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Best Outdoor Trampolines for Adults

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Outdoor trampolines are well-known for their ability to provide hours of fun for kids of all ages. But adults like to have fun too! Although many trampolines intended for children and teenagers usually work well with almost anyone, there are some aspects that should be considered if its primary use is intended for adults. For example, a trampoline used by adults will normally require a higher maximum weight capacity to account for the additional weight. Furthermore, the structural integrity of a trampoline should be strong to further promote safety and handle the extra stress that adults can place on a trampoline. Larger trampolines are commonly preferred by adults for the additional space and room when there are multiple jumpers.

We have reviewed some of the best outdoor trampolines for adults below to save you the time of doing the research yourself. We selected some of the most popular models that have proven to be capable of handling the rigors of adult jumping. After careful consideration, we have found that the Zupapa 15’ Trampoline (available at Amazon) is the best overall trampoline for adults due to its high-quality construction and solid performance. If you’re looking for the best deal, the Giantex 15 – 16ft trampoline (available at Amazon) offers a strong jumping experience for less. Read our reviews below to find out which one works best for you.

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The Reviews

Zupapa 15 FT Trampoline with Enclosure

Best Overall

The Zupapa 15′ outdoor trampoline features exceptional build quality, excellent safety features, and good all-around performance. The trampoline offers a good balance of must-have features and costs savings to make it a very good device for almost anyone. The price to value ratio makes it one of the best outdoor trampolines currently available. While it’s not as cheap as some of the other models, it does perform well above its price point. The strong build quality makes it feel very durable. While it does come with wind stakes, the steel frame made up of galvanized steel makes it virtually indestructible. The mat gives it plenty of bounce and it offers a lot better performance than some of the other competing options selling at a similar price. This is probably due to the fact they managed to use more springs made of higher quality materials than the competition.

The Zupapa 15-foot trampoline also features numerous safety features that boost the safety of using it while allowing jumpers to get the most out of the trampoline in terms of bounce and performance. It features a no-gap mat design that gives ample protection by getting rid of all of the spacing between the pad and the mat. Likewise, the safety enclosure is mounted between the mat and the springs to further reduce spring-related injuries. While some might be wanting a net that is mounted outside of the frame itself, that’s not an option for the 15-foot size. This isn’t something that should deter you from buying it, but it is worth noting. It comes with a whopping 10-year warranty on the frame and 2-years on the mat, pad, and springs. This can give you the peace of mind you need to feel good about your purchase.

While assembly can vary from person to person, it’s not necessarily difficult. It should be able to be put together within as little as 2 hours if you are someone with at least some experience doing so. However, it is recommended to get someone to assist. One of the best tips that you should use when putting it together would be to place one out of every 5 springs at a time and go back to finish the rest off after. That way, you will be able to get them in without having to struggle on the last few. The tool they provide for assembly is helpful and it is pretty much all you need to get it done.

Overall, the Zupapa 15′ trampoline and enclosure is an impressive trampoline in almost every aspect. The build quality is very high. Safety is an important aspect of any trampoline and Zupapa demonstrates that their trampolines take this into account. The bounce is strong and responsive. The Zupapa trampoline is priced in the mid-range of most trampolines but effortlessly performs like a much more expensive model. We love this trampoline and all it has to offer.

Key Features

  • Hot dip galvanized steel frame
  • Safety netting
  • Wind stakes
  • 7-inch rust-resistant springs
  • Anti-UV jumping surface
  • 425 lbs. weight capacity
  • Rain cover


Weight Capacity425 lbs.
Diameter15 ft
FrameAlloy Steel


  • High bounces and soft landings
  • Rust resistant to endure the elements
  • Solid and sturdy
  • High quality materials
  • Numerous safety features


  • Wind stakes are less than ideal
  • Safety enclosure assembly is time-consuming

Giantex Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

Best Budget

The Giantex trampoline has several models that can meet the needs of almost any family situation. This trampoline is unique in its way because as its size increases, its value also increases. Though the smaller models are easily affordable, they do not stand out as a favorite choice. When you get to the 14 to 16 ft. models you now realize that you are getting some bit of real estate at bargain costs. The sad part is that there is a catch in all these cost-savings so there is not much to celebrate. Despite the trampoline being quite durable, the springs tend to weaken with time. Moreover, the mat gets damaged after about a year, therefore it may require to be replaced earlier, unlike other models. To make matters worse, it’s difficult to find warranty information about the product.

Forgetting the problems with the durability of the softer components, everything else in the trampoline works well when set up correctly. The instructions may seem a bit complex to understand but assembling it is easy. In case you have ever set up a trampoline in the past, then you will find it simple and will not need any help. Regardless of the slight spring issues, the bounce is usually nimble. In case you require a model with huge real estate, then the 15 foot and the 16-foot models may be exactly what you need. Its high weight limit means that this trampoline can be used by multiple jumpers at the same time, without getting damaged.

