High angle shot of age-diverse boys and girls jumping on the trampoline with enclosure in the back yard

Best Trampoline for a Small Yard or Backyard

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Trampolines are often thought of as huge devices that need ample room to be able to work properly. While this is true in some cases, there are plenty of options for those with small yards to have a trampoline. Trampolines are available in a variety of shapes and sizes that are sure to fit in almost any backyard configuration. As long as you pay attention to some of the requirements that are inherent in any trampoline and do some quick measurements of the yard, you can find a model that works well for you and your family. Read below to see some of the models that we have reviewed that work well in a variety of smaller yards.

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The Reviews

Zupapa 8FT Trampoline

Best Overall

The Zupapa 8FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure is a gem of a trampoline if you want to buy it for your kids. Its robust construction and long-lasting jumping mat make the trampoline highly durable. This trampoline’s no-gap design is what sets it apart from its competitors. Moreover, it surpasses the TUV and ASTM standards, meaning you can rely on it when it comes to durability and safety. The springs of the Zupapa 8FT Trampoline come with a durable and thick pad so that kids don’t get injured while jumping on it. Its jumping area is also bigger than previous models, thus allowing more kids to play on the trampoline.

Zupapa uses the most advanced hot-dip galvanizing technique to make its frame anti-rust. Irrespective of where you use the trampoline and whichever season you use it; the frame won’t develop rust as long as the galvanized coat lasts. The makers have also paid close attention to balancing the trampoline properly. It now comes with a double steel joint design that has W-shaped legs to provide a secure and solid base. There are 12 additional springs in this model compared to its previous one to provide impressive bounce so that your kids can enjoy more. The trampoline can support a maximum of 375 lbs., which is significantly higher than many other trampolines in the market.

It also has an extended net pole that reaches the ground, making the net safer and more stable. Even if your kids accidentally tumble over, they may not fall on the ground, thanks to the super-supportive net. The 1.5 mm sturdy steel frame tubes make the poles durable and ensure that the net doesn’t break away from any side. The Zupapa 8FT Trampoline is undoubtedly a high-quality trampoline that can become a welcome addition to your family. If you have a small yard without much room for the larger models, this trampoline checks all the right boxes.

Key Features

  • Hot-dip galvanized steel frame
  • Self-locking frame structure
  • Rust resistant
  • 48 galvanized springs (5.5”)
  • UV-proof safety enclosure
  • Anti-UV mat
  • Wind stakes


Weight Capacity375 lbs.
FrameGalvanized steel
Warranty10 years / 2 years


  • High bounces and soft landings
  • Well designed, sturdy, and durable
  • Fantastic warranty
  • Strong customer support
  • Safety is a priority


  • Assembly instructions are subpar

JUMPZYLLA 10FT Trampoline With Enclosure

Best Value

For anyone who wants a great option to have some healthy fun without taking up too much space, the JUMPZYLLA 10FT Trampoline with Enclosure is a fabulous choice. Not only does this trampoline provide extra security due to the fact that it has four legs rather than the three that are standard in this sort of 10-foot trampoline. The curved design of those poles also adds to the stability of the trampoline and the attractions of the trampoline are further enhanced by the fact that it is incredibly easy to set. Whereas many other trampolines make require some proficiency in DIY, this trampoline has wonderful video instruction and a guide that makes setup easy and ensures that it is done right.

This JUMPZYLLA trampoline is primarily designed for kids, but the 10FT frame provides plenty of room for adults to jump to their heart’s content. Adults will love it for the sheer quality of the construction and the quality of the materials sued. It is made from steel components that are galvanized so they can withstand the worse that Mother Nature can provide. The foam covering adds to the longevity of the parts – and protects kids from injury. Parents and caregivers will love the plastic-covered ladder which allows easy access to the bounce surface.

All parents will naturally worry about the safety of their kids when they use an outdoor trampoline, but the enclosure of this trampoline will give them the peace of mind that comes from knowing that not only will the kids be having fun, but they will also be safe while they are having fun. If you are in search of an outdoor trampoline that offers a quality jumping experience while providing an excellent “bang for your buck”, the JUMPZYLLA 10FT trampoline and enclosure is an excellent option. It is small enough to fit in a variety of small yards, but still provides enough jumping area for adults to have fun too!

