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How to Make a Trampoline Bouncier

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Trampolines are multi-functional equipment useful for workouts and recreation that have a long history of providing healthy fun. They are quite fun and familiar to both kids and adults. Trampolines are also recommended for people with joint problems since they help to relieve pain by relaxing the joints.

However, constant use of trampolines, especially by adults, can lead to loss of elasticity and performance as time passes. Other factors that cause trampolines to lose their bounce include:

• Daily or consistent use can cause a trampoline to lose height on bounces
• Exceeding the stated weight capacity can cause springs to lose elasticity
• Springs exhibiting signs of wear such as broken or rusted springs
• Worn areas in the jumping mat

Improve Your Trampoline’s Performance

Trampoline springsRegular Maintenance

Keeping your trampoline in optimal working condition is essential for performance and safety. As time goes on, pieces of the trampoline could deteriorate, and it is vital to be aware of when that occurs. Doing routine checks (i.e., once a month) will help you catch any problems before they get out of hand. Things to watch out for are worn areas in the jumping mat, rust or corrosion on the springs or metal, and verifying all parts are still snugly interconnected. Keeping your trampoline in good condition is one of the primary preventative measures you can take to prolong the lifespan of your trampoline and ensure that the trampoline is following safety procedures. It just makes sense as the cost of trampolines can be high in some instances.

Add More Springs

The springs play a massive role in stretching the trampoline for a better and more effective bounce. Although the trampoline comes with installed springs, you can change to performance springs (see our review of the Beast K9 rectangle trampoline to see how performance springs help) if you feel the existing ones do not provide the right bounce. Quality springs are more expensive than most but are easily worth the investment. Make sure to hire a professional technician to install the new sets of springs to ensure it is well done.

This method is not applicable to all trampolines. The design of most trampolines makes it challenging to add new springs to the existing framework. If your model allows for quickly adding new springs, you can achieve better performance out of your trampoline without much effort.

Replace Existing Springs

If you have had the trampoline for a long time, then you should consider changing the springs. Constant use of the trampoline over long periods can cause the spring to stretch and lose elasticity. As the springs lose their springiness, expect performance to suffer. Furthermore, expect the situation to deteriorate further as time passes.

Another factor that can impact performance is extended exposure to external weather that may lead to rust and corrosion. Rust on the springs can hinder them from fully extending, thus affecting the bounciness of the trampoline. So, if you notice the springs on the trampoline have rusted, consider getting replacements as soon as possible.

Crossing Springs

Another reliable method that can increase bounce on the trampoline is through crossing the springs. This method involves arranging two pairs of springs to form a pattern, which in return increases their strength and elasticity.

There are two patterns that you can build when you cross the trampoline springs; the V and W patterns. The V pattern includes organizing two pairs of springs by attaching them to the individual slots on the frame. In contrast, the other end of the springs should connect to the rungs to create a V shape. The W pattern, on the other hand, involves attaching the springs to the rung of the jumping mat. Then add two more springs by connecting them to the frame by forming a W shape.

Closeup of trampoline springsPerformance Springs

Although there are multiple trampoline spring brands available, choosing a robust and high-performing spring may be just what you need. However, keep in mind that performance springs are more expensive but often last much longer than standard springs. For higher quality trampolines (see Best Rectangle Trampolines for Gymnastics), expect performance springs to be the norm.

High-performance springs construction is highly elastic and durable due to being made out of heavy-duty materials that can withstand outdoor climates. The stronger the springs are, the more kinetic energy they have, leading to a more bouncy effect when jumping.


You cannot prevent the trampoline from losing the bouncy effect, but you can quickly correct it if it occurs. Above are some of the methods that you can use to increase the bounciness of your trampoline if it begins to deteriorate. Make sure to invest in quality springs to save on future expenditures. It is also recommendable that you invest in a professional technician to repair the trampoline to ensure it is well done. To get the highest bounce on a round trampoline, ensure you are jumping in the middle of the trampoline. Additionally, this enhances safety and reduces the chance of an accident occurring when jumping too close to the edges.

A final tip to prolong the life of your trampoline is to observe the weight limit if the trampoline is to be used by all people, including adults. Exceeding the stated weight limit is the fastest way to stretch out your springs and lose elasticity. Staying within the maximum jumping capacity will ensure you enjoy your trampoline for years to come.