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Making Trampoline Safety A Priority

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Outdoor trampolines are wonderful. They are not only fun, but they also provide a great way for the entire family and friends to spend some quality time together and also engage in exercise that builds core strength and improves cardiovascular health. In short, owning a trampoline is great news for those who want to escape the confines of those brick walls. However, owning a modern trampoline also comes with several responsibilities as far as safety is concerned.

Empty checklistHow to Improve Trampoline Safety

So how do you make trampolines safer? The simple answer is by applying your mind and maintaining proper trampoline safety rules for your family. A trampoline is something that makes those who enjoy its wonderful bounce. That may seem self-evident, however, bouncing involves risks, even a coin bounced off a smooth surface can do harm. A child or adult bounced off a spring-loaded mat is infinitely more in danger of being harmed.

Location, Location, Location

The first step in making sure that your trampoline experience is as safe as possible is to pay attention to where that outdoor trampoline is situated. Be aware of the surroundings. The way that the trampoline is set up is also important. No matter the surroundings it is always important to understand that the trampoline must be firmly planted on the ground. Make sure that you are not using an outdoor trampoline on a slope or on any surface that can shift. Additionally, do not set up the trampoline near fences, trees, water, or paved surfaces. This is especially true if you have a trampoline for a small yard as there are often limited choices in placement. Always make sure that children have a responsible person that will be with them at all times.

High Winds are Dangerous

Also, inclement weather can make using the trampoline much more dangerous. This is especially true in cases where high winds may impact outdoor activities. The large surface area of trampolines can make them a risk for not only those using them but also those who are simply enjoying the fun from an observer’s perspective. When purchasing a trampoline always make sure that you buy a version that has wind stakes, or purchases them separately. These will help keep the trampoline anchored when the wind starts to blow. But be aware that it is never a great idea to be using your outdoor trampoline in inclement weather.

Surprised young cheerful guy jumps high on trampoline and touches basketball rack with his feetUse the Accessories

Trampolines are often packaged with numerous accessories to improve trampoline safety. Safety enclosures, spring pads, and ladders are commonly included with many trampolines and they are very important for user’s safety. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing these accessories so you can be certain that they are working as intended. Possibly the most important safety feature is the safety netting that prevents jumpers from leaving the jumping area by accident. A fall or jump from a trampoline to the ground can cause injury. A properly installed safety net is the best protection against falling off of the trampoline.

Rules are NOT Meant to be Broken

Another important step to take when using a trampoline is to ensure that jumpers are following the manufacturer’s suggested guidelines. Manufacturers suggest trampolines only be used by one person at a time to reduce the chances of accidents or exceeding the trampoline’s weight capacity. While this is good advice, not many follow it to a tee. It is a common occurrence for multiple children to jump on a trampoline simultaneously. Being realistic, if there are multiple jumpers, ensure that they take turns as there are often side areas for others to watch the current user. Wrestling and roughhousing are quick ways to cause an accident, so keep these activities away from the trampoline.

Final Words

Taking some common-sense precautions will make your trampoline experience that much more enjoyable, so if you want that great cardio workout – and enjoy smiles all around, a trampoline might be perfect. Just apply your mind and mix your fun with safety.