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How Exercise Trampolines Help Lymph Nodes

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Understanding the lymphatic system’s role in your overall health and how the components of it (lymph fluid, lymph nodes, and lymph vessels) work, are essential in correlating the effectiveness of the role of an exercise trampoline (rebounder) plays in keeping your lymphatic system working properly. The lymphatic system acts as a disposal for different toxins such as, harmful and dead cells, wastes and viruses, and fluid build-up that your body naturally creates.

Unlike the circulatory system, which relies on the heart to act as a pump to circulate blood throughout our body, the lymphatic system is a closed system, with no pump to circulate or pump lymph fluid. The two main ways flow of the lymph fluid is stimulated in the lymphatic system are by movement/exercise and through gravitational pressure. An exercise trampoline, such as the FIT Bounce PRO engages both of these methods, making it an effective and efficient means of maintaining a healthy lymphatic system (see rebounders and the lymphatic system), while simultaneously providing a fun and challenging workout.

Full length portrait of beautiful young Caucasian woman standing with mini trampoline against white wallStimulation Through Exercise and Movement

Through exercise and movement, lymph fluid begins flowing through the lymph vessels. As the lymph travels, it is collected and filtered by lymph nodes. When the lymphatic system is not activated and toxic fluids are not moved through the lymph nodes, they are unable to be filtered. This causes harmful wastes, such as cancerous cells, to attach to the lymph nodes. It is important to keep the lymphatic system’s fluid from becoming stagnant so that it can remove harmful toxins and cells from your system. If you’re interested, take a look at our comparison of the best rebounders for lymphatic drainage.

As lymph is processed through the lymph nodes, toxins are processed and removed from your system, along with excess fluid and excess fat from the intestines. With just two minutes of rebounding on an exercise trampoline, you can cleanse and strengthen your entire lymphatic system. As lymph nodes process out the harmful waste and toxins, white blood cells increase dramatically for approximately one hour. This is important because white blood cells are essential in helping the immune system fight off infection and disease.

Beautiful slim female brunette rebounding during interval training at fitness studioStimulation Through Gravitational Pressure

As you bounce and blood begins pumping, the gravitational pressure rebounding causes begins to activate the lymphatic system’s flow. By pulling against Earth’s gravitational pull, the bouncing exercise allows lymph fluid to easily flow through lymph vessels to the one-way lymphatic valves. This, in turn, begins the cellular cleansing process that is so critical for the lymphatic system’s functionality.


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Exercising on an exercise trampoline, allows toxins to move through the lymphatic system efficiently. The movement, or gravitational pressure, created from bouncing allows the lymph valves to open and close, therefore transporting the waste build-up efficiently through the lymphatic system. Without that movement, toxins, and other harmful and dead cells, begin to build up and become stagnant. Stagnant lymph creates an environment for illness and disease. This is why stimulating the flow of the lymphatic system is so important to your overall health. Without a healthy lymphatic system, the body cannot fight off disease and does not function as it was intended to do.

The lymphatic system begins to generate a flow of the lymphatic fluid as you bounce on a rebounder and cause it to increase flow by up to 15 times its standard flow. This is why rebounders are so effective in terms of stimulating the flow of the lymphatic system. By keeping the lymphatic system’s flow activated, an environment is created where lymph nodes are less likely to have a blockage, and fluid will not be trapped in the lymphatic vessels. Carrying out excess fluid is essential in preventing fluid build-up, known as lymphedema. Lymphedema causes swelling to occur, primarily in the legs, feet, and arms, which make exercising and everyday activities a challenge. By rebounding just a few minutes each day, you can help reduce the risk of suffering from lymphedema at all.

Final Words

If you’re looking for an exercise that is gentle on the joints and effective in stimulating your lymphatic system, rebounding on an exercise trampoline is an excellent choice that will give your lymphatic system results almost instantly. Your lymphatic system will remain operating at optimal levels the more you exercise on an exercise trampoline. Since results are quickly attained and the exercise itself is fun to do, you are likely to exercise more frequently, which directly benefits the lymphatic system’s overall functionality.