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How To Install A Mat for a New Trampoline

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A trampoline can be a good investment whether you want something to keep the kids busy or to encourage more outdoor exercise. However, a lot of consumers are intimidated by having to put together a trampoline.  Depending on the shape and size of the trampoline, installing a safety net, frame, and other accessories can be daunting. This is especially true when it comes to stretching out the mat. Below, you will learn how to properly install a trampoline mat so it doesn’t deter you from getting one. This can come in especially useful in the case of events such as disassembling the trampoline for whatever reason (i.e. giving the trampoline a new coat of paint).

A Round Trampoline on the Back Yard GrassStart to Finish Trampoline Mat Installation

If you come prepared, installing a jumping mat on a new trampoline isn’t difficult. Assembling the trampoline, having the proper tools, and firmly securing the trampoline frame are prerequisites before attempting to add the mat to the frame. Once you have the frame in place, you and your helpers can evenly attach the springs to the mat and frame, using a spring puller tool to make the process easier. Follow the steps below and you’ll be up and jumping in no time.

Location of the Trampoline

First things first, you need to come up with the optimal location for the entire trampoline. You don’t want to put together the trampoline somewhere else only to have to move it to where you are going to be positioning it. Instead, you want to assemble the trampoline wherever you’ve decided to place it.

Gather Equipment

One of the best ways to make installing the trampoline and the mat easier is by having all of the equipment and tools ready. You want to get all of the requisite tools and equipment you’ll need for installation. Some of the most useful tools and equipment you’ll need for installation would be gloves, a power drill, a mallet, a screwdriver, and a spring puller for stretching out the mat. Gloves are important because you won’t want to go through the process of installing springs without them. Otherwise, you could find yourself getting your skin stuck which wouldn’t be good.

Father and son when installing large trampolines.Frame Assembly

You need to get the entire frame set up and ready to install the mat. Installing the frame isn’t too difficult as long as you give yourself enough space. This will vary based on the shape of your trampoline. However, for a circular trampoline, you’ll want to lay out the pieces unattached. This will give you a good idea of how much space the trampoline is going to take up. From there, you can begin to assemble the pieces once you’ve identified whether or not the installation place is sufficient. Once you have the frame put together, you can install the legs and use the power drill to secure everything in place.

Installing The Mat

You don’t want to install the mat until you’ve tightened the entire frame. The tension of the mat will be too much if you don’t have everything tightened and secured. To secure the mat in place, you’ll want to have additional people there to help. It’s much easier to get done with a partner or multiple people. Because the tension is going to require pulling strength, you want to try to do it with someone that has similar strength as yourself.

Everyone helping should try to grab an equal portion of the mat. From there, you’ll want to stretch it out on opposite ends. This will differ based on the shape of the trampoline. Throughout the installation process, you need to do your best to keep equal tension on each side. This will ensure that the mat is installed evenly and that you don’t place too much stress on any one hook. You will be using the spring puller for this. Once you get the springs in place, you’ll want to use the mallet to secure them. You’ll find that attaching every spring will get increasingly more difficult the more springs you attach. It will continue to get tighter and tighter.

Other Accessories

Another important thing you need to be doing is putting everything else on the trampoline. Don’t start using the trampoline without installing the safety accessories including the protective cover for the springs, safety enclosure, or ladder. One of the most important accessories to improve trampoline safety is the safety enclosure. This wonderful attachment may be a pain to install, but they are easily worth the cost (see How Much Trampoline Safety Nets Cost) by keeping everyone as safe as possible while jumping.

Final Words

Overall, there are plenty of different ways to make the installation process go smoothly. By using the various tips above, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty installing the trampoline and the mat. You will have a much easier time getting the tools and equipment you need beforehand. Install it in the right order and you won’t find the mat too difficult to install. Keep in mind, that you’ll want to have some help when you are installing the mat due to the tension. Having someone that can help you install the mat will make it a much more manageable process. If you need additional help, you can always watch some installation videos on YouTube.