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ANCHEER Folding 40″ Mini Trampoline Rebounder Review

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The ANCHEER Foldable 40″ Mini Trampoline is ideal for cardio workouts in the backyard or the comfort of your home. Made with a heavy-duty steel frame, this is one of the sturdiest rebounders available in the market right now. If you are thinking about buying a mini trampoline for working out, take a look at our review below to see if this one will fit your needs.

What We Think

Build Quality

Build quality is spectacular for this adjustable trampoline. As already mentioned, the heavy-duty steel frame ensures that the trampoline doesn’t bend or break when someone sits on it. Moreover, the 6-leg base frame provides a sturdy grip on the ground. The user won’t experience any wobbling while exercising.

Exercising regularly on this trampoline will ensure that the body’s metabolism is stimulated, increases oxygen percentage, boosts cardiovascular health, improves balance, and reduces strain on the joints. It is easy to install the trampoline and people don’t need to call an expert to put the parts together.

Fabric Quality

Most people think that the fabrics of trampolines don’t last long. They get damaged after a few months. Well, this one doesn’t. The fabric and construction of the trampoline are made to last not just for months but for years. It comes with a PP (polypropylene) mesh that is both soft and strong. This means users won’t feel as if they are sitting on a hard surface. On the other hand, it isn’t soft enough that the trampoline would break when a heavy person sits on it.

The fabric mat and springs can take a maximum weight of 300 pounds. This is higher than many of its competitors. Users can perform a variety of exercises on this trampoline without thinking that it will break accidentally. The jumping mat has enough tension to support the pressure users put on it while exercising.

Installation and Handling

The box comes with detailed instructions on what to do and how to install the trampoline. In fact, it has a step by step manual so that users don’t have any confusion regarding which part should go where. Setup should go quickly and can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

The handrail comes with a foam covering so that users don’t slip while using the trampoline. The foam-covered trampoline also makes it easier to handle the trampoline while using it. It provides increased flexibility, balance, and coordination. There are a total of 40 rust-resistant springs coiled tightly on the side of the trampoline to support the pressure that users put on it. The bounce is spectacular but not too much to make the user fall off the trampoline while exercising.


Versatility is another factor that stands out in this trampoline. The tightly coiled springs ensure that people can use it in their homes or even in their backyards. Almost anyone who is less than 300 pounds can use this trampoline. Kids won’t bounce off and fall in the house if the user decides to install it indoors.

Standout Features

Weight support – Supporting up to 300 pounds is no joke. Although this trampoline looks small, its high-quality PP mat ensures that even heavier users can get a full workout without worrying about weight capacity. Often, it is required to spend hundreds of dollars to find a heavy-duty trampoline. The ANCHEER mini-trampoline does a good job at providing value in this area.
Improves health – Exercising 15 minutes a day on this trampoline is equal to 30 minutes of running, 30 minutes of swimming, 60 minutes of walking, 60 minutes of badminton, or 60 minutes of yoga. Rebounding not only develops muscles but also increases physical strength. Additionally, it stimulates cardiovascular health and promotes blood circulation. Exercising on this trampoline also improves immune system function by increasing blood flow in the lymph nodes.
Foldable – Users can fold and carry the trampoline anywhere they go. It is foldable twice (quarter-fold), thus saving space in the room or car.


The PP mat material is waterproof. This makes the trampoline durable and capable of outside workouts. Moreover, the soft mat and PP mesh make the surface comfortable when sitting.
The springs underneath the trampoline are full of elasticity. This ensures the safety and quality of movement. Users wouldn’t feel the trampoline wobble when they change their poses while exercising due to the stability exhibited while in use.
Users can adjust the foot tube and hide under the trampoline.
The foam-covered rails are removable to make it easier and safer to carry the trampoline.


The jumping area could have been bigger. Some of its competitors have a bigger surface area so that users can try different types of exercises that involve spreading hands and legs.


The ANCHEER Foldable 40″ Rebounder (available at Amazon) is undoubtedly one of the best mini trampolines for those on a budget. This is ideal for those who want to exercise daily but can’t spend too much time. Most importantly, this trampoline doesn’t cost a fortune like some of its competitors. The construction of this mini trampoline is top-notch and presents great value. Its alloy steel frame ensures that the trampoline lasts for years with minimal signs of wear. Most importantly, the perfectly balanced springs provide appropriate tension to support the user’s weight while exercising. Although the overall surface area is slightly on the smaller side, there is plenty of room for a variety of exercises. Lastly, the easy installation and foam-covered hand bars make it the perfect choice for those who want to carry the trampoline wherever they travel. Overall, this is a solid mini-trampoline that is flexible enough to work well for a variety of individuals. If you’re looking to save some money, but still purchase quality workout equipment, this is a good start.

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