much stress to your joints and ligaments. Overall, this is an excellent mini-trampoline that easily gets the job done. The wide range of extras, silent operation, and high-quality construction separates the Fit Bounce Pro rebounder from the competition.

Key Features

  • Half-fold rebounder
  • Carry bag
  • Workout DVD
  • Bounce counter
  • Free 3 months video membership


BrandMXL MaXimus Life
Weight Capacity330 lbs.
Diameter40 Inches
WarrantyLifetime (frame) / 3 year (mat)


  • Smooth and silent jumping
  • Effortless assembly
  • Very sturdy and high-quality
  • Many extras
  • Easy to fold after breaking in


  • Poor instruction manual
  • Difficult to fold the first few times

Zupapa Fitness Trampoline with Handrail

Best Value

People usually look for two factors while buying a fitness trampoline for an upstairs apartment: durability and sound-free nature. The Zupapa Mini Fitness Trampoline with Adjustable Handrail Bar has both of these qualities. In fact, it has many more features that make this mini trampoline one of the best low-cost models in the business.

First, the 45-inch hexagonal mini fitness trampoline has 60% more space than other mini rebounders, making it a safe model. It comes with strong, thickened elastic rope instead of metal springs that look after the durability and do not make any noise when you exercise. The strong elastic ropes and rubber mat provide enough strength to support as much as 330 lbs., which is an exceptional weight rating for a mini-trampoline.

Apart from being sound-free, this mini trampoline has foam-covered handrails. This prevents your hands from slipping away as you hold the handrails and jump. They also provide increased flexibility, balance, and coordination. You can also adjust the handrail to five different levels according to your height. Unlike many of its competitors, this mini trampoline allows you to remove the handlebar if you want to exercise without it.

The rubber mat sits on a steel frame that holds the jumping surface securely. Its anti-slip, anti-wear surface is ideal for vigorous workouts. The adjustable handlebar is also sweat-resistant. That offers another level of stability to the trampoline. The steel construction makes this mini trampoline sturdy enough not to wobble when you exercise.

This Zupapa mini trampoline is an excellent option for achieving your aerobic fitness goals, even if you live upstairs from neighbors or have an upstairs exercise room. Exercising on this mini rebounder can stimulate your metabolism, improve your balance, increase your oxygen capacity, and boost your cardiovascular health while also building muscle mass. The virtually silent operation allows for exercise at almost any time. Furthermore, the low price of this trampoline makes it a great value for anyone looking to save a few bucks on their next equipment purchase. While it doesn’t perform like some of the more expensive models, the bounce is well above average, the trampoline is almost completely silent, and it is durable enough to last for many years.

Key Features

  • Adjustable handrail
  • Anti-slip, Anti-wear jumping surface
  • Rubber tipped legs (6)
  • Silent jumping


Weight Capacity330 lbs.
Diameter45” (Hexagon)/40” (Round)
ShapeHexagon or Round


  • Affordable without sacrificing quality
  • Whisper-quiet workouts
  • Excellent customer service
  • Solid and durable
  • High weight capacity


  • Difficult assembly without helper
  • Relatively tall (10+ inches)
  • Instructions can be confusing

Darchen Mini Trampoline

Runner Up

If you are looking for a high-quality mini trampoline for your apartment, the Darchen 450 lbs. mini trampoline is a great product to fulfill your workout needs. It is wider and sturdier than most of the competitor products on the market. The Darchen fitness trampoline supports up to 450 pounds of body weight and is completely silent when exercising. Just jump for a couple of minutes, and you will feel the strain on your legs.

The Darchen mini is a soft rebound type of trampoline that is comfortable on your knees and joints. The jumping mat is black in color and 28 inches in diameter. It is highly stable and sturdy to accommodate heavier individuals with six sturdy steel legs to prevent the trampoline from tipping. The frame can easily support both intense and light exercises and is ideal for losing weight and shaping your body. The trampoline uses extra-strong and durable third-generation bungee cords to enhance the strength of the product. You must assemble the trampoline once you unpack it. The assembling part requires some work on your part, but it is not difficult. The only disadvantage of the product is that it does not include a handlebar and you need to purchase it separately.

