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How Much Does a Trampoline Safety Net Cost?

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Trampoline safety nets offer that little sense of ease from knowing that the kids are safe as they jump around. There’s no way to completely ensure an environment where no one will get a boo-boo or scraped knee, but the risk of a serious injury is dramatically reduced with the use of trampoline nets. Trampoline nets provide an enclosure where the child will be protected from falling off of the trampoline due to an errant bounce or mishap. Without a net that’s properly fitted, (see How to Put a Net on a Trampoline), the child will hit the ground by accident. This can result in serious injury that may send junior to the hospital. Luckily, trampoline nets aren’t very expensive and are fairly easy to set up.

girl jumping on trampoline in parkWhat Should You Expect to Pay?

The cost of a trampoline safety net can vary wildly depending on numerous factors such as size, shape, and brand. The trampoline safety enclosure will be more expensive as the size increases.

Furthermore, the cost of the netting is impacted by the brand of the trampoline. More expensive brands of trampoline commonly have more expensive safety netting. This is often due to the higher quality components being used.

The shape of the trampoline can also impact the cost of the safety netting. Rectangle trampoline enclosures are commonly more expensive than round models.

Overall, you can expect to pay from $30 – $200 for round trampoline safety enclosures (see our trampoline buyer guide for more). If you only need the net replacement and aren’t purchasing the poles and foam padding, the cost will be on the lower end.

Smaller round trampolines (8FT) can be very affordable, but expect to pay $70 – $120 on average for a 12FT – 15FT safety net. For rectangle trampolines, expect the average cost to be slightly more expensive, in the $90 – $150 range. Of course, there are bargains to be found where they can be had for cheaper. Also, keep in mind that many safety enclosures are built with a specific brand in mind, so it is usually best to purchase a trampoline enclosure from the same manufacturer as the trampoline, although there are universal nets available that can work on any trampoline.

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The Best Time To Buy

The best time to purchase a trampoline net is immediately after purchasing a trampoline if you plan to put it to good use right after setting it up. If you’re looking to save money on a trampoline net, you’re going to have to go after sales. A good sale price will be afforded to shoppers who purchase during black Friday. Avoiding that get ready for the holiday’s mess while also saving plenty of money on your trampoline can be done by choosing to purchase your net after Christmas when the prices on every toy have dropped immediately sense it didn’t make it under the Christmas tree.

Above view portrait of happy teenage girl jumping on trampoline outdoors, holding her hands upWhen is it Time to Replace the Netting?

Trampoline enclosures are one of the soft parts of trampolines that exhibit wear over time. This could be due to bad weather, children mistreating it, or an animal that came by and decided to make the trampoline its home. In order to properly care for the trampoline, the net must be replaced every so often. The slightest blemish on the trampoline net shouldn’t bring the owner to immediately replace the entire thing; however, it’s important to replace a trampoline net that’s beginning to develop holes. Holes can quickly widen and become dangerous if left alone for too long. While they can be patched, it is rarely as strong or as secure as before.

Final Words

There’s more to purchasing a trampoline than just worrying about the cost of purchasing the mat. Plus, there’s research involved in understanding what type of net you’ll need to keep your children safe. Kids need exercise and a trampoline affords them the perfect opportunity to get their hearts pounding. A safety net allows for them to get the exercise and play that they need and keep themselves away from the house. There are many different varieties to choose from so it’s certain you’ll find one that suits the needs of you and your children. Remember, taller children need a taller net! Reaching out to the company for advice is always an excellent idea.