In general, the Giantex trampoline craftsmanship is not the best, however, the price for larger models is tempting. You will rarely find a 15′ trampoline going for a reasonably cheap price. Its adequate performance, safety accessories, and simple assembly make this trampoline the best choice for those who feel they need to save some money while still being able to offer healthy recreation for those they care about. It is obvious you’ll find better options in the market, but you’ll need to pay a little bit more. What is also worth noting is you need to purchase a reputable brand that guarantees longevity such as Zupapa trampolines. Their price is similar, and the features are the same, but with much higher quality materials used in construction.

Key Features

  • Rust-resistant steel frame
  • 5 U-shaped legs
  • Safety netting
  • Included ladder
  • Double-sided zipper
  • Reinforced T-shaped connectors


Weight Capacity330 lbs. (15 ft)
Diameter10 - 15 ft
FrameGalvanized steel


  • Low-cost option
  • Durable and rust-resistant
  • Large and spacious (15 & 16 ft)
  • Easy assembly


  • Questionable springs
  • Jumping mat wears quickly
  • Confusing instruction manual

Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme 16'

Best Premium

For those looking for one of the most robust heavy-duty trampolines currently available, Happy Trampoline’s Galactic Extreme Gymnastic Round Trampoline fits the bill. Not only does it have a maximum weight capacity of a whopping 550 pounds, but it features a commercial grade frame made from double-dipped galvanized steel that is 2.0mm thick. This leads to the trampoline having an extremely sturdy frame and structure that you will not have to worry about.

The trampoline comes with a safety net enclosure that surrounds the entirety of the trampoline. This ensures that anyone who is jumping on it or using it will be safe no matter their experience level. The safety netting is made of high-grade polyester mesh. The net is a patented ‘stay-put’ enclosure net that is secured by padded cushion poles and the frame itself.

When you look at this trampoline, you can tell it was made to last. Happy Trampoline markets the trampoline as being designed to last for over 20 to 30 years. This does not look to be hyperbolic with all the thought and care that went into picking highly durable and weather-resistant materials. The double-dipped galvanized steel helps to ensure that the frame will not rust. Happy Trampoline backs up its verbiage with its life-time warranty that they include with every purchase.

The bottom line is, if you want a heavy-duty trampoline that is built to last, this should be your go-to option. The bounce quality is excellent due to the high-quality materials used on not only the frame but the mat, as well. The safety features packed into this trampoline make it a quality option not only for experienced trampoline users but also for kids and inexperienced trampoline users. While you will pay a hefty price for this trampoline, its long-lasting nature will more than make up for it.

Key Features

  • Commercial grade frame
  • 2.0 mm frame thickness
  • 120 9-inch springs
  • Stay-put enclosure netting
  • Spring cover
  • Lifetime warranty (frame/springs)


BrandHappy Trampoline
Weight Capacity550 lbs.
Diameter16 ft
FrameCommercial grade 2.0 mm


  • Excellent bounces
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Very high quality
  • Sturdy and solid
  • Impressive weight capacity


  • Poor assembly directions

ORCC Backyard Trampoline with Enclosure

If you are looking for a trampoline capable of accommodating numerous jumpers at the same time, the ORCC 15-foot trampoline provides an all-in-one solution. The trampoline comes bundled with a variety of accessories and features to ensure better safety. The safety enclosure stands 6 feet tall thus providing sufficient protection from falls. The enclosure is also mounted on the exterior of the pad to allow extra room for jumpers and even provide observers with a place to sit while they await their turn.

The ORCC trampoline has a 400 lb. weight limit, which means it has sufficient strength for supporting multiple adults or children as they perfect their handstands, flips, and other tricks. The springs are covered with a safety pad to prevent injuries that may result from open spring mechanisms. The trampoline has a heavy-duty steel frame that’s made of high-quality material, which makes it highly unlikely to give you any issues, ever. Buyers report that their trampolines survived hurricanes without any problems with either the mat or frame.

When you first purchase the trampoline, you might find it a bit too firm. However, it appears to have a “breaking in” period over time that loosens the springs up and provides higher bounces and better overall performance. The other potential issue you need to know about this ORCC trampoline is that there seems to be a lack of publicly available information regarding the company. All communication is done through emails since a phone number isn’t provided for contact purposes.

The ORCC 15 ft. trampoline seems to be a bargain, overall, considering all you will be getting at an affordable price. The affordable pricing and high-quality materials make this an appealing trampoline to consider buying. The lack of information about the company might be a cause for concern. However, buyers have reported that the company’s customer support department is quick to respond and addresses any issues with urgency. The trampoline scores high marks but is somewhat held back because of the lack of company visibility and possible issues that may arise down the road.

