Twine jumping young woman on the trampoline

Full-Size Trampoline Exercises to Get Fit

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Outdoor trampolines are not only meant for kids but can also be used by adults for recreational purposes like exercising to burn calories, strengthen core muscles, improve stability, balance, coordination, and flexibility. Using a trampoline is a popular form of exercise as they do a good job of toning and improving stamina while providing a fun alternative to most boring exercises. Most often think of the smaller exercise trampolines when discussing fitness (see mini-trampoline exercises for beginners), but full-size trampolines can also provide a solid workout. Read below to find out some of the more popular exercises you can do on a large trampoline.

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side view of man jumping up in the air against the backdrop of green treesSquat Jumps

Squat jumps are well known for working on glutes, hamstrings, quads, the lower back, and calves. Therefore, due to the instability of the trampoline, doing squat jumps would be different compared to the bare ground and will require a lot of perseverance and stamina. Thus, squat jumping on a trampoline will help burn calories faster, tone the butt, legs, and abs, help to maintain mobility and balance, improve bone density, and help with the waste removal in your body.

Squat Jump Steps

  1. Stand steadily with your feet under the hips and arms alongside your body.
  2. Jump up and ensure the feet are positioned outside your hips.
  3. Land in the squat position.
  4. Bend the knees for your thighs to be parallel to the trampoline floor.
  5. Extend the arms straight out in front of you.
  6. Stand up straight to return to the starting position.

Leaning Push-Ups

Did you know that the frame of an outdoor trampoline is useful because it is strong and sturdy? This makes it a good warm-up point before you begin to do the main exercises. For instance, you can do leaning push-ups by using the frame of the trampoline to produce toned and defined arms as the exercise targets many upper-body muscles. These muscles include the chest, shoulders, deltoids, and arms. Furthermore, leaning push-ups also stabilize the hips, back, and legs to prevent sagging or aching of the spinal cord. Doing leaning push-ups on the trampoline commonly preferred due to the reduced pressure of being in a semi-horizontal position.

Leaning Push-Ups Steps

  1. Place both of your hands wide apart over the shoulder on the trampoline frame.
  2. Grip on the side for stability.
  3. Position your feet behind you but keep the legs together.
  4. Support your feet using the toes with your legs completely straight.
  5. Bend your arms to lower your upper body towards the trampoline frame and extend to your push-up starting position but ensure your torso is strong and tight.

Red boxing gloves with stars and lighting


Boxing demands a lot of physical strength thus using the trampoline will incorporate fitness and a hardcore workout which will get your heart pumping faster while mixing jumping and boxing. Combining boxing and jumping will not only be more fun but it will create a pulse-raising exercise. Boxing burns a lot of calories, activates all the major muscles in your body, strengthens and tones muscles, and helps to develop your coordination and balance. In boxing, balance is one of the more important concepts, so working out on a trampoline provides two-fold benefits. Besides, combining boxing and jumping brings an intensity that will engage your legs and arms for an extended period thereby improving your core, boosts your strength, and push your balance.

Pilates and Yoga

A trampoline mat is smooth and gentle enough for you to do Pilates and Yoga workouts. Pilates is an aerobic and non-aerobic form of exercise that requires concentration and focus since your body moves through a precise range. Pilates exercise helps to lengthen and stretches all the major muscle groups in the body, improves your flexibility, body awareness, balance, and strength. Additionally, Pilates exercises bring your mind and body together to improve your muscular and posture strength. Finally, it increases lung capacity and circulation through deep breathing and meditation. There are many types of Pilates and Yoga exercises that you can do on a trampoline mat which is low impact but effective on body fats. Below are some common Pilates/Yoga exercises you can do on a large trampoline.

• Hundreds

• Leg circles.

• Ball roll

• Donkey kicks

• Cat pose

• Half-moon pose

• Downward dog pose

• Child pose

• Ragdoll pose

• Resting pose.

Pike Jump

If you want to tone and condition the core stomach muscles, pike jumps on a trampoline are an excellent option. You will want to jump with your legs straight while touching your toes out in front of you. The best way to do a pike jump on a trampoline is to repetitively jump side-to-side, front to back with your feet together landing and taking off at the same time for your stomach muscles to strengthen and tone effectively.


If you find it difficult to make it to the gym every day, a trampoline may be a good way to get a solid workout or just to engage in some self-entertainment (see Games to Play on a Trampoline by Yourself). The variety of exercises that you can do on a large trampoline is limited only by your imagination. These exercises are often much less stressful on the bones and joints than traditional exercises, making outdoor trampolines for adults an excellent alternative to traditional exercise equipment. Furthermore, a trampoline workout can improve multiple areas of the body at the same time that would normally need expensive equipment to perform. If you have an outdoor trampoline and think it’s only for the kids, think again! These devices can help to stay fit and healthy while providing a fun method of getting your workouts done every day.