The Darchen 40-inch exercise trampoline has a lot to offer for those who live in upstairs apartments. The bungee cords allow for the trampoline to be exceptionally quiet, especially when compared to models that use metal springs for a bounce. Furthermore, the Darchen sits firmly in the mid-tier of mini-trampolines, as far as price is concerned. There is a high value to be found with the Darchen mini-trampoline. The high-quality construction and soft but strong bounce allow for strenuous workouts when needed, all while causing little noise to disturb downstairs neighbors. If you are looking for a solid jumping experience that works very well in almost any environment, the Darchen is a good option for those not wanting to go all out on an expensive model. While there are some deficiencies such as the lack of extra bungee cords or handlebar, the Darchen rebounder provides solid performance at a good price.

Key Features

  • Heavy duty steel
  • 6 heavy-duty legs
  • Polypropylene jumping mat
  • 3rd generation bungee cords


Weight Capacity450 lbs.


  • Silent jumping
  • VERY high weight capacity
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Soft and strong bounce


  • Bungees take strength to attach during assembly
  • No replacement bungees included
  • Handlebar not included

Newan 40" - 48" Bungee Rebounder

It is hard to come across a mini trampoline that does not make any noise at all. The Newan mini-trampoline does a good job of keeping noise to a minimum to ensure you don’t disturb neighbors. Another benefit of using bungee ropes is it guarantees stability and durability. It keeps the trampoline sturdy when you exercise. Traditional metal spring eventually oxidizes and makes screeching sounds once they become old. But that doesn’t happen with bungee ropes.

The Newan exercise trampoline’s construction is another reason that makes it safe and sturdy. Made of a rubber mat and supported by thickened steel, you can jump or even run on this mat without worrying about its elasticity. A ten-minute session on this trampoline is equal to the calories you burn after jogging for thirty minutes. The sturdy construction makes it suitable both for kids and adults.

Another feature that makes the Newan 40″-48″ Silent Mini Trampoline stand out is its adjustable height handlebar. You can change the handrail according to your height before you exercise. This allows you to grip the handles better while you jump. Moreover, the wear-resistant rubber mat and 42 bundles of professional bungee rope ensure this mini trampoline’s long life.

This is one of those budget rebounders that provides many of the basic features that a high-end model does but at a much lower price. It feels solid but is lightweight when it needs to be moved to a different area. The materials used during construction provide a durable and sturdy trampoline. While it may not have all the features that some of the (much) more expensive models may have, it does a good job at the basics of what a rebounder is supposed to do.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a high-end trampoline but enjoy its features on a mini rebounder, then the Newan fitness trampoline may be just what you need. It doesn’t compete with the high-end models, but it is durable, reliable, noise-free, and sturdy. In short, it has every quality that you look for in a rebounder for an apartment.

Key Features

  • Adjustable handrail
  • Bungee ropes for quiet bouncing
  • Thickened steel
  • Thickened rubber mat


Weight Capacity330 lbs.
Diameter40” – 48”


  • Very little noise
  • Solid but lightweight
  • Firm and strong bounce


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Poor customer service
  • Instructions are confusing

Buying Guide

How to Find the Right Exercise Trampoline for an Upstairs Apartment

A mini-trampoline can be an excellent addition to your home gym, especially if you want to do cardio exercises. But are you nervous about buying one because you live in an apartment building with neighbors downstairs who like to complain about literally anything you do? Are you afraid that they would complain about you to the landlord? Well, a bit of research can help you find the best mini-trampoline for upstairs apartments that doesn’t make very much noise. That way, your neighbors wouldn’t even know that you have a mini-trampoline in your home.

Needless to say, the first thing that you need to consider while buying a mini-trampoline for your upstairs apartment is its noise level. Therefore, it’s wise to go for bungee-cord mini trampolines instead of the ones that have stainless steel springs, as the former are much quieter than their counterparts.

Confident young brunette woman exercising on mini trampoline during high intensity interval trainingFactors to Remember

Buying a mini-trampoline for your upstairs apartment can be tricky because you need to keep the noise level down and make sure your room’s ceiling is tall enough to allow you to exercise freely. Therefore, keep the following factors in mind if it’s the first time you are buying a mini-trampoline.