Key Features

  • Galvanized steel frame
  • 4 legs for additional stability
  • ASTM compliant
  • Rust-resistant coating
  • Curved enclosure poles
  • Waterproof foam
  • Luxury ladder


Weight Capacity330 lbs.
FrameGalvanized steel


  • Thick ring padding
  • Excellent instructions
  • Compact enough for a variety of yards
  • Strong customer support


  • Non-slip grip on ladder would be better
  • Zipper can be troublesome at times
  • Lacing net is tedious

SereneLife 8FT Trampoline with Net Enclosure

Best Budget

The SereneLife 8FT Trampoline with Net Enclosure has a lot going for it for those who want their kids to enjoy a safe and fun way to get outdoors without needing to spend too much money. Firmly in the “budget” category, this compact trampoline is a strong option if you don’t have the largest yard in the world. It is priced right, built with children in mind, and provides excellent value for parents.

One of the greatest concerns to parents and caregivers must, of course, be the safety enclosure. It is durable and surrounds the entirety of the jumping surface. The reinforced polypropylene material which makes up the mat has been time-tested to provide a safe surface to simply have some fun without worrying about accidents. The galvanized metal frame is sturdy and provides a stable platform for great fun. It has also been manufactured to the highest standards – and that means that it can put up with the worse that Mother Nature can throw at it.

This is a trampoline that is ideal for kids between the ages of 4 and ten, but at a pinch, it can also accommodate older folk – just don’t be too aggressive with the jumping and use common sense. If you weigh in at over 200 pounds this is not the trampoline for you. When all is said and done this is a great bounce option for kids. It’s sturdy and easy to assemble – and has all the safety features that characterize a top-class product. Well worth a second look.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel
  • Polypropylene mat
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant
  • L-shaped legs
  • ASTM approved
  • Safety enclosure
  • Foam spring padding


Weight Capacity264 lbs.
FrameGalvanized steel


  • Highly affordable
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Above average bounce


  • Heavy packaging
  • Springs can be difficult to attach
  • Instructions are confusing

LANGXUN 60" Trampoline for Kids

Best for Small Kids

LANGXUN is a brand that keeps evolving. Over the last few years, they have significantly upgraded their trampolines, and finally, the 60” model is one that can compete with the best in the business. Its seamless design makes it look attractive and your kids will fall in love with it at first sight. One area that LANGXUN has paid close attention to is its frame. Since this is specially meant for kids, they have used a galvanized steel frame with reinforced T-sockets that don’t allow the trampoline to break when the kids jump on it. It won’t twist or bend easily.

Moreover, the customized safety net is quite robust and wouldn’t tear if your kid accidentally takes a tumble and holds the net to prevent himself from falling down. The PE thread net has a high density with a tight weave, meaning it won’t tear or come off easily. As far as performance is concerned, this model has 3.5-inch heavy gauged rust-resistant springs that provide a superior bounce. The jumping mat is also durable, thanks to the UV-protected, heavy-duty polypropylene material that provides strength and support to the jumping area.

Apart from the robustness of the structure and durable jumping mat, another factor that makes this trampoline ideal for kids is the dartboard and basketball hoop. This multi-functional design ensures that your kids can spend hours playing on the trampoline. You can adjust the height of the dartboard and basketball hoop according to the height of your kids. Overall, the LANXGUN 60” trampoline is one of the better trampolines for young children. The bright design, multiple options, compact nature, and safety features make this a favorite amongst parents.

Key Features

  • Galvanized alloy steel frame
  • Brightly colored yellow trampoline
  • UV protected polypropylene mat
  • No-gap design
  • Basketball hoop
  • Children’s dart board


Weight Capacity220 lbs
FrameSteel alloy
Springs30 (3.5”)


  • Great trampoline for young children
  • Relatively quiet for a trampoline
  • Suitable for indoors or outdoors
  • Very fast assembly


  • Not intended for adults
  • Spring padding can ride up

Buying Guide

Find the Right Trampoline for a Small Yard

When you go out to buy a trampoline and don’t have a lot of room in your yard, there are a number of factors that you need to consider. This will ensure that you get the right one that will serve you for many years. If you have kids and want to provide them with a healthy form of entertainment, it is important to ensure that you have taken into consideration aspects such as the amount of space you have, trampoline shape, weight limit, and desired performance. Keeping an eye out while shopping for these features will go a long way in making your shopping experience as seamless as possible.

