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Best Rebounder for Lymphatic Drainage (Lymphedema)

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Rebounders (mini-trampolines) are an excellent tool to keep your lymphatic system operating at peak efficiency. Research shows that the lymphatic system plays a key role in keeping our bodies healthy and rid of harmful toxins, dead cells, and excess body fluids. The lymphatic system must be stimulated (or activated) so that it can effectively pump out the wastes. The most effective way to activate the lymphatic system is through movement and exercise. But all exercise is not equal for efficiently activating the lymphatic system.

Research has found that fitness trampolines, offer some of the most effective means to stimulate the lymphatic system; regardless if you are new to exercising or more advanced. Researching the specific rebounder that is best for you can be both time-consuming and overwhelming, so we’ve taken some of the best rebounders on the market and reviewed them, which will help take the guesswork out of which product would be best for achieving lymphatic drainage (Lymphedema). Other determining factors for finding the best rebounder on the market included: price, overall design, and product quality. By condensing this information into one, easy-to-read article, you will save time (and money), finding the rebounder that is best suited for you.

Best Picks

Best Overall

MXL Maximus Life

Great all around

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High performance for less

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Best Premium

Leaps & Rebounds

When you want the best

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The Reviews

FIT Bounce PRO Bungee Rebounder Review

Best Overall

The FIT Bounce PRO USA Bungee Rebounder provides a lot of great information explaining the benefits you will receive from its expert design. It is one of few rebounders that has been designed to specifically maximize lymphatic drainage within the lymphatic system. Not only does this rebounder help tone muscles, tighten loose skin and increase core abdominal muscles, it is also backed by a multitude of positive user reviews. This fitness rebounder helps improve overall posture and flexibility, amongst many other health benefits.

It features a compact design and can be used by a wide range of users from young children to adults, with a maximum weight rating of 330 pounds. Those with limited indoor space or a desire to travel with their rebounder will appreciate that it is equipped with a half folding design of the frame and a handy storage/carry bag. This design allows the user to fold the rebounder in half before storing or carrying it in the zippered storage bag that is included with your purchase. Additionally, the legs can quickly be folded down (without having to be unscrewed individually from the frame), making it even more compact.

The FIT Bounce PRO USA Bungee Rebounder gained our vote as “best overall” rebounder. Although it is pricier than the competition, the features and benefits as they relate to your overall health, the effectiveness of stimulating lymphatic drainage, and overall design set it apart from other rebounders on the market. The positive user reviews and unmatched warranty on both the frame and jumping mat made it stand out as well.

Key Features

  • No assembly needed
  • Half-fold design
  • Bounce counter included
  • Access to streamed workouts included for 3-months; plus workout DVD included
  • 60 bungee connectors (2x the amount of some competitors) for a strong, stable bounce
  • Storage/carry bag included
  • Quiet bounce design


BrandMXL MaXimus Life
Weight Capacity330 pounds
Diameter40-inch frame; 28-inch jumping mat
FrameFoldable; high grade steel
WarrantyLifetime warranty on frame; 3-year warranty on jumping mat


  • Expertly designed to improve lymphatic drainage
  • Delivered pre-assembled for easy set-up and immediate use
  • Durable 40-inch steel frame that supports up to 330 pounds
  • Foldable design (including frame legs) for easy storage and travel
  • Lifetime frame warranty; 3-year jumping mat warranty


  • More costly than competitors
  • Stabilizer handle bar must be purchased separately

Sportplus Home Fitness Trampoline Review

Best Value

The Sportplus Unisex Quiet Miniature Indoor Rebounder Home Fitness Trampoline with Height Adjustable Bar is a great rebounder if you are looking for a rebounder that offers great value. This rebounder helps to engage over 400 muscles while rebounding and targets deep muscle tissue, making it more effective than most power equipment workouts. The price is very reasonable in comparison to similar models, and it has an adjustable handrail included in the purchase price. These are just two of the many reasons we voted the Sportplus Fitness Trampoline as “best value”.

The jumping mat is a hexagonal shape and is supported by a sturdy 43-inch frame. The large jumping surface makes it a great fit for both beginners and young children. Additionally, it has rubber grommets attached to each of its six legs, which help reduce impact to the joints as you bounce, while simultaneously providing a non-slip surface for the frame legs. The Sportplus Fitness Trampoline supports users up to 286 pounds and offers a quiet bungee design that is great if you do not want to disturb nearby neighbors or family members as you train in your home. Many other brands at this price point do not offer any customization to their rebounders, but the Sportplus Fitness Trampoline offers its consumers three color options: red, blue or green.