Average Ceiling Clearance

The average height of ceilings in apartments is approximately 8 feet. According to experts, the maximum ceiling clearance needed for a mini-trampoline is 6 to 7 feet. You also need to consider your standing height before buying the trampoline. If your standing height is more than six feet and you want to rebound at your highest jumping height, then it’s better to use the trampoline in rooms with taller ceilings to avoid injuring yourself. You may need rooms where the average ceiling height is 9 feet or higher. Most living rooms and entryways have taller ceilings.

Bungee Cords Over Spring Trampolines

Sure, spring trampolines have a firmer bounce and are less expensive than bungee cord trampolines, but they can become noisy after some time. The springs get rusty and make creaking noises as you jump up and down. It can disturb your neighbors downstairs.

Bungee cord trampolines are better for their heavy-duty construction and the fact that they don’t make noise. Bungee cords don’t rust or lose their suspension over time. When secured around the trampoline’s frame, these cords provide a better jumping space than their spring counterparts. Most importantly, they provide a silent bounce, which is crucial for your upstairs apartment. Finally, bungee cord trampolines provide a safer bounce, which protects your ligaments and joints from damage and stress, making your workout more effective and enjoyable.

Material of the Mat

While bungee cords keep the noise down, the mat provides a comfortable jumping area. Although there are various materials, such as plastic, canvas, and nylon, it’s better to choose a heavy-duty polypropylene mesh mat. This material resists stretching even after using it for years. Buying trampolines with mats made from canvas, plastic, or nylon may result in support issues and feet pronation as the mat starts stretching after a couple of years.

Fitness mobile mini trampoline woman jumping in gymTrampoline’s Weight Capacity

Rebounding involves a lot of jumping. That means the trampoline needs to have a high weight capacity to support your rhythmic jumping and gravitational force. It’s best to look for a trampoline with a high weight capacity. Compare your body weight with the average weight capacity of different mini-trampolines. Most of them support 200 to 250 lbs. You can look for a model with a higher weight capacity if your weight is 250 lbs or more.

The trampoline’s weight capacity and the mat’s quality go hand in hand. Along with the bungee cords, you should make sure that the trampoline can support your weight and allow you to exercise without making any noise.

Build Quality

You need to remember two things while comparing the build quality of different mini-trampolines: base and type of assembly. The base is what holds the mini-trampoline down and supports your body weight and your jumping. Therefore, it’s crucial to buy a trampoline that doesn’t break down while you exercise.

A mini-trampoline has two base options: stainless steel and integrated plastic. Stainless steel provides better longevity than integrated plastic because of its robustness. Look out for models that have a stainless steel base with rubber padding at the bottom. They won’t allow the stainless steel to scratch your floor or make noise.

Apart from its base, you should also consider the trampoline’s assembly. Mini-trampolines are available with screw-in legs and snap-in legs. Screw-in legs are slightly inconvenient as you have to attach the screws every time you want to exercise. Moreover, the screws become loose after a few years. On the other hand, snap-in models are space savers. You may want to take a look at them if you live in a small apartment with no space to spare for additional items.


Q: I am 7-ft tall. What’s the best mini-trampoline that I can buy for my upstairs apartment?

A: If you are 7-ft tall, you will initially need to determine the ceiling clearance. A nine-foot or higher ceiling would be optimal. After that, you will need to determine your body weight and find a fitness trampoline that can support more than your weight.

Q: Should I buy a mini-trampoline with a shorter suspension?

A: No. It’s wise to buy a mini-trampoline that has a higher suspension. This distributes your weight throughout the mat and puts less stress and damage on your joints and ligaments.

Q: What are the different ways to maintain my mini-trampoline?

A: Don’t forget to check the suspension of the bungee cords once in a while. Additionally, check the jumping pad for signs of wear and tear. Wipe the mat with a cloth after exercising on it. This keeps the surface free from sweat that may otherwise make the mesh material sticky.

Q: How long will the trampoline last before making a noise?

A: Mini-trampolines with bungee cords don’t make noise, thus it’s a safer option for an upstairs apartment. The ones with springs may last for a few years until the springs start to rust. They will soon make screeching sounds when you jump.

Exercising silently is the way to go, especially if you have complaining neighbors downstairs. Trick them into believing that you aren’t exercising while you are jumping your heart out in your newly-bought mini-trampoline that doesn’t make a noise.