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Mini Trampoline Exercises for Beginners

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You may desire to work out on a mini trampoline, yet you wonder how to start, or how the entire experience will turn out. Engaging routinely on a trampoline will not only keep you active but, more importantly, help to maintain your health and fitness (see the health benefits of trampolines). You only need to be consistent in your exercising.

If you are a beginner, do not fret. After you begin to get acquainted with mini-trampoline exercises, the experience is very rewarding (see calories burned from rebounding). Most of the techniques are simple and produce excellent results. Engaging in routine exercises is the perfect way to get started on your journey to health and fitness. Simple and effective exercise keeps beginners excited about their progress and eases new users into becoming accustomed to the consistent activity.

Read below to learn some excellent mini-trampoline workouts for beginners. You will also learn the ultimate benefits of these incredible exercises:

Weight scale with measuring tape and apple on topJogging

Jogging is a fantastic warming up and cooling down exercise. A trampoline jog is comparable to outdoor jogging outdoor, only that you now remain in one position. Start slow and jog until you are tired and out of breath. Over time, increase the length of your jog and slowly work up to the more rigorous activity. As time goes on, you will find that you can jog for longer periods of time. Due to the nature of fitness trampolines, jogging on one is less abusive to knees and joints than jogging on the ground.

Beginner Jumps

You need to start at a slower pace. You first stand on the trampoline and gradually begin bouncing while you keep your feet fixed to the trampoline mat. You do not have to start with tough exercises. Progressively, you get to discover different strategies and tactics to jump more self-assuredly. Some exercise trampolines even come with a handlebar to help improve stability (see Best Exercise Trampolines with Handlebar). The process is as below:

With your feet 6-inch apart, stand in the middle part of the rebounder. Jump up and down gradually, without lifting your feet off the trampoline mat. Steadily increase your bounce until you manage to lift your feet somewhat off the rebounder. In case you are overweight (see best rebounder for heavy adults) or have other health issues, you may start with a 1-minute session, and then repeat, as you continue to build endurance. If you are more accustomed to exercise, begin with a 3-minute session. Later, you can incrementally add an extra minute to every session till you can exercise for at least 20 minutes at a time.

Basic Prances

With your feet set 6-inches wide, stand on the mini-trampoline. Place your hands on the hips, with your knees bent slightly. You should then bounce on your heels. For each bounce, elevate both your knees to align with the hip level.

Blue weights near scaleBasic Twists

The basic twist engages not only your legs but also your whole body. Furthermore, your shoulders, arms, middle body, and back muscles will also receive a workout. The feet should remain close together throughout the entire exercise.

Stand on the mini trampoline and take a firm bearing. On your first bounce, twist your legs to one side, and turn around your upper body to the opposite side. On your second bounce, alternate the sides, where both the arms and legs will be positioned in reverse positions. Begin the exercise slowly and increase speed as you progress and become comfortable. While bouncing, keep your hips in a neutral position and your abdomen tight.

What are the Benefits of Mini Trampoline Exercises?

You’ll enjoy your basic warm-up exercises on the mini-trampoline. Essentially, you need to bounce for about 30 minutes. This workout is not only entertaining but also helps in toning down your lower body through the continuous burning of fat. Fitness trampolines are easy on the joints and can reduce the amount of abuse your body takes while working out. Since your body will not receive most of the force, you’ll hardly experience the wear and tear effects. This explains why such exercises are also suitable for the elderly. Some mini-trampolines are particularly adept at alleviating the jarring effect (see the JumpSport 230F review) from bouncing to the point that doctors commonly recommend rebounders for those with joint pain.

Whenever you exercise on a mini trampoline, you get to improve your fitness as well as your overall body balance. It offers low-impact workouts for the bones and muscles. Another excellent benefit of bouncing on a mini-trampoline is that it aids with lymphatic drainage by effectively helping with the release of toxins. The result is an improved immune system and a healthier body.