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Best Trampoline for Teenagers

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Finding the best trampoline for teenagers can be a difficult task without the proper preparation. Teens have a different set of requirements when compared to finding a trampoline for younger children. Weight capacity and performance are often two of the primary concerns for the teenagers so they can jump with friends and still get those super-high bounces. Parents, on the other hand, are more concerned with the safety aspects of the device. Finding a happy medium is important when purchasing a new trampoline for your teens. Read below to find out our picks for the best trampoline for teenagers in addition to tips on how you can make the best decision yourself.

Best Picks

Best Overall


15 foot trampoline

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Best Value


15 foot trampoline

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Best Rectangle

Upper Bounce

10' x 17' trampoline

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The Reviews

Zupapa 15ft Trampoline with Enclosure

Best Overall

The Zupapa 15-foot trampoline with safety net is a surprisingly affordable and well-made trampoline that greatly surpasses expectations due to its excellent craftsmanship, safety features, and strong performance. This trampoline provides a great balance of features and cost savings to make it the best trampoline for teenagers we have found. Although not as affordable as some other models, it performs like a top-tier trampoline at a mid-grade price. The strong construction materials give the Zupapa the feel of a tank! Although it comes with wind stakes (that work very well), the heavy-duty galvanized steel frame will require the strongest of winds to move. The mat and strong springs provide ample bounce and performance that is eye-opening when compared to similarly priced trampolines. This is likely due to the superior materials in use and the additional springs (108).

A wide range of features are also included to increase safety for your teenagers while still allowing them to get maximum bounce as they jump. The no-gap mat technology offers additional spring protection by eliminating the spacing between the jumping mat and spring pad. Furthermore, the safety enclosure is mounted between the mat and the springs to further reduce risk of injury. Some prefer the net to be mounted around the outside of the frame, but that option is not available on the 15 ft model. A ladder is also included to assist with mounting and dismounting. Unfortunately, the ladder’s steps are small, like a ladder for an above-ground pool. While this isn’t a huge problem, it is something to be aware of. If you ever have any problems with any of the parts, Zupapa will replace free of charge with their 10-year frame and 2-year mat, springs, and safety pad warranty. This is a superb warranty and really helps with peace of mind.

The assembly time varies depending on how good you are with your hands. The trampoline can be put together by a single person in about 2 hours, if they have some experience with these kinds of things. Overall, it is best to use a helper, primarily to assist with the netting and setting the springs. One tip of the springs is to place every fifth spring or so and then go back to attach the rest. This makes it easier than trying to place them in order and having a near impossible task for the final springs. The provided tool is useful and is almost all you will need for proper assembly.

Key Features

  • TUV safety certified
  • Rain cover
  • Wind stakes
  • Tools for assembly
  • No-gap mat design


Weight Capacity375 lbs
Diameter15 ft
Height8.8 ft
Warranty10 yr (frame); 2 yr (mat, pad, springs)


  • Strong, heavy-duty materials
  • Affordable
  • No-gap mat design
  • Inner net for added safety
  • Strong bounce
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Responsive customer service
  • Anchors work well in high winds
  • Excellent warranty


  • Steps are small on ladder
  • Enclosure poles can bend in high winds

Skywalker 15' Jump N' Dunk Trampoline

Best Value

The Skywalker 15’ trampoline offers value with solid materials, safety features, and a basketball hoop for teenagers to have more options during their jumping. This model is the most budget-friendly trampoline we have reviewed, and it performs surprisingly well. The strong materials used in construction feel very solid and provide an excellent base for the trampoline. Innovative design features also enhance the trampoline’s performance and safety (ASTM certified) rating. The no-gap safety pad (similar to the Zupapa) further protects your teens as they jump from being injured by accidents on the springs. In fact, when properly assembled with the inside net, it is impossible to jump on the springs by accident.

The Skywalker comes included with a safety enclosure (inside the springs) and a basketball hoop as a couple of the accessories that are bundled with this trampoline. As with most trampolines, the safety net can present some difficulties during assembly. Be careful during assembly that the warning labels are facing outside so the net can attach to the poles. If this is not done correctly, you may need to reassemble as attaching the poles is the last step. The basketball hoop does a good job at providing extra options for jumpers to play, but it is only useful for dunking, as the ball will bounce outside of the net on some misses. The biggest problem with this trampoline is the weight capacity. A 200 lb weight capacity can present problems and limit the number of simultaneous jumpers to 2 or less, depending on weight.

