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Exacme 15 FT Trampoline and Enclosure Review

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Finding the perfect trampoline for your family can sometimes be a tall order. Numerous sizes, shapes, purposes, and features can your head swimming trying to find just the right model. One of the more versatile trampolines you can find for your family to use is the Exacme 15 FT trampoline. What makes this trampoline stand out, and why should you buy it? Below is a detailed review of this trampoline and whether it will meet your family’s needs.

Trampoline Overview

The Exacme 15 FT Trampoline is made of strong materials, built to withstand the harsh exterior climate. Like most quality trampoline mats, the jumping area is constructed of polypropylene (PP) materials that allow for superb mildew repellant and protection from UV rays. Trampolines are made for varying areas of use. Some have weaker structures that cannot accommodate the outdoor weather elements like rain and high UV rays since they can easily get damaged and lose value, and others are safe for the outdoors.

This trampoline is good for both adults and kids. A kid’s trampoline should have security features such as a net enclosure to prevent the kids from falling off the trampoline when playing. Additionally, the safety padding around the springs does a good job at protecting from injuries caused by the springs. When it comes to parents, the structure has a heavy-duty construction that can accommodate up to 400 pounds, which is quite convenient for most adults. A 400 lbs. capacity is on the higher end for most normal trampolines and can allow multiple jumpers (even adults) without worrying about exceeding the stated weight limitations.

Notable Features

Waterproof Materials

The entire trampoline has waterproof materials that cannot easily tear from the steel pole structures to the net and jumping mat even after coming to contact with moisture.


An optional basketball hoop is built into the trampoline to allow for some fun games in a non-traditional setting. So, you can have some fun and hold small tournaments while still jumping on it. The hoop has carbon fiber materials resistant to rust and corrosion.

In addition to playing basketball, did you know that you can use a trampoline as workout equipment? The trampolines are hugely incorporated in exercising by some professional trainers as they provide excellent cardio workouts. In this case, as a parent, you can use this trampoline when working out outdoors. I believe it has a great bounce effect according to some customers, which is a bonus.

High Weight Limit

The amount of weight this equipment can hold determines the number of people who can jump on it or the kind of people who can use it. For example, this Exacme 15 FT Trampoline is good for multiple kids during parties or play days as it can hold a weight of up to 400 pounds. This means that even two adults with around 200 pounds each can comfortably jump on this trampoline.

Stable and Safe

The safety of the users plus stability of the trampoline is determined by how the parts are connected when assembling. Some trampolines are welded together at the joints, which is risky since the weld can come off, and others are joined with the T-joints. The T- joints are always a win since they firmly hold the poles well; hence, ensuring good stability to the entire unit.

Quality Safety Features

Apart from having a quality jumping mat, this trampoline is also equipped with a reliable jumping pad around the springs. This part is crucial to ensure the kids are safe to incase they bounce and land on the edges. Again, if toddlers are jumping on this trampoline, they cannot fall through the springs thanks to the spring padding.

Other protective features you will love about the trampoline is the all-round net enclosure mode. Such trampolines are quite safe for kids since they are secured from falling off the trampoline even if they jump around the corners. Note that this trampoline has a closure mechanism to safeguard the kids while inside.


• Great for multiple jumpers
• High weight capacity and roomy
• Ladder for easy mounting
• Clear instruction manual
• Solid and stable
• Versatile accessories


• Not a cheap model
• The basketball is smaller than the standard basketball hoop


The Exacme 15 FT trampoline and enclosure is a quality trampoline that offers quite a bit of functionality. The stable structure and heavy-duty materials work well for supporting multiple jumpers and heavier weight limits. While it doesn’t quite measure up to some of the higher-end models, it doesn’t cost as much as those versions either. This can be classified as a mid-grade trampoline in price (check price at Amazon) with a slightly higher end of materials than what one would expect for the cost. Overall, this is a solid trampoline that has numerous features that make it perfect for a variety of families or individuals.

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