Key Features

  • Adjustable/detachable handrail
  • Near silent bounce design
  • Supports maximum weight of 286 pounds
  • Large hexagonal non-slip jumping mat
  • Rubber grommets on frame legs provide added cushion and stability


Weight Capacity286 pounds
Diameter32 to 37.5-inches
Warranty1-year limited warranty


  • Available in three color variations
  • Adjustable/detachable handrail included
  • Large frame and jumping mat are safer for beginners/children


  • Frame is not foldable
  • Difficult to assemble

ATIVAFIT 40" Foldable Mini Trampoline with Handle Review

Runner Up

The ATIVAFIT 40” Foldable Trampoline Mini Exercise Rebounder with Adjustable Foam Handle is competitively priced, has a weight rating of 330 pounds, and gets our vote as “runner up” for the best overall rebounder. It is available in two color choices (blue or grey) and has an adjustable foam handle with three heights ranging from 35 to 43-inches. Rebounding on the ATIVAFIT 40” Foldable Trampoline will stimulate your metabolism and cardiovascular health, burn calories, promote weight loss and it also helps to improve overall balance.

This rebounder offers coil springs in place of the bungee design you find in many other rebounders. The thick design of these high-strength springs makes them very safe, which reduces the risk of injury while rebounding. For additional safety measures, an elastic mat is included in the purchase price and is used to cover the springs that attach the jumping mat to the frame. The quick assembly of the ATIVAFIT 40” Foldable Trampoline, coupled with the foldable design for compact storage/travel, are added bonuses you will receive from this rebounder.

Key Features

  • Foldable design
  • Adjustable handle bar included
  • Quick, easy assembly
  • Rust-proof steel springs
  • Maximum weight rating of 330 pounds
  • Strong alloy steel frame


Weight Capacity330 pounds
Diameter40-inch frame
FrameAlloy steel


  • Competitively priced
  • Padded safety mat included
  • Adjustable foam handle bar included
  • Available in two color options


  • Springs can become noisy
  • Legs and handle bar must be unscrewed from frame for storage/travel

LEAPS & REBOUNDS Rebounder Review

Best Premium

The LEAPS & REBOUNDS Rebounder – Fitness Trampoline is pricier than other rebounders, but it delivers a safe and sturdy bounce and is made of quality products. We found this rebounder offers the “best premium” when compared to similar rebounders on the market.

It features a strong, zero-stretch polypropylene jumping mat that is UV resistant, making it more durable than the competition. It also has bungees that are made of soft, latex rubber and a strong carbon steel frame with screw-in legs that attach to the frame. The LEAPS & REBOUNDS Rebounder – Fitness Trampoline is available in two size options, so you are guaranteed to get the bounce that is best for your comfort level. The 40-inch frame offers a 29-inch jumping surface while the 48-inch frame offers a 39-inch jumping surface. The smaller rebounder is great if you are limited on space or if you prefer a firmer bounce. The 48-inch model takes up a bit more floor space but offers a softer bounce and the larger jumping mat offers users confidence while bouncing if they are new to rebounding or trying harder techniques.

Key Features

  • Six color options available
  • Zero-stretch, UV resistant polypropylene jumping mat
  • Safety bungee cover included
  • Strong carbon steel frame
  • Available in two sizes (40-inch and 48-inch)


BrandLeaps & Rebounds
Weight Capacity220 lbs./250 lbs.
FrameAlloy Steel


  • Lifetime warranty included
  • Two frame size options available
  • Six color variations
  • Made of premium materials that ensure durability


  • Pricier than competition
  • Frame is not foldable
  • Stabilizer handle bar not included

Buying Guide

Rebounder for Lymphatic Drainage Buying Guide

Rebounding offers several health benefits, such as strengthening your joints, bones, and muscles, losing weight, rehabilitating from injuries, and improving your fitness. In addition, it increases your gravitational load, thus strengthening your musculoskeletal system.

This type of exercise helps in lymphatic drainage by stimulating the one-way valves in your lymphatic system, which detoxifies your body. Consider your lymphatic system as an internal vacuum cleaner that increases the speed at which waste materials exit your body, thus keeping you fit and healthy.