Kids trampoline in small green backyardSpace Required

A trampoline in a small backyard can give you all the enjoyment you need, but it is necessary that you have space in your yard not only for the trampoline but also for some movement all around it. Here is where the shape of your backyard requires you to consider the right shape for the trampoline that you choose so that it fits into your backyard comfortably and does not cause a jumping hazard. Trampolines must have enough space all around them for easy access and for safe jumping. This space must also not have any plants or other obstructions. The space above trampolines must also be clear to allow jumpers to go to higher heights and not be obstructed by the branches of trees or any structure.

Different Shapes

Trampolines come in many shapes, circular, square, octagonal, or even rectangular. Look at the overall size of your trampoline and see if it fits into a corner of your yard so that you are free to use the remaining space for other activities. You should have sufficient space around for easy access. If you have children using the trampoline and need them to be supervised, some space for a deckchair for the minder will come in handy. Depending on the shape of the device, there are a variety of configurations to consider while determining the best position for the trampoline in the yard. A round trampoline will work best in the center of the yard, while a rectangle trampoline is easier to position along the edges.


Round trampolines are the most popular, and the smallest trampoline will be a diameter of 5-6 feet that allows two children but will allow only one adult to use it comfortably. Larger ones go as much as 16 feet in diameter but are probably not suitable for small backyards. Remember you need to have some space around your trampoline also. They come in many styles, and they are easier to cover with a safety net. The weight is evenly distributed on all springs, leading to even wear on them. These trampolines tend to force jumpers towards the center where it dips the most and can cause users to bump into each other if there is more than one user.

Rectangular or Square

As we mentioned earlier, often the shape of small backyards can make it impossible for you to install circular trampolines and your choice may get limited to those that are rectangular or square. In these trampolines, weight is not evenly distributed, and this means that its users have more control of where they want to stay during their bounces and control their landings. Furthermore, they are easier to perform tricks on due to higher bounces and better performance. However, the uneven distribution of loads can lead to any side wearing out faster than the other. Their shape also requires them to have larger and heavier frames. This can result in them being more expensive than the round models. Their assembly and support system can be elaborate and difficult.

Other Shapes

Oval trampolines are not very popular but can be installed in less space and offer more control and stability than round trampolines do. They will allow for higher weights than round trampolines and have no dead spots. It is a little complicated to set up oval-shaped trampolines.

Polygonal or octagonal trampolines have multiple sides, though the jumping pad in them is always around. They require lesser space than the square or rectangular shapes and give greater stability and control. The shape helps in balancing the jumping of multiple users but adds to the difficulty in erecting it.

Cheerful kids having fun jumping on trampolineOther Factors That Need To Be Considered

We have already told you about the shape and size that you need for a trampoline in your small backyard, as well as the clearances they must have. Let us now move on to other things that will affect your purchase of a trampoline.

Weight Limit

The trampoline you buy must be able to carry the weight of the number of people that will be using it. Heavier weights, an increase in the number of people using it simultaneously, will require sturdier frames that will last for a long time.


A trampoline net is connected to a surrounding frame with springs that will give you the bounce that you need when using it. High-tension springs will give you limited bounce but a firmer mat. This will prevent multiple users from bumping into each other. Low-tension springs will give you higher bounces and softer landings. You can also buy trampolines that are spring-less and save you the danger of injury from falling on springs or other sharp edges.

Safety Nets

While these may not be strictly necessary, they do prevent you from falling out of the trampoline and are almost a must for trampolines that are at high levels. They are essential when children are the users of the trampoline.

Safety Padding

Safety padding covers the outer edge of the jumping mat, where the springs connect. Safety pads are placed over the springs to prevent feet and toes from getting caught in the springs on errant landings. While these accessories are included with many trampolines, don’t take it for granted and ensure that your selected model has safety spring padding. These are commonly sold separately at an affordable price if it does not. As a side note, a ladder is also a convenient option for easily accessing the trampoline. Like spring pads, these are sold separately and don’t cost too much.

Final Words

When you are placing your trampoline in your small backyard, give thought to the ground, which is the best level and has no slopes. the ground should be soft. Lighting can always be added if you plan to use the trampoline in the late evenings. See that you perform regular checks on all the parts of the trampoline especially the springs and jumping pads.

Having a smaller yard doesn’t mean that you can’t have a trampoline for entertainment purposes. While there are challenges associated with limited space, there is a trampoline for almost every situation. As long as you pay close attention to any constraints that may be present, a model is available that will fit perfectly in your yard and provide years of enjoyment.