Young girl is jumping on rectangle trampoline

Beast K9 10×17 Rectangle Trampoline Review

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As you might already know, jumping on your trampoline is an extremely fun activity and it provides kids and adults with endless enjoyment. That is why a lot of people prefer to incorporate backyard trampolines into their outdoor birthday parties, family reunions, and family parties. Apart from jumping, backyard trampolines have numerous applications. They are also used for stress relief, playing basketball, and boosting the flexibility and fitness of the body.

There are different types of trampolines available such as rectangular trampolines, round trampolines, fitness trampolines, octagonal trampolines, and water trampolines. However, all trampolines have the same working principle. Larger backyards will enable you to have great fun there. If you own one, perhaps you are looking for the ideal equipment possible for maximizing fun. This guide covers an in-depth review of the Beast K9 10×17 Performance Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure. It covers everything you need to know about the Beast and a few things you should look out for before buying a rectangular trampoline.

Our Review of The Beast

The Beast K9 Rectangle trampoline is a high-performance trampoline designed for all ages. With this beefy and bouncy rectangle, you can keep your children feeling active and smiling throughout the day. What’s more, it is also made solid for the parents.

The Beast provides you with high-quality jumping and comes with all the safety features you’ll need. It delivers big air because of the reinforced frame, as well as optimized spring and mat dynamics. The heavy-duty frame structure is precisely designed to optimize safety. It consists of a synergy design making sure that each spring is enhanced to deliver its full punch.

While numerous other designs tend to limit the performance of the springs, the Beast K9’s mat & springs deliver a vigorous, but soft bounce. Quite frankly, this equipment provides a bounce that is rarely seen on standard trampolines. Additionally, the Beast trampoline is accompanied by a ladder and other accessories to complete the experience.

Beast K9 performance springsPerformance Springs & Mat

Perhaps you have come across Black PianoWire Springs? They’re one of the best-performing springs, primarily used for a trampoline’s high bounce. This trampoline consists of 124 springs of 9.5 inches. Additionally, the mat has 10-row stitching for great performance. The springs feel taught and well-made while the mat provides a soft landing on even the highest of jumps. The bounce provided by the performance springs is really hard to overestimate. Gymnastics-level bounces can be had to master tricks or practice routines. It is a joy to jump on this trampoline, especially considering the soft landings.

Heavy Duty Structure

The Beast K9 typically comes with galvanized stainless steel frame, which allows rustproof durability of this trampoline. The frame tubes (2.5-inch thicker) play a fundamental role in ensuring the exceptional robustness of the model. Although most trampolines come with single-user weight capacity, the Beast eliminates this limit. Amazingly enough, Beast boasts an “unlimited” weight capacity for a single user.

Safety Certified and Great Warranty

Typically, the exercise equipment complies with the ASTM & CE safety standards. It is equipped with all the necessary things e.g., a spring pad, spring puller, vinyl rain cover, and much more. The foam padding on the enclosure net poles is thick and works well. You can’t also overlook the protective warranty. The Beast’s frame comes with 10 years warranty, springs offer 3 years limited warranty, while mat and mat components come with 2 years warranty, and the safety pad, ladder, and enclosure net feature a 1-year warranty.


One of the stronger aspects of the Beast K9 trampoline is that it is adaptable to a variety of situations. The performance springs and mat make this trampoline suitable for high-flying daredevils, a family of four, or just the neighborhood trampoline. The trampoline offers an array of safety features to keep jumpers from accidents, is built to withstand plenty of abuse, and is roomy enough for multiple participants (not advised). Additionally, the trampoline is designed for year-round use and can be left up during the winter, according to the manufacturer. We don’t usually recommend keeping a trampoline up year-round due to durability concerns, but this one has the manufacturer’s seal of approval. Just ensure you cover the mat/trampoline when not in use to extend the life of the device.

Beast K9 frame assembledAssembly

The assembly process is relatively simple when compared to other models. The instructions are clearly written and make sense, which is more than can be said of some instruction manuals we’ve seen. Ensure you have a partner to help with putting it together, and you should be done in 2-3 hours. As is often the case, the most difficult part of the assembly will be installing the safety netting. The instructions clearly lay out the required steps, it is an easy but tedious process. The ladder and spring pads are easily installed and ready for use. Overall, this is one of the better assemblies for a trampoline.

Final Words

Rectangular trampolines have recently become a common option for families throughout the states. Essentially, this is because of the massive bounce they provide. Their springs are uniquely made to work independently and at different rates—providing you with the highest lift while allowing you to have more control when it comes to your height and landing. Generally speaking, the rectangle model will be the best option for teenagers and gymnasts who wish to practice different trampoline tricks.

The Beast K9 is a high-performance trampoline uniquely made for all ages. It typically sizes at 10×17 ft. This Beast K9 Rectangle Trampoline (available at Amazon) allows big air because of the reinforced frame, as well as optimized spring & mat dynamics. The sturdy frame and other components are made of the highest quality material. Overall, the Beast offers exactly what anyone who wants the best bounce desires. Extremely high bounces, spacious jumping area, and durability are just a few of the desirable qualities of this trampoline. Although pricey, the Beast is one of the better trampolines you will find.