Overall, this is a very good trampoline to save you some money and still receive a quality product that should last years. While it may not last as long as some of the more expensive trampolines or provide as high of a weight capacity, what you get is very good value for your money. The assembly is relatively quick and easy. If you are good with your hands, one person can assemble this trampoline in a couple of hours. The Skywalker 15 foot trampoline does a good job at providing high bounces and a safe environment for your teenager to get some exercise while having fun with their friends.

Key Features

  • No-gap enclosure
  • Basketball hoop
  • Weather and rust-resistant steel
  • Safety pad


BrandSkywalker Trampolines
Weight Capacity200 lbs (tested at 4x weight)
Diameter15 ft
Height108 inches
Warranty3 years (frame); 1 year (other parts)


  • Strong value buy
  • Basketball hoop for teens
  • Inside net for added safety
  • 1-person assembly
  • Impossible to jump on springs
  • Net poles are well-positioned
  • Feels solid


  • Low weight capacity
  • Poor instruction manual

Upper Bounce 10' x 17' Rectangle Trampoline

Best Rectangle

The Upper Bounce Rectangle trampoline has a lot to like when it comes to teenagers. While it may not be the highest grade of rectangle trampoline, it offers an excellent blend of value and performance. Rectangle trampolines consistently outperform their round cousins in many categories. Unfortunately, they are often much more expensive. The Upper Bounce 10′ x 17′ model is similar in that it has a better bounce and more comprehensive safety features than most round trampolines. The fiber flex safety enclosure does an excellent job at keeping all jumpers safe and secure while they bounce. The weather-resistant nature of the netting also lends itself to last for a long time when compared to many enclosures.

An impressive weight capacity of 500 lbs. is a blessing when you have teenagers who want to jump with friends. Many trampolines are lacking in the amount of weight they can hold. With a higher weight capacity, multiple jumpers can be accommodated simultaneously.

Another excellent aspect of this Upper Bounce trampoline is that it feels very spacious while jumping. Your teens will have plenty of room to practice all manner of tricks and games. The high-quality nature of this trampoline ensures that it is durable and will last considerably longer than a low-quality model.

Overall, the Upper Bounce 10 x 17 trampoline is an excellent option for a rectangle trampoline for teens. While it can be used for beginner gymnasts, the real beauty lies in the fact that it blends affordability and quality for a perfect recreational device. It isn’t as high-grade as the more expensive models, but most teenagers don’t really need the commercial-quality trampolines. This trampoline provides everything you need (and then some) to keep your teen and their friends happy and healthy.

Key Features

  • Fiber flex enclosure
  • UV resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • No-gap safety system
  • Galvanized steel
  • Polypropylene jumping mat


BrandUpper Bounce
Dimensions10' x 17'
Weight Capacity500 lbs.
Warranty1 year/6 months/90 days


  • Impressive enclosure system
  • Durability is above average
  • Soft landings
  • Spacious jumping area
  • High weight capacity


  • Poor assembly instructions
  • Tedious setup

AOTOB 12FT Trampoline

Best Value Runner Up

The AOTOB Trampoline with Enclosure Net and Ladder is one of the mid-tier trampolines you’ll find available. It has a lot to offer those looking for a safe and fun trampoline for kids. With the endless number of options to choose from, finding the right one is important. This trampoline checks off a lot of the boxes that you would want to find as a parent looking for a trampoline.

The most important thing you’ll want to find when searching for a trampoline for your teenagers would be safety. After all, trampolines aren’t inherently safe. Finding a trampoline that prioritizes safety is key. This trampoline is designed from the ground up to be safe to use. Both the jump pad and the spring cover are designed to be as close as possible, minimizing gap issues. This ensures that no one’s foot can go through and get caught. Whereas, trampolines that have more of a gap could present much more of a risk of this happening.

