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Pros and Cons of Fitness Trampolines

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Adults can learn a lesson of being active from kids. You probably also loved jumping on the trampoline as a kid. But some may not realize that trampoline exercises are a great way of burning calories, enhancing bone strength, and improving heart rate. Rebounding, which is jumping on a mini-trampoline (see Rebounding for Beginners 101), can burn the same calories or more as running or spending ten minutes on a treadmill. The best part is that rebounding doesn’t feel as strenuous as running or jogging because it is fun. Furthermore, research has also revealed that rebounding can burn more calories and enhance your endurance more than running and jogging. Read below to learn what you may like or dislike about fitness trampolines.

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Pros of Fitness Trampolines

Confident slim female doing squats with resistance band on trampoline during high intensity interval training at studioImproves Balance

Trampoline exercises are a great way of enhancing your balance. Trampoline workouts train people to discover their center of gravity quickly. You will find a different angle every time you jump on a trampoline. That way, your body is forced to readjust and stick to the landing angle, which, in turn, improves your coordination. The best part is that you can significantly enhance your balance in a matter of weeks. You only need to be persistent and rebound at least three times a week to quickly notice the results. If you need a little help getting adjusted, many fitness trampolines come with a stability bar included. Check out our reviews of the best exercise trampolines with a handlebar for more.

Increase Endurance

Studies reveal that trampoline exercises can increase endurance more than most other exercises, including running. For instance, recent studies of people running for eight weeks were unable to attain the same results as those who often rebound. An increase in VO2 max is evidence of the impact that trampoline exercises have on cardiovascular endurance. Therefore, it is advisable to try out trampoline exercises if you want to condition your body and make it fitter. Even athletes can use trampoline exercises for body fitness through increasing endurance.

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Another pro of trampoline exercises is that they have a low impact on the body. While it might seem like jumping up and down is hard on your body and joints, rebounding is an excellent way to absorb the shock and reduce the impact on leg and foot muscles. Trampolines offer shock absorption that will make you feel like you are not putting a lot of effort into your exercise routine. Trampoline exercises are an ideal moderate to vigorous form of workout to add to your routine. Since trampoline exercises have a low impact on your body, you are more likely to be consistent with this exercise.

Reduces Back Pain

One of the biggest pros of trampoline exercises is that it reduces back pain. It is a big deal for people who face severe back pains. Trampoline exercises strengthen legs and shoulder muscles, which also play an essential role in relieving back pain. However, it is wise to consult with your doctor first before starting trampoline exercises.

Fun Exercise

Jumping on trampolines is fun. Compared to exercises like running, walking, or lifting weights, rebounding is one of the more enjoyable exercises. Many use the larger trampolines for recreation, so why not incorporate some of that into our exercise routine? Jumping on an exercise trampoline not only improves your body’s fitness level, but it also gives us a sense of enjoyment as we do it.

Cons of Fitness Trampolines

Beautiful slim female brunette rebounding during interval training at fitness studioLimited Space

Mini-trampolines often provide limited space to exercise. A trampoline’s surface diameter only allows jumpers to separate their feet within the confines of the jumping mat. Trampolines save on space, but they don’t allow you to have a range of movement in your workout routines like other forms of exercise like running or jogging.

Risk of Injuries

Trampoline exercises can cause injuries to adults and children. Some common types of trampoline injuries include wrist and ankle, but severe accidents can also happen. One aspect to keep in mind is the difference between bungee and spring rebounders. Bungee cord rebounders remove some of the risks associated with exercise on a mini-trampoline, but not all (see the best bungee cord rebounders). You could rupture your ACL, fracture your skull or lower leg, or get a concussion when exercising on a trampoline. While these severe injuries are exceedingly rare, it is a good idea to observe the proper safety procedures at all times.

Balancing Act

Most trampoline exercises require jumpers to maintain their balance. You risk falling on the springs or frame if you have balance problems. While you might sit on a trampoline and bounce, you will not get the full benefits of rebounding. People can do exercises other exercises such as running or jogging with balance issues.

Final Word

Trampoline exercises are fun workouts that are less strenuous than most activities, such as cycling, biking, and running. It offers better results than going to an expensive gym, due to their convenience lending to more consistent exercise. While working out on a mini-trampoline is an excellent all-around method of exercise, it is important to also understand that there are some aspects that may not suit everyone. These issues are overcome by following the proper safety protocols and ensuring your exercise routine falls within the parameters of what is acceptable. Overall, rebounding is one of the best exercises you can do to ensure you have a consistent and reliable way to stay in shape.