Key Features

  • TUV certified
  • 1.5mm anti-rust steel frame
  • UV and Fade-resistant jumping mat
  • 6 ft tall safety enclosure
  • 10mm foam padded enclosure poles
  • 7-inch galvanized steel springs


Weight Capacity400 lbs
Diameter15 ft
FrameHeavy-duty galvanized steel


  • Excellent weight capacity
  • High quality construction materials
  • Strong cost-to-value
  • Outside netting for a spacious bounce area


  • Poor instructions
  • Takes awhile to break it in
  • Company information is difficult to find

Buying Guide

Outdoor Trampoline For Adults Buying Guide

Trampolines have become increasingly popular over the years. More and more adults are finding out that trampolines have plenty of benefits beyond providing fun and entertainment for children. They can be just as fun for adults. They can also provide plenty of other benefits. There was a study conducted by ACE that found that exercising for 20-minutes on a trampoline had the potential to burn as many calories as you would normally get from a 20-minute run. If you’re convinced about buying a trampoline for fun, exercise, or both – you’ll want to know what to look for when buying one. With the increased popularity of trampolines for adults in the marketplace, it can be difficult to sort through the various options. In this article, you’ll learn what you should be looking for and what you should prioritize when buying one.

Grandmother, Granddaughter And Mother Bouncing On TrampolineSize

Perhaps the most important thing to consider is the size of the trampoline you are looking to purchase. If you’re buying one for adult usage, you’ll want to get one large enough for the number of people that will be using it at a time. However, another thing you must factor in when determining the ideal size is how much space you have available. Think about where you will be placing the trampoline. Carefully measure the available space you have and you should be able to filter through your options based on what trampolines fit the criteria.


Another factor you must consider when shopping for an adult trampoline is its shape. There are different shapes available in the marketplace. You will find round, oval, square, and rectangle-shaped trampolines. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to each shape. The main thing to note is that a rectangle-shaped trampoline will deliver the best bounce. The reason for this has to do with the impact the shape has on the surface tension. A rectangular-shaped trampoline will have greater tension which yields a higher bounce. Because of this, it’s typically the preferred option for adults that require more tension for a better bouncing experience.


Your budget is another factor that needs to be put into consideration when shopping for the ideal trampoline. Your budget will dictate what trampolines are viable purchases. Sorting based on how much you are willing and able to spend can narrow down options considerably. You will find trampolines that are available on nearly every budget. Therefore, you shouldn’t be too limited in options based on the price you’re willing to spend. However, the larger and more premium the trampoline, the more you can expect to shell out.

performance level conceptual meter indicate hundred per cent, isolated on white backgroundQuality

This is a very important factor to consider especially for an adult trampoline. After all, adults inherently weigh more. Because of this, a trampoline for an adult will need to be more solidly constructed to offer long-lasting performance. Quality should be a priority when shopping for an adult trampoline because you want one that’s going to last. Several factors can impact the overall quality of the trampoline. Key features you need to look for include the frame material, frame thickness, mat material, and even the spring quality. All of these things come together to dictate the performance, durability, and longevity of the trampoline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Size Trampoline Do I Need?

Many people assume a larger trampoline is always preferred. That’s not always the case. Your optimal size should be dictated by how much available space you have to house the unit. This is why you should measure out your preferred space. This will give you parameters that you can use to filter your search. While you do want to get a trampoline that has enough space for a comfortable and safe jumping experience, you don’t necessarily need the largest trampoline in the market to have a good experience. You also want to factor in the total number of people that will be using it at any given time. The more people you will have jumping on it, the larger the trampoline you’ll want to get.

Q: What Shape Is The Best?

There are plenty of factors to consider when you are shopping around for the right trampoline shape. If you are more concerned about the intensity of the bounce you get from the trampoline, there is no doubt you want to opt for a rectangular trampoline. This is the shape that will deliver you the best bouncing experience. However, if you’re not necessarily concerned with getting the most bounce, you could save a lot of money by opting for a round trampoline. They are generally more affordable and there are a lot of options to choose from. Also, they typically last longer due to the more even weight distribution they allow for. One of the biggest downsides associated with a round trampoline is they typically have less surface area to jump around in. Oval trampolines are for those most concerned with safety. They typically have fewer or no sharp edges and they also offer more even weight distribution to keep the springs from getting worn out too soon.

Q: What Are The Most Important Features To Consider?

When you are going through and trying to pick the right trampoline, there are certain features you should be looking at more than others. One of the most important would be the safety features of the trampoline. After all, the last thing you want is for someone to get injured while using it. Unfortunately, poorly designed trampolines can increase the risk of injury. You want to look at trampolines that have the most safety features including safety nets, covered springs, rounded edges, ladders, reinforced stitching, and more. Some other important things to consider would be the material makeup of the entire unit.

Q: How To Choose The Right Brand?

The best thing to do when you are trying to narrow down your options based on brand is to figure out which brand has the best reputation. You can look at the reviews to determine which product is exceeding customer’s expectations. Also, you can look at the warranty being offered by the brand in question. A brand and/or manufacturer that is confident in the craftsmanship of its trampoline is going to be much more likely to offer a longer and more comprehensive warranty.


If you’re aiming to purchase an adult trampoline, you should use the information above to identify the right one for your needs. Finding the right trampoline doesn’t have to be too difficult. Consider how much space you have in your yard and what your budget is and you should be able to pinpoint the right trampoline to purchase.