The build quality of a trampoline is important for several reasons. For one, it can dictate the kind of usage you’ll get out of it. However, it can also dictate how safe the trampoline is to use for your children and family members. This trampoline features excellent build quality with the bounce material being made up of high-quality Polypropylene. Not only is it wear-resistant, but it’s also UV resistant. Thus, it makes for a good outdoor trampoline material. Also, the entire frame is made up of galvanized steel with a 4 solid U-shaped foot structure. This means you’ll have a trampoline that you can count on to stay in place and to stay upright.

This trampoline is more than worth it for those seeking a high-quality trampoline at a value-based price point. This trampoline can hold a maximum of 330 pounds. Because of this, you are getting a trampoline that is versatile and high-quality enough for numerous teenagers. If you want a trampoline that gives you peace of mind, the AOTOB trampoline with enclosure might be for you.

Key Features

  • Widened design
  • 4 U-shaped legs
  • Improved stability
  • Polypropylene jumping mat
  • 72 galvanized steel springs
  • Heavy-duty ladder


Weight Capacity330 lbs.
Diameter12 ft
FrameAlloy steel


  • Excellent value
  • Helpful customer service
  • Above average springs/mat
  • Included ladder
  • Solid weight limit


  • Spring padding is low-quality
  • Subpar instructions

ORCC 15' Trampoline and Enclosure

The ORCC 15-foot trampoline offers an all-in-one solution for those searching for a trampoline to accommodate numerous teenagers simultaneously. This trampoline comes included with numerous features and accessories that promote a safer trampoline. The safety enclosure stands at 6 feet tall to provide ample protection from falls. Moreover, the enclosure is mounted on the outside of the pad to allow additional room to jumpers and even give observers a place to sit while waiting their turn. Featuring a 375 lbs. weight limit, the ORCC trampoline has enough strength to support numerous teenagers as they perfect their flips, handstands, and other tricks. A safety pad covers the springs to prevent injuries that can occur from open spring mechanisms.

The heavy-duty steel frame is made of quality materials and is unlikely to ever give you any problems. Buyers have reported the trampoline surviving hurricanes without any problems with the frame or mat. When first purchasing this trampoline, you may find that it is very firm. Over time, the trampoline appears to have a “breaking in” period that loosens up the springs and provides higher bounces and better performance. Another potential issue to be aware of with the ORCC is that there appears to be a lack of publicly available information on the company. All communication is accomplished via email as there is not a phone number for contact purposes.

Overall, the ORCC 15 ft trampoline appears to be a bargain considering all that you get for an affordable price. The high-quality materials along with affordable pricing make this an appealing trampoline. The lack of information on the company is cause for concern, but buyers have reported that customer support responds quickly and handles any issues with urgency. This trampoline gets high marks, but is held back due to the lack of company visibility and potential problems that could cause further down the line.

Key Features

  • TUV Certified Safe
  • Heavy-duty Steel Frame
  • 6 feet tall enclosure
  • Safety pad
  • Ladder
  • Rain Cover


Weight Capacity375 lbs
Diameter15 ft
Height8.9 ft
Warranty90 days (mat); 1 year (frame and metal)


  • Sturdy materials
  • High weight capacity (375 lbs)
  • Outside netting for more room
  • High bounces for firm mat


  • Lack of company information
  • Instruction manual is poor
  • Requires use to “break it in” for better performance

Buying Guide

Bouncing into Fun: A Comprehensive Guide to Buying the Perfect Trampoline for Teenagers

Trampolines have long been a source of excitement and fun for people of all ages, but they hold a special appeal for teenagers. These dynamic outdoor devices offer an excellent way for teens to burn off energy, engage in physical activity, and create lasting memories with friends and family. They provide a unique combination of entertainment, exercise, and social interaction that makes them a popular choice for backyards and recreational centers alike.

As a parent or guardian, you want to ensure that the trampoline you purchase for your teenager is not only enjoyable but also safe and durable. With so many options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to determine which trampoline is the best fit for your family. That’s why it’s essential to carefully consider various factors, such as size, safety features, and materials, before making your decision. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the world of trampolines and select the perfect one for your teenager.

