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Is Rebounding Good for Your Heart Health

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Just Keep Moving

Those three words should help convince you that even a little rebounding will help your heart health. This does not mean you give up reading or other activities that require you to sit down. All it means is that you should budget some time to use your rebounder and stay healthy and fit. Keeping your heart healthy is vital, especially when you can’t resist those delicious junk food options. To learn more about how rebounding is good for your heart health, just keep reading our article. it has the information you want to know about.


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Relaxed woman sitting on mini trampolineRebounding Heart Health Benefits

One of the better aspects of rebounding when compared to jogging, or other outdoor physical sports or games, is that you can use your rebounder whether it is sunny or raining outside. Here are some of the benefits you get from using your rebounder no matter how warm or cold the weather is outside of your home.

Lowers cholesterol levels – when you have high cholesterol levels you need to exercise to lower them. This is one safe way to lower your cholesterol count and get your heart up to healthier levels. Just use your rebounder regularly

Helps with blood circulation – rebounding can help your body get rid of any blockage in your veins allowing your blood to flow better. This is called collateral circulation and can help your heart work less by providing a shorter distance for it to pump your blood.

Lower your resting heart rate – exercises like rebounding helps strengthen your heart and provide needed nourishment through better blood circulation. It also helps to let your resting heart rate go lower and give you faster recovery time after exercising harder.

Helps strengthen your heart muscle – all exercise will do this but few can be done in the privacy of your home. Using a rebounder means you do not have to skip a day because of inclement weather.

Lowers the risk of heart disease – it helps to lower your blood pressure as well as clear out any toxins that may affect the health of your heart. Regular use should help you avoid strokes and heart attacks.

Helps keep your weight in check – regular rebounder workouts can help keep the weight off. The less weight on your body the less your heart has to work. This keeps your heart healthier by cutting down its workload.

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Attractive slim Caucasian female rebounding against wall during interval training at fitness studioSome Safety Tips to Remember

In keeping your heart healthy, you need to keep the rest of your body free from injury. Practice these safety tips in order to keep your body in top shape so you can work out on a regular basis.

Check the condition of the rebounder – the last thing you want to have happened is for one of the springs to come loose, the surface to tear, or a leg break. Dou7ble check to make sure your rebounder is in top shape before using it.

Give yourself space to move – that means finding a good spot away from stairs, walls, and furniture. The more space you have to exercise the better time you will have. Also, ensure that you have the right kind of rebounder, depending on your circumstances, such as living in an apartment (see Best Rebounder for Upstairs Apartment for more).

Be flexible – by that we mean that change your exercise routine so you exercise different muscle groups. Not only does this help your heart it keeps you from being bored.

Get a handlebar – this is good if your balance is no longer perfect. Also, a handlebar helps you do different heart-strengthening exercises. Being safe is one good way to keep your heart in top condition (see Best Exercise Trampoline with Handlebar for more).

Store your trampoline properly – while not something that will directly help your heart, it will cut down on any worries that your small children will climb aboard and hurt themselves. The lack of worry means less stress, and less stress is always good for your heart.

Be aware of the signs – you should stop jumping if you realize you are short of breath, feel any pain, or experiencing other signs that tell you that there is something wrong with your body.

Reasons Why You Should Use a Rebounder

The first reason you already know. It will help your heart stay healthy just like any other form of exercise. Keeping your heart healthy means you will have a better time with your children and grandchildren. Another reason is that you cut down on stress. That is important as stress leads to other heart ailments if you do nothing about it. Then a rebounder helps you get rid of toxins including cancerous cells, dead cells, nitrogenous wastes, infectious viruses, and more.

A good 20-minute rebounder workout provides you with the same amount of exercise as a traditional cardiovascular workout provides. It is also easier on the joints making sure they do not wear out sooner than they should. Additionally, for those who are worried about cellulite, a good rebounding exercise helps remove the cellulite and have your body looking better. Finally, you can improve your balance making walking and other physical activities less risky.


Yes, using a rebounder will help your heart be and stay healthy. All you have to do is follow a good exercise program that helps you target all your muscle groups. The benefits you get may make your life more enjoyable.