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Ativafit 40″ Foldable Rebounder with Handle Review

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Many consumers do not have space or budget for a large, outdoor spring trampoline, but like bouncing on trampolines with a spring design. The ATIVAFIT 40” Foldable Rebounder with Adjustable Foam Handle is a great option for users looking for a more traditional bounce since it features coil springs instead of bungee cords like many of its counterparts.

Since rebounding has been found to be an effective and low-impact workout for all fitness levels, many people are adding them to their home gyms and workout routines. This rebounder prides itself on being made of high-quality components from its frame to the jumping mat (and everything in between), which gives you confidence that your purchase will withstand use for a long period of time.

There are many features that make the ATIVAFIT 40” Foldable Rebounder a great option if you are looking to add rebounding to your exercise routine. Those who are time-constrained or cannot join a local gym will appreciate that just 10 minutes of rebounding offers the same health benefits as jogging for 1-hour, 30 minutes of cycling, or 20 minutes of swimming. Additionally, the rebounder is effective in stimulating your metabolism, strengthening your core, and boosting cardiovascular health; among many other health benefits. The competitive price point of this rebounder, along with the great design features, make it a top contender.

Spring Bounce

The ATIVAFIT 40” Foldable Rebounder gets its bounce from strong rustproof steel springs versus bungee cords. If you are a consumer that prefers a firmer bounce, then the spring bounce system will be a perfect fit for you. Bungee rebounders give a softer, more flexible bounce that some users do not enjoy since it causes the jumping mat to “flex” too much and does not offer the firmness and stability they prefer. Those just beginning their rebounding journey especially like the firmness of the springs because it gives more control when bouncing.

Some question the safety of springs, but ATIVAFIT has provided ample safety measures for the consumer by ensuring this rebounder comes equipped with an elastic mat to cover the springs that do not need to be purchased separately. The springs that come on this rebounder are very thick, which helps to ensure that your toes or feet do not become pinched by the springs. Another great feature about the coil springs is that they are rust-proof, meaning you can use the rebounder not only indoors, but outdoors as well since you will not have to worry about the springs becoming damaged by outdoor elements.

Competitively Priced

There are few rebounders available that are offered at the price of the ATIVAFIT 40” Foldable Rebounder. Most manufacturers (at this price point) offer a cheap, poorly designed rebounder that will not include additional accessories or features beyond the basic frame and jumping mat. That certainly is not the case with this rebounder.

Not only is it priced competitively, but it comes with customization and accessories included that other manufacturers do not include in your initial rebounder purchase. You receive additional accessories like a stabilizing handlebar, padded safety mat that is customizable in two-color options for you to choose from, either blue or grey. Having the handlebar included in the purchase price is a nice feature since it is typically a steep price to add to the cost of the rebounder. Additionally, the handlebar that ATIVAFIT includes with this rebounder is not made of cheap components, so you are receiving a quality accessory. Instead, you receive a padded handlebar that is covered in soft foam, making it more comfortable to grip during exercise and that also helps your hands to not slip off of it if they become sweaty during your workout. It is adjustable to three height levels from 35-inches to 43-inches, making it accessible for users of all heights.

Strong Frame

This rebounder offers safety and durability that only a strong alloy steel frame can provide. Bounce after bounce, you will enjoy this rebounder, for years to come. Its six legs are covered with a rubber covering to ensure the rebounder does not slip or move while you are bouncing. The ATIVAFIT 40” Foldable Rebounder has a robust 40-inch frame and an equally durable polypropylene jumping mat. The combination of the alloy steel frame and heavy-duty polypropylene jumping mat, along with the thick springs, allows this rebounder to have a weight rating that is higher than nearly all of its competitors. Most rebounders max out at approximately 280 pounds, but the ATIVATFIT 40” Foldable Rebounder has a maximum weight rating of 330 pounds.

Foldable Design

Although the frame of this rebounder can be folded in half for a compact storage or travel option, we did find one flaw with its design. In order to fold it in half, the six legs must be unscrewed individually, before they can be collapsed. In addition to needing to remove each of the six legs, users will also need to disassemble the handlebar before being able to utilize the folding design. This may become inconvenient to users who wish to travel or store their rebounder frequently. This rebounder may be better received by users who will only need to collapse the rebounder occasionally (if at all).


Overall, the ATIVAFIT 40” Foldable Rebounder (available at Amazon) is a great option for users who do not want to break the bank on expensive exercise equipment for their home gym. It offers a lot of bang for your buck in terms of quality, accessories included and versatility of workouts you can achieve. This means you can use this rebounder vigorously without having to worry about it becoming defective over time.

We think it is a terrific choice for consumers who have never purchased a rebounder or for those who are looking to upgrade to a cheaper, less sturdy rebounder that they already own. If you have tried a bungee rebounder in the past but did not enjoy the bounce it provided, we strongly recommend you give the ATIVAFIT 40” Foldable Rebounder a try to see if the bounce it provides from the coil springs is a better fit for you. We believe you will be pleasantly surprised by this rebounder.