Understanding trampoline types and sizes

Round trampolines

Pros and cons


  • Generally more affordable than other shapes
  • Even distribution of bounce due to the circular design
  • Suitable for smaller yards


  • Limited bounce area, as users tend to be pulled towards the center
  • May not be ideal for advanced tricks or multiple users

Best suited activities

Round trampolines are great for casual bouncing, basic tricks, and younger or less experienced jumpers.

Rectangular trampolines

Pros and cons


  • Provides a larger and more consistent bounce area
  • Offers more control for advanced tricks and gymnastics
  • Suitable for multiple users


  • Typically more expensive than round trampolines
  • Requires more space for setup

Best suited activities

Rectangular trampolines are perfect for advanced jumpers, gymnasts, or anyone looking to perform complex tricks and flips.

Oval trampolines

Pros and cons


  • Combines the benefits of round and rectangular trampolines
  • Offers a larger jumping area without taking up too much space
  • Good bounce consistency across the surface


  • Can be more expensive than round trampolines
  • Not as widely available as other shapes

Best suited activities

Oval trampolines are well-suited for recreational use and moderate trick performance, making them a versatile choice for families.

In-ground trampolines

Pros and cons


  • Lower profile reduces the risk of falls from a significant height
  • Blends seamlessly into your backyard landscape
  • Provides a similar bounce experience to above-ground trampolines


  • Requires professional installation and proper drainage
  • Can be more expensive due to installation costs
  • Limited portability

Best suited activities

In-ground trampolines are ideal for families looking for a safer, aesthetically pleasing option without sacrificing bounce performance.

Choosing the right size

The ideal trampoline size depends on various factors, such as available space, number of users, and intended activities. For casual play and younger jumpers, a 12-14 foot round or oval trampoline may suffice. For those interested in advanced tricks or accommodating multiple users, a larger rectangular trampoline (typically 15×9 feet or larger) is recommended. Always ensure you have adequate space surrounding the trampoline for safe use and dismounts.

Safety features and considerations

Enclosure nets

Enclosure nets are a crucial safety feature designed to prevent users from accidentally falling off the trampoline. When selecting a trampoline, look for high-quality, UV-resistant nets with sturdy attachment systems to ensure durability and long-lasting protection.

Padding and edge covers

Padding and edge covers protect jumpers from coming into contact with springs and the trampoline frame. Choose a trampoline with thick, weather-resistant padding that fully covers the springs and frame, minimizing the risk of injury during play.

Frame and construction materials

The trampoline’s frame and construction materials directly impact its durability and safety. Opt for a trampoline with a rust-resistant, galvanized steel frame that offers sturdy support. In addition, consider the quality of the jumping mat, which should be made from UV-resistant, high-strength materials to withstand regular use and exposure to the elements.

Weight limits

Every trampoline has a specified weight limit, which is important to adhere to for safety and longevity. Ensure that the trampoline you choose can safely support the intended users, keeping in mind that teenagers may have friends joining them for play. It’s always better to opt for a trampoline with a higher weight capacity to accommodate multiple users or future growth.

Anchoring systems

Anchoring systems help secure the trampoline to the ground, preventing it from tipping over or being moved by strong winds. Look for trampolines that include anchoring systems, or purchase them separately for added security and peace of mind.

Springless trampolines

Springless trampolines use alternative designs, such as flexible rods or elastic bands, to eliminate the need for traditional metal springs. These trampolines can offer a safer jumping experience by reducing the risk of pinching or entrapment injuries. However, it’s important to note that springless trampolines may provide a different bounce feel and could be more expensive than traditional spring-based models.

Accessories and add-ons

Basketball hoops

Basketball hoops are a popular accessory that can add a fun, competitive element to trampoline play. Many trampoline basketball hoops are specifically designed for trampoline use, with padded or flexible components to minimize the risk of injury. When selecting a basketball hoop, look for one that is easy to install, compatible with your trampoline, and comes with a soft, lightweight ball.

Bounce boards and skate trainers

Bounce boards and skate trainers are accessories designed to help users practice their snowboarding, skateboarding, or wakeboarding skills on the trampoline. These devices typically have a foam or padded construction and adjustable foot straps to ensure a secure fit. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for use and consider the additional weight when factoring in the trampoline’s overall weight limit.

