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How Much Does a Rectangle Trampoline Cost?

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As a parent with kids who love participating in outdoor activities, you might consider purchasing a trampoline. With a trampoline, you will be able to keep your kids entertained for a long time with only minimal supervision, depending on their age. However, you should note that buying a trampoline is a bit challenging, but it stands to be a rewarding investment.

There are several aspects you will need to factor in before purchasing a trampoline, and the price is often the first one. The amount of money you are willing to use in buying a trampoline will determine the quality, shape, and size of your trampoline (see our Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme review for an example of a high-quality model). In this article, we shall be answering the question; how much does a rectangular trampoline cost?

How much written on street sign.How Much is a Rectangular Trampoline?

A rectangular trampoline is a bit more expensive compared to the typical round trampolines. Most rectangular trampoline tends to cost between $600 and $1200, for those primarily used for recreation. The higher-end models are the most expensive and commonly cost more than $1,500. Round trampolines are, on average, cheaper than the rectangle models. They regularly range from $400 (budget) all the way up to $2000 (high-end). Despite being relatively expensive, rectangle trampolines are essential when it comes to practicing numerous sports activities. If you’re interested, read this article about the best long (rectangle) trampolines for gymnastics.

Safety Factors

There is no doubt the world of safety in trampolines has grown significantly in the last few decades. Nowadays, most trampolines feature safety equipment such as enclosures, ladders, spring pads, reinforced frames, and a host of other precautions.

If you have found a deal too good to pass up, but you would like to install an enclosure for safety, the price for the safety enclosure can differ significantly. Safety enclosures commonly range from $50 to $110; however, most tend to cost between $60 and $70. When looking to purchase a pad that will cover the outside spring, the prices tend to range from $20 to $75; you might as well find a high-quality pad for approximately $45.

It would be best if you always kept in mind that these prices will differ depending on the size and quality of the trampoline you purchase (see our review of the AOTOB trampoline and enclosure). When looking for a safety feature that is more budget-friendly, there are several options. Since purchasing a trampoline is a big investment for most individuals, always take your time before making a final purchase. Do the proper research and look for a model that will best meet your needs.

Why are Rectangular Trampolines More Expensive?

quality level meterUnlike circular trampolines, rectangular trampolines are relatively more expensive due to their unique shape and need for extra support. Additionally, the higher cost of materials and superior construction, tend to increase cost in exchange for better durability, performance, and general enjoyment. Usually, round trampolines are made with lower quality materials and aren’t built for top-notch performance (see How to Make a Trampoline Bouncier). While some premium models of round trampolines can compete, to an extent, expect to pay a similar price as a rectangle model.

When it comes to usage, aspiring and professional athletes appreciate the design of rectangle trampolines. They have a much higher performance potential than round models and can allow athletes to perform actions suitable for training. Additionally, rectangle trampolines are great for growing families as they are made of higher quality materials, will last a long time, and generally include more safety features. Circular trampolines are ideal for recreational backyard use but lack the proper characteristics for training purposes. As round trampolines are generally cheaper, these models are more popular for families and recreation.


Choosing a trampoline that will best suit your needs will profoundly affect the type of trampoline you will purchase. Rectangle trampolines are ideal for training in different sports due to their performance and stability. Additionally, they have better performance, higher durability, and improved safety when compared to the cheaper round trampolines. Although many use rectangle models for training purposes, they are becoming more common to see in backyards.