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Rebounding for Beginners 101

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Rebounding is an ideal exercise that you can carry out at home with a mini-trampoline. It works on the leg muscles, strengthening bones, improves heart health, and increases your endurance. Rebounding is slowly gaining popularity because you can comfortably do it at home, and it is gentle on your joints, allowing people to work on their cardiovascular system. Also, rebounding doesn’t tax the body. Rebounding on a mini-trampoline is an excellent way to remain physically and mentally fit if you find going to the gym a challenge.

human body by X-rays. 3d renderRebounding Effects on Your Body

Exercises on a mini-trampoline are a joyful way of attaining a full-body workout that enhances your thigh and abdomen muscles, strengthens bones, burns extra calories, and tones your body. Research reveals that ten minutes on a mini-trampoline is equivalent to 30 minutes in the gym or on a treadmill. Bouncing up and down on mini-trampolines helps achieve your weight loss goals, cardio and makes workouts enjoyable compared to jogging or running.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

There is no definitive answer to this question. The period it takes to notice results from mini-trampoline exercises depends on the workout’s intensity and level. Typically, you will start seeing positive effects of rebounding as soon as a few weeks or a month, if you are aggressive. You may even notice positive results after two weeks based on your physical condition and exercise practices. The best part is you are unlikely to give up on rebounding once you start because it is a low impact workout, and the jumping makes it more fun than most traditional exercises.

How Often Should You Rebound?

There is no set number of times to rebound. However, people who bounce on mini-trampolines at least three times a week are likely to notice significant changes like increased endurance and weight loss. How long you jump on a mini-trampoline depends on your body goals and fitness level. You can see the benefits of rebounding with as little as 20 minutes of working out a day on a mini-trampoline. However, it is wise for beginners to start with shorter exercises and build as they adjust to the added strain.

How to Get Started

It would help to buy a mini-trampoline for home use to start rebounding. You can also rent out one if you feel the cost is high. If you plan on buying a mini-trampoline (see what we think about the MAXIMUS Pro Folding Rebounder), bear in mind that they are available in different types. Remember to buy an adult mini-trampoline that is small enough to fit in your home and is strong enough to support your weight. It would help to confirm the measurements before purchasing a mini-trampoline.

Warming Up on a Mini-Trampoline

Beginners need to know that a warm-up is essential before starting any rebounding exercises. It is an effective way of preparing your body for the activity. Warming up before mini-trampoline workouts enable your joints to loosen and enhance blood flow to prevent soreness and injuries. The warm-up routine includes shoulder rolls, gentle walks, neck stretches, and wide bounces.

Cooling Down

Cool-downs are as essential as warm-ups when rebounding because they gradually decrease blood pressure and heart rate after the exercise. Cool-downs after bouncing enable your body to regulate its vital functions as it should. Furthermore, it also reduces the possibility of injury and soreness after working out on the mini-trampoline. You can do gentle bounces to calm down your heart rate. You slow down the bounces and reduce arm movement while breathing and keeping your knees bent. The other way to cool down after rebounding exercises is light stretches as you extend your arms and roll your shoulders down and back.

Confident young brunette woman exercising on mini trampoline during high intensity interval trainingAt Home Rebounder Workouts

The rebounder exercise you choose to do will be based on the reason for rebounding. However, rebounding beginners can try jumping jacks where you jump your feet put while lifting your arms. Other rebounding exercises beginners can try out include twists and the shuffle. The shuffle workout entails standing with your feet and shoulder-width apart as you bend your knees. Read this for additional mini-trampoline exercises for beginners.

Safety Tips

It is advisable to consult with your physician before you start rebounding. Mini-trampolines assist with absorbing the force that you get with conventional land workouts like jogging and running. However, rebounding might not be ideal for people who have had surgeries in the past or existing medical conditions. You may feel lightheaded or dizzy on a mini-trampoline for the first few minutes. You shouldn’t worry if that happens because your body might take some time to adjust to the new movement. However, stop exercising for some time if you feel dizzy or faint. Ensure that you consult your doctor if the feelings persist after several exercises.

Purchasing a Mini-Trampoline

The perfect mini-trampoline for exercise needs to have stable and sturdy legs for support. The circumference should be between 36 and 48 inches, depending on your body type and comfort level. The mini-trampoline needs to hold a minimum adult weight of 220 to 250 pounds. You will also notice that a larger mini-trampoline can support more weight. The mini-trampoline for exercise that you purchase should have a quiet performance so that springs don’t make a lot of noise when bouncing on it. You might also buy a foldable mini-trampoline for exercise if your home space is limited. Beginners can purchase mini-trampolines with a built-in tracker to record jumps or calories burned.


All you require to start rebounding is a mini-trampoline. Rebounding is an excellent way of bouncing back on your workout routine, don’t forget to take precautions to prevent soreness and injuries. Getting into a consistent and reliable workout routine is the fastest way to slim down or stay in shape. Rebounders alleviate many of the headaches associated with gym memberships and provide an array of health benefits. Using fitness trampolines for exercise is an excellent all-around method of getting in shape without some of the drawbacks commonly associated with traditional forms of exercise, such as running or jogging. Happy rebounding!