Weather covers

Weather covers protect your trampoline from the elements, helping to extend its lifespan and maintain its performance. Look for covers made from durable, weather-resistant materials that can be securely fastened to your trampoline. Be sure to choose a cover that is compatible with your trampoline’s size and shape.


Ladders provide easy access to the trampoline and can be especially useful for younger or shorter users. When selecting a ladder, look for one made from durable, rust-resistant materials with non-slip steps to ensure safety. It’s also important to choose a ladder that is compatible with your trampoline’s height and frame design.

Trampoline tents

Trampoline tents are a unique accessory that can transform your trampoline into a fun play space or sleepover spot. These tents often attach directly to the trampoline’s enclosure system, providing a secure, weather-resistant shelter. When choosing a trampoline tent, consider its compatibility with your trampoline, ease of installation, and ventilation features for optimal comfort.

Trampoline maintenance and care

Regular inspections

To ensure the safety and longevity of your trampoline, perform regular inspections of its components. Check for any signs of wear, such as frayed jumping mats, loose stitching, rusted springs, or damaged padding. Address any issues promptly to prevent further damage or potential injuries.

Cleaning and upkeep

Keep your trampoline clean by regularly removing debris like leaves, twigs, or dirt from the jumping surface. Use a soft brush or broom to gently sweep away any buildup. For more thorough cleaning, use mild soap and water to clean the jumping mat and enclosure net, then rinse with a hose and allow them to air dry. Avoid using harsh chemicals or pressure washers, as they can damage the trampoline’s materials.

Replacement parts and repairs

Over time, some trampoline components may need to be replaced due to wear or damage. Many manufacturers offer replacement parts, such as jumping mats, springs, padding, and enclosure nets. Be sure to use parts that are specifically designed for your trampoline model to ensure proper fit and performance. If you are not confident in making repairs yourself, consult a professional or contact the manufacturer for guidance.

Winterizing your trampoline

In colder climates or during periods of disuse, it’s important to winterize your trampoline to protect it from harsh weather conditions. Remove any accessories, such as basketball hoops or bounce boards, and store them indoors. Consider disassembling the trampoline and storing it in a dry, sheltered area, or use a weather-resistant cover to protect it from snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. If you choose to leave your trampoline assembled, regularly clear off snow and ice to prevent damage from the added weight.

Ensuring long-term durability

Proper maintenance and care are key to ensuring your trampoline remains safe and enjoyable for years to come. By regularly inspecting and cleaning your trampoline, addressing any necessary repairs or replacements, and protecting it from harsh weather conditions, you can help extend its lifespan and ensure it continues to provide bouncing fun for your teenager and their friends.

Price, warranty, and brand considerations

Budget considerations

Trampolines are available at various price points, depending on factors such as size, shape, materials, and safety features. Establish a budget based on your needs and priorities, keeping in mind that investing in a higher-quality trampoline may offer greater durability and safety. While it’s important to find a trampoline within your budget, avoid compromising on essential safety features or construction quality to save money.

Warranty types and coverage

A warranty can provide peace of mind and protect your investment should any issues arise with your trampoline. When comparing trampolines, consider the warranty coverage offered by the manufacturer. Warranties may vary in duration and coverage, with some covering only the frame, while others may also include components like the jumping mat and springs. Be sure to understand the terms and conditions of the warranty, including any exclusions or limitations, before making your purchase.

Top trampoline brands to consider

There are several reputable trampoline brands known for their quality, safety, and durability. Some popular brands to consider include:

  • Skywalker Trampolines
  • Springfree Trampolines
  • AlleyOOP Sports (by JumpSport)
  • Vuly Trampolines
  • ACON Trampolines

While these brands are well-regarded, it’s crucial to research and compare specific models to find the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

Reading reviews and seeking recommendations

To gain additional insight into the performance, safety, and durability of various trampolines, consult reviews from other users and seek recommendations from friends or family members who own trampolines. Online reviews can provide valuable information about the real-world experiences of other buyers, helping you make a more informed decision. Additionally, asking for personal recommendations from people you trust can help you discover reliable trampoline options that may not be as widely advertised or well-known.