Rebounding exercises require a rebounder. This is a mini-trampoline that allows a single person to work out at a time. A rebounder is usually big enough for you to both sit and stand. Ideally, it would help if you exercise by jumping up and down while performing different moves on the rebounder. A few rebounders also come with a bar that allows you to maintain your balance and stay in your spot if you want to rest for a few minutes.

Buying a rebounder is no easy feat, especially with so many brands offering attractive deals. But you need to focus on the features of the rebounder more than the price. This guide will help you find the best rebounder for lymphatic drainage within your budget.

Smiling Caucasian woman in sportswear holding mini trampoline in gymWhat to Look For

Don’t pick the first miniature trampoline that you see on the market. Spend some time comparing the features of different models. Above all, keep the following factors in mind before buying your first rebounder for lymphatic drainage:

The Springs

Lymphatic drainage exercises involve a lot of jumping. And jumping tests a rebounder’s spring quality. Make sure that the rebounder you want to buy has two types of springs: bungee rope springs and competitive springs. Most mini-trampolines use bungee rope springs as they help maintain your balance while jumping. On the other hand, competitive springs are heavy-duty springs that support your weight.

Some rebounders come with tube springs. It is better to avoid them as the technology is old. Moreover, these springs don’t provide too much movement, thus limiting your exercising potential. The bounce response is relatively sluggish, and the springs wear down over time. A combination of bungee rope springs and competitive springs lasts for years if you oil them from time to time.

The Mat

While the springs provide safety and efficiency to the rebounder, the mat offers comfort. What’s the material of the mat? Most brands use a heavy-duty polypropylene mesh material, but some of the latest models come in nylon, plastic, and canvas mats. No matter which material you choose, check whether it can stretch over time. Buy a model with a mat that can resist stretching. Otherwise, you may experience pronation of your feet and support issues if the mat starts to stretch over time.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the water-resistant feature of the mat also. Although people use rebounders inside the house, you may want to take them out once in a while. It’s wise to get a rebounder with a waterproof mat to prevent water from deteriorating the mat’s surface.

Base and Assembly

The rebounder’s base is one of the most crucial parts of the entire unit. It holds the rebounder down and supports its frame. Therefore, a poor-quality base may increase the risk of damaging the rebounder while jumping.

You will get two types of base options: one made of integrated plastic and the other made of stainless steel. Some models also use galvanized steel. It is better to choose stainless steel over integrated plastic as steel provides better longevity.

But even though you pick a stainless steel model, you should consider how to assemble the rebounder. Some of them have screw-in legs. These aren’t the most durable models as they wear down over time. As already mentioned, lymphatic drainage exercises involve a lot of jumping. A rebounder with screw-in legs may become loose after a few years, especially if you take the screws off while packing the rebounder away.

Instead, try buying a rebounder with snap-in stainless steel legs. They are much more stable than their screw-in counterparts. Most importantly, you don’t have to take the legs off. Just snap in the legs to make the trampoline compact and keep it away to save space.

Springs on a rebounderWeight Capacity

Rebounding for lymphatic drainage relies on jumping and also the force of gravity. The combination of your gravitational force and rhythmic jumping helps you lose weight and detoxify your body. That being said, it’s important to ensure that the rebounder can support as much weight as possible. Most rebounders can support a minimum of 220 to 250 lbs. Compare your weight with the maximum weight the rebounder can support.

The rebounder’s weight capacity is directly related to the mat’s quality. Both have to provide a comfortable exercising space. For example, a heavy-duty polypropylene mesh material can easily support a maximum of 300 lbs. Compare the models based on the weight they can support and their corresponding mat material.


Q: What’s the best way to maintain my rebounder?

A: Rebounders don’t require a lot of maintenance. You can apply coconut oil or grease to the springs to prevent them from wearing down quickly. Apart from that, you can wipe the mat’s surface after you finish exercising.

Q: What is the average size of a rebounder?

A: The average diameter of a rebounder is 27 inches. You can get bigger rebounders, but they are suitable for exercising indoors. The frame is another 13 inches, and the stability bar is approximately 35 inches from the mat’s surface.

Q: Will the rebounder springs make noise after a few months?

A: That depends on the quality of the springs. Tube springs make noise over time. It’s wise to buy a model that has a combination of bungee rope springs and competitive springs.

Q: What is the firmness level of the mat?

A: Different rebounders have different firmness levels. You can compare the different levels and buy one that you think is comfortable for your exercise routine.