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Duofit TR-06 Trampoline And Enclosure Review

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Are you a parent looking for a way to get your kids off the couch, away from Netflix and YouTube, and playing outside? Well, a trampoline might do the trick, specifically the Duofit TR-06. Designed with a large jumping surface, sturdy frame, and a jumping mat with excellent bounce, the TR-06 ticks many of the boxes you might look for in a trampoline. As far as backyard play gear goes, the TR-06 is perfect for exercising while making the experience fun for you and your kids.

Our Review of the Duofit TR-06

The main selling point of the TR-06 is its combination of features and value for money spent. Individually, the features might not seem impressive. However, when used together, the elements combine to make for a sturdy and safe product perfect for your backyard entertainment for your kids.

Strong Structure And High-Quality Parts

The Duofit Tr-06 trampolines are made using upgraded and strengthened joints. The joints are made using advanced welding. Notably, the joints are reinforced further with nuts and bolts, thereby improving the robustness of every joint and the overall frame. Additionally, the frame of the Tr-06 is made using three-foot pipes, which are sturdy and robust enough to withstand the forces of users jumping on the trampoline for an extended period of time. The three-foot pipes transfer the weight of the users to the ground, enhancing the frame’s stability and safety. Duofit also states that the use of these pipes enhances the weight rating of the trampoline.

The trampoline uses high-tension thick steel springs manufactured for lasting elasticity and durability. For a jumping mat, the trampoline uses a Polypropylene material that’s incredibly elastic, soft to the touch, safe to use, and waterproof. Finally, the springs and jumping mat combination lasts long, withstanding continuous wear and tear of regular use without safety deterioration.

Safety Features

From the design choices to the materials used, the Duofit has gone above and beyond to improve the safety of this trampoline. On the design front, the net enclosure placement is designed in such a way to keep the spring-attachment assembly outside of the net and away from your feet. This protects TR-06 users’ legs from getting caught by the springs and spring latching assembly, which is known to cause injury when using other trampoline models. Additionally, this design choice negates the risk of the spring falling off, further improving safety. The springs are also covered with a cushioned cover that protects your feet as an added safety measure.

Duofit TR-06 trampoline

As mentioned above, Duofit uses high-quality materials to manufacture the TR-06. This increases the maximum weight limit of the trampoline and improves overall safety. It comes with a ladder that makes it easy for kids (and adults) to get on and off the trampoline. The TR-06 is enclosed in a high-strength nylon net with a zipper that reduces the risk of bouncing off the trampoline and hitting the ground. Finally, it comes with galvanized wind stakes that secure the trampoline to the ground, protecting your kids by preventing unwanted movements and shifts while enjoying the trampoline.

Overall, the Duofit TR-06 is designed to not only meet but exceed the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. The products are tested to ensure they’re safe and durable for users of all ages.

Jumping Area

The 8-foot trampoline is the smallest-sized trampoline of the TR-06 line. This is an ample-sized trampoline for many families to have fun in their back yards. However, for families needing a large-sized trampoline, Duofit also offers three other models of varying sizes. The company also manufacturers the 10-foot, 12-foot, and their largest offering is the 15-foot trampoline. As the size increases, so does the jumping area. It feels spacious on the 12-foot and above models, but can be cramped for more than one jumper at a time.

Weatherproof Construction

The Duofit TR-06 is outdoor recreational gear. As such, you can expect it to experience considerable exposure to the elements. Whether it’s the scorching summer heat or the rain. With this in mind, Duofit has included weatherproofing in the manufacture of this trampoline. For starters, the entire frame undergoes a galvanization process that sees three layers of hard-wearing zinc applied inside and outside every tube. Consequently, the entire frame of the trampoline is rustproof and can withstand UV exposure for long periods without the structure degrading. The polypropylene mat is built to withstand varying temperatures and exposure to sunlight for extended periods. As with most trampolines, expect to replace the mat, soft materials, and spring padding every few years. The frame should last for many years.

Duofit TR-06 spring pullerAssembly

The Duofit TR-06 is designed to be easy to assemble. From its packaging, components labeling to including all the tools you need to assemble the TR-06, Duofit has made an effort to make it incredibly easy to assemble a new trampoline. Users get an assortment of items they need to assemble their trampolines. For instance, it comes with a spring installing tool that reduces the hassle of installing springs. Additionally, the instructions are intuitive and easy to follow. Alternatively, you can view an assembly video on YouTube for a step-by-step guide. If you have experience putting a trampoline together, it should be familiar and easy. If this is your first time, follow the provided instructions and have a helper handy to make the assembly process faster.

What We Like/Don’t Like

The high weight limit of the trampoline enables more people to use it concurrently. As such, two to three of your kids can use the trampoline together in comfort and without compromising their safety. The TR-06 is sturdy and robust. The materials used in its manufacture ensure it serves you for a long time. The weatherproofing and rustproofing further enhance its durability. Unlike many other outdoor trampolines, the TR-06 is easy to install. The installation instruction and video make it easy for users to assemble their trampoline.

On the other hand, the cost of the extreme sturdiness of the Duofit TR-06 is in the product’s weight. The TR-06 package is heavy and should not be moved by one person. Struggling to carry the heavy package alone, after delivery, might result in a back injury. If you plan to tear down the trampoline in the winter, ensure you have a helper as it will still be heavy equipment. You’ll face the same difficulties when trying to relocate the trampoline to a different part of the yard.

Another thing that Duofit can improve in the TR-06 trampoline is the ladder. While it makes getting on and off the trampoline a tad easier, the ladder isn’t as secure as it should be. It can wobble, making using the ladder difficult, especially for young kids with limited strength. A better ladder would greatly improve usability.

Final Words

Buyers looking for a deal will be presently surprised by this trampoline. Not only is the trampoline among the most cost-efficient trampolines on the market, but it blends durability, quality materials, and an exceptional user experience. It’s a good value proposition for any buyer. This product is also a good choice for multi-child families looking for a trampoline that kids can play with together. Combining affordability with quality, the Duofit TR-06 (available at Amazon) is an excellent purchase for many families by any metric.