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Is Rebounding Good for Weight Loss?

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You have probably heard about rebounding for exercise. However, chances are that you may not even know what it is or the potential benefits that it confers. For a start, rebounding simply refers to low-impact cardiovascular exercises. It is largely carried out by jumping up and down on a mini-trampoline (you can also do exercises on a full-size trampoline) at low heights and rapid frequencies. Several advantages are present from this form of exercising when compared to other fitness methods.

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Illustration depicting a roadsign with a weight loss concept. Sky background.Why is Rebounding Good for Weight Loss?

Improves Metabolism

This form of exercise greatly improves your metabolism. With improved metabolism comes the hastened breakdown of the foods we eat. This in turn prevents the buildup and the accumulation of the fat that subsequently leads to weight gain. Also, it ensures that as little food is wasted as can be.

Burns Fat and Excess Calories

When you exercise consistently for a longer duration of time, the body begins to break down the fat that is deposited in it. That stems from the need to supply a higher level of energy that the body needs at such a time. When the fat is broken down faster than it can be produced, weight loss occurs. How fast your body loses fat is dependent on the rate at which you build fat and burn it off.

Tones the Muscles

Rebounding does tone the muscles. This simply means making the same to accumulate a higher meat content and to be stronger also. A toned muscle does not need fat in its makeup at all. That means it negates the need for the weight of the body to expand excessively as is the norm, normally.

Flushes out Toxins

If you stay idle and sedentary for too long, your body tends to accumulate toxins. This is not good as it may impede the breakdown and the subsequent deposition of fat in the body. By exercising slightly and gently all along, you get to flush out the toxins that enable the smooth burning of fat.

Clogged artery and atherosclerosis disease medical concept with a three dimensional human artery with blood cells that is blocked by plaque buildup of cholesterol as a symbol of arteriosclerotic vascular diseases.Streamlines the Circulation of Blood

Closely related to the above is the fact rebounding also streamlines the circulation of blood in the body. With a proper circulation of blood comes an easier supply of oxygen to the areas where fat is deposited in the body. That of course accelerates the pace at which the stored fat may be broken.

Easily Tackled at Home

This form of exercising is easily tackled at the convenience of the home environment. You do not need to enroll in the hefty gym subscriptions and memberships. Read our article about the best time to buy a trampoline to save money. It is also at home that most of us spend much of our time. The convenience of not needing to go to all the trouble of visiting a gym makes it much easier to consistently exercise. Furthermore, folding rebounders (see our JumpSport 230F folding rebounder review) make storage easy and convenient, so you don’t have to dedicate a specific area of your home to your trampoline.

Helps to Combat Cellulite

Cellulite is a protrusion or herniation of fat in the belly, lower limbs, or thighs. It affects mainly those who are advanced in age and tends to intensify the menace of weight gain. By rebounding every now and then, you can combat this menace and subsequently remain toned and slim.

Appropriate for all Ages

Unlike most other forms of exercise, rebounding is simple and straightforward enough for persons of all ages. Regardless of the strength of your muscles and the degree of advancement of your body, you will find this routine appropriately fitted for you. Additionally, rebounding is a low-impact exercise that is easy on the joints, so seniors naturally gravitate towards rebounding as a primary form of exercise.


Rebounding is an excellent way to lose weight and stay in shape. Rebounders offer many benefits over traditional forms of exercise such as jogging (see this article about rebounding vs. jogging) or lifting weights. One of the more attractive benefits of using exercise trampolines is that they are cheap when compared to gym memberships. Furthermore, the convenience of having a solid workout at your disposal whenever you want is hard to overestimate. In addition to working up a sweat, fitness trampolines offer low-impact exercises that won’t stress your bones and joints and potentially cause injury. If you are thinking about starting to work out with mini trampolines, don’t waste any more time. The exercises are mostly simple and easily performed while providing an excellent source of fitness.