Group Of Children Having Fun Jumping On Outdoor Trampoline

AOTOB Trampoline With Enclosure Net And Ladder Review

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Trampolines have become a staple of backyards across the world, especially for those looking to get kids outside and away from games. There is evidence that children today spend 50 percent of the time their parents did laying outside. This isn’t healthy for children as they need to get outside to get vitamin D and to exercise. If you are looking to get a trampoline for your family, your primary concern will be finding one that is safe for your kids to use. That’s exactly what you get with the AOTOB Trampoline with Enclosure Net. This trampoline was designed with safety as the highest priority. Continue reading this review and you’ll see what makes this trampoline stand out among one of the best.

Our Review

Safety First

As mentioned, the number one priority for AOTOB with the design of this trampoline was maximizing safety. AOTOB knows what parents look for in a trampoline for their kids. They fully understand how important safety and peace of mind are to parents. Thus, they made it a priority to focus on designing the safest trampoline in the marketplace. There are a few standout features that make this trampoline safe to use for anyone.

– Jump Pad and Spring Being Close Together

One of the issues a lot of trampolines run into with the design is having too much spacing between both the jump pad and the spring. Having too much space allows for too much room for kids’ feet and legs to get caught. By designing the trampoline without this common gap, the trampoline is made much safer to use. After all, no little feet or legs can get caught in it which is typically something that results in a lot of injuries with trampolines.

– Wider Jump Pad

Another good thing this trampoline does that not every trampoline does is create a much wider jump zone for kids. The surface area features a widened design which can maximize the area used for jumping. Having a wider area for jumping can make it less likely kids bump into one another if more than one is using it at a time.

– (4) U-Shaped Big Legs with Contact Points

A lot of trampolines have poor stability. This can cause a lot of issues with the trampoline when more than one kid is using it at a time. After all, if multiple kids that have different weights are jumping, it can be very easy for the trampoline to tilt off balance and cause injuries. With its (4) u-shaped legs with sufficient contact points, this trampoline can offer enough stability to avoid these issues. Also, the legs are made out of galvanized steel which means you’re getting a trampoline resistant to rust issues.

– Lengthened Zipper, Foam-Covered Poles, and High-Quality Safety Buckle

Another area where AOTOB focused to improve the safety of the trampoline is with other common areas where kids get injured on a trampoline. For one, all of the poles are covered with sufficient foam. This ensures that if someone does make contact with the pole, they will not get hurt. Also, the zipper is lengthened to make it easier to enter and exit for kids and it features high-quality safety buckles to ensure the zipper doesn’t break when someone falls against it.

performance level conceptual meter indicate hundred per cent, isolated on white backgroundExcellent Performance

While you might assume a focus on safety would reduce the overall performance of the trampoline, it doesn’t. AOTOB might have prioritized safety in its design, it didn’t result in them creating a trampoline that doesn’t offer excellent bounce and trampoline performance.

– High-Quality Jumping Pad Made Out Of PP

This trampoline features a high-quality jumping pad made out of PP. The material is both wear-resistant and UV-resistant making it suitable for being an outdoor trampoline. You don’t need to worry about exposure to poor weather conditions completely ruining the trampoline. Although it is always recommended to use the protective cover when not in use.

– Sufficient Weight Capacity

This is a big one that is going to dictate a lot of purchasing decisions. After all, if you are getting the trampoline for kids and family use, you’ll want to ensure it can carry the load. This trampoline has a weight capacity of 330 pounds. Therefore, you could have adults enjoying themselves on this trampoline just as much as kids.

– Excellent Quality Springs

One of the areas where you’ll find a lot of trampoline manufacturers going cheap is with the included springs. This trampoline features sturdy galvanized springs that safely connect the jump pad and the frame. The springs used are excellent quality, rust-resistant, and reliable.

Hand writing Safety First with red marker on transparent wipe board.Solid Build Quality

Whenever you are making a big investment in something like a trampoline, you’ll want to prioritize finding one that is going to last. After all, no one wants to purchase a big-ticket item like a trampoline only for it to break down in a year or two. This trampoline features high-quality materials that are up to the task of withstanding the outdoor elements.

– Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel is known to delay corrosion [2]. AOTOB used galvanized steel in both the poles and the springs. Therefore, you can count on the frame being durable for many years without worrying about rust.

– PP Material

The jumping pad is made out of PP material which is naturally weather resistant. While you’ll still want to protect it with a protective cover, you won’t have to worry about occasional exposure to the outdoor elements breaking down the pad.

– Includes Ladder

The ladder can make it much easier for both kids and adults to get in and out of the trampoline safely.

Our Verdict

The AOTOB trampoline with a safety enclosure (available at Amazon) is well designed. AOTOB made a lot of good design decisions with this trampoline, making it incredibly versatile. The safety features added not only make it a good kids trampoline, but one that can be used safely by the entire family. Whether you are looking for a trampoline for adult exercise or primarily for children or teens, the build quality of this trampoline is up to the task. They managed to create a trampoline that excels in multiple facets and one that you can count on for years to come. This trampoline makes for a great investment for everyone in the family.