Installation and assembly

DIY vs. professional assembly

When it comes to trampoline assembly, you can choose between assembling it yourself (DIY) or hiring a professional. While DIY assembly can save money, it may be time-consuming and challenging for those without experience. Before attempting DIY assembly, ensure you have the necessary tools, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, and enlist the help of another person for tasks that require additional support.

Alternatively, you can opt for professional assembly services to ensure proper installation and save time. Many trampoline manufacturers offer assembly services, or you can hire a local professional who specializes in trampoline assembly. This option may be more expensive, but it can provide peace of mind and ensure your trampoline is installed correctly.

Preparing the ground

Before assembling your trampoline, it’s essential to prepare the ground where it will be placed. Choose a level, well-draining area with ample space surrounding the trampoline for safe use and dismounts. If the ground is uneven, you may need to remove grass or soil and level the area using sand, gravel, or a combination of materials. Avoid placing the trampoline on concrete or other hard surfaces, as this can increase the risk of injury in the event of a fall.

Common assembly challenges

Assembling a trampoline can present some challenges, particularly for those without prior experience. Common assembly challenges include:

  • Installing springs: Correctly attaching the springs can be difficult and may require the use of a special spring-pulling tool or pliers. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for spring installation to avoid injury or damage to the trampoline.
  • Aligning frame components: Ensuring the frame components are correctly aligned and connected is crucial for a stable and secure trampoline. Pay close attention to the instructions and double-check your work as you progress through the assembly process.
  • Attaching the enclosure net: Installing the enclosure net can be time-consuming and may require additional support or tools. Make sure the net is securely attached to the frame and jumping mat to ensure optimal safety.

Tips for successful installation

To ensure a successful trampoline installation, consider the following tips:

  1. Read the instructions carefully and familiarize yourself with all the components before beginning assembly.
  2. Gather all necessary tools, such as a rubber mallet, pliers, and wrenches, in advance.
  3. Assemble the trampoline with the help of another person to make the process easier and more efficient.
  4. Take your time and double-check each step to ensure proper assembly and alignment.
  5. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for anchoring the trampoline and installing any additional safety features, such as padding and enclosure nets.

Final Words

Selecting the perfect trampoline for your teenager requires careful consideration of factors such as size, shape, safety features, and budget. By doing thorough research, comparing various models, and prioritizing safety and durability, you can find a trampoline that will provide endless fun and excitement for years to come. Don’t forget to maintain and care for your trampoline properly, and always supervise teenagers while they use it to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are trampolines safe for teenagers?

Trampolines can be safe for teenagers when the appropriate safety features are in place, and users follow safety guidelines. Look for trampolines with enclosure nets, padding, and sturdy construction to minimize the risk of injury. Encourage teenagers to follow safety rules, such as jumping one at a time and avoiding risky stunts.

How much weight can a trampoline hold?

The weight capacity of a trampoline depends on its size, construction, and design. Most trampolines for home use have weight limits ranging from 200 to 400 pounds, with some models accommodating even more. Always check the manufacturer’s specifications for the specific weight limit of your trampoline and ensure users adhere to it for safety and longevity.

What size trampoline should I buy for a teenager?

The ideal trampoline size for a teenager depends on factors such as available space, budget, and intended use. Generally, larger trampolines (12 to 15 feet in diameter for round models or equivalent surface area for other shapes) provide more jumping space and can accommodate multiple users, making them suitable for teenagers and their friends.

Are springless trampolines better than traditional ones?

Springless trampolines eliminate the need for metal springs, using alternative designs such as flexible rods or elastic bands. While they can offer a safer jumping experience by reducing the risk of pinching or entrapment injuries, they may provide a different bounce feel and could be more expensive than traditional spring-based models. Ultimately, the choice between springless and traditional trampolines depends on personal preference, budget, and safety priorities.

How long do trampolines typically last?

The lifespan of a trampoline depends on factors such as its construction, materials, and maintenance. With proper care and maintenance, a high-quality trampoline can last for several years or even a decade. To ensure your trampoline lasts as long as possible, regularly inspect and clean it, address any necessary repairs, and protect it from harsh weather conditions.