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BCAN 38″ Foldable Mini Trampoline Review

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A mini-trampoline or exercise rebounder can be a great way to encourage both kids and adults to get into shape. While it may look like it’s all fun and games, a rebounder has proven to deliver just as effective aerobic activity as running. Because more and more people are quickly recognizing some of the benefits rebounders can deliver as home workout equipment, there has been a surplus in brands to the marketplace. If you are sorting through your options, you will want to be able to identify the best one. You may have your eyes on the BCAN 38-Inch Foldable Mini-Trampoline. If you want to learn whether or not it’s worth buying, continue reading this review.

Our Review of the BCAN 38-inch Rebounder

Build Quality

Identifying a mini-trampoline with a durable enough build quality is a must. After all, it needs to withstand constant pounding since you will be jumping on it and using it daily. This mini-trampoline should fit the bill. It is rated for a max load of 300 pounds. It features commercial-grade high-quality steel and resistant Polypropylene (PP) material that makes for a very durable base and support system. You won’t have to worry about this trampoline buckling under consistent usage.

Foldable Design

One of the biggest benefits that come with using a mini-trampoline for your workouts is the portability and the compact design that the majority of them have. This particular mini-trampoline is no exception. This one features the ability to fold the trampoline to a mere quarter of the total size of the product while it’s in use. The trampoline’s design allows this because you can fold the trampoline a full two times without the safety pad. This means you will be able to fold it to a very compact size and it will allow you to lay it flat enough to fit behind a couch or even underneath a bed. You will even be able to fold it to a size that would allow you to store it in the trunk of a car.

Safety Features

Mini-trampolines can be a safety hazard if you aren’t buying the right one. After all, every trampoline has potentially hazardous springs that you can get your fingers or feet caught in if left exposed. Also, it could cut you if you were to fall on it. This trampoline comes with an extended 360-degree pad around the entirety of the trampoline. This ensures the user won’t have to worry about any gaps between both the mat and the steel frame which could present dangerous conditions where someone could get their finger, toes, or foot stuck.

Benefits Of The BCAN Fitness Trampoline

Safety First Design

BCAN thought of everything with its design and the included safety features. With this trampoline, you get a closed steel spring that is fully covered by the anti-slid rubber material to keep the sharp parts of the trampoline away from being exposed. Along with this, it comes with a 360-degree pad around the entire unit. This can keep you jumping and exercising and out of the emergency room.

Great Support

BCAN advertises a lifetime after-sale service that you can call on 24/7. With any product, you like to see this. That way, you know that you can get any questions answered or warranty support handled quickly and efficiently. Some manufacturers and brands will leave you hanging which can put you in a bad spot.

Space-Saving Design

Another thing to love about this trampoline is its space-saving design. This particular mini-trampoline can be an effective indoor or outdoor rebounder. With the ability to fold the trampoline into 1/4 of the size of the actual trampoline while in use, you will be able to use it in spaces you wouldn’t normally be able to fit home gym equipment. This makes this trampoline a must for anyone living in a studio apartment or a place where you don’t want home gym equipment taking up too much space. Also, it makes it much more portable than some of the other rebounders available that don’t have such an optimal space-saving design.

Easy To Maintain

This trampoline features a mat that consists of waterproof PP. This means that you can use it outdoors, but it also means that you will be able to easily clean it. This makes for much easier maintenance. This is a very significant benefit if you are going to be using the trampoline with other people. After all, you will want to sanitize it to ensure it’s clean for every use.

Supports 300 Pounds

Some of the other rebounders you will find won’t offer 300 pounds of weight capacity. This one is capable of offering a full 300 pounds which makes it the ideal option for someone heavier than 250 pounds and passed the limit of other trampolines.

Conclusion – Is This Rebounder Worth Buying?

BCAN hit it out of the park with this rebounder. This rebounder not only comes in two different colors, but it is made of some of the highest quality materials you will find available. The frame is made of alloy steel which is rated at holding as much as 300 pounds. With the space-saving design, you will be able to fold the entire unit to a mere 1/4 of its size while in use. The brand itself stands behind its products offering customers 24/7 lifetime after-sale support. If you are looking for one of the highest quality rebounders available in the marketplace, this is a great option to consider. You are getting a rebounder that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and one that is portable enough to take around with you whether you want to workout inside or out.

You Should Buy This BCAN 38-Inch Foldable Mini Trampoline (available at Amazon) If…

– You want heavy-duty and reliable construction
– You want one of the best space-saving designs available
– You want industry-leading after-sale support
– You want a rebounder with all of the must-have safety features