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Maximus FIT Bounce PRO USA Bungee Rebounder Review

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There is a wide variety of mini-trampolines (or rebounders) on the market today. Knowing which rebounder is right for your goals and needs can be challenging. Some rebounders are geared specifically for toddlers and young children, while others may be designed for more advanced users. Additionally, some rebounders offer metal springs (much like a traditional outdoor trampoline), while their counterparts offer bungee connections. When searching for the perfect rebounder, it is important to identify what you hope to achieve from the rebounder. Determining your needs and expectations will set you on the path to finding the rebounder that is best for you.

The Maximus FIT Bounce PRO Bungee Rebounder has many unique benefits and features that set it apart from the competition. We will discuss these features in more detail throughout this article. This rebounder supports up to 330 pounds and can be used by the entire family, making it a great choice for almost anyone. It is backed with hundreds of positive user reviews with very few (if any) drawbacks mentioned. It comes pre-assembled for a quick, easy set-up, which you won’t find from most competitors. The FIT Bounce PRO can be folded into a compact design and stored or carried in the zippered carrying bag that is included in the purchase price.

Although it is pricier than its competitors, the investment will give you peace of mind knowing the product is backed by durable design features, a lifetime warranty on the frame, and a 3-year warranty on the jumping mat.

Family Friendly

Most exercise equipment is expensive, bulky, and unsafe for children or those just beginning their fitness journey. Finding the space to add exercise equipment in your home can be challenging, especially since most fitness equipment is not geared toward a total-body workout. The Maxiumus FIT Bounce PRO is designed with the entire family in mind; no matter your age, weight, or fitness level. It features a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds and boasts a strong 40-inch, high-grade steel frame, making it sturdy enough for both children and adults to use safely. The jumping mat measures 28-inches and the circular shape of the mat give ample jumping space for its consumers.

No Assembly Needed

Many of the rebounders we reviewed received negative comments regarding their difficult assembly process. Users find attaching the jumping mat to the frame extremely challenging; oftentimes requiring two or more strong adults to complete the task. The FIT Bounce PRO USA Bungee Rebounder is one of the few “no assembly required” rebounders we found on the market, and the ease of assembly is a feature that makes it shine against the majority of the competitor rebounders on the market. Once this rebounder is purchased, it takes very little time to unbox and begin using. Set-up is a breeze since the jumping mat comes attached to the frame by the bungee system upon delivery. This means you will not have to individually attach each bungee cord to the frame and jumping mat, which means you will be on your way to exercising very quickly and without any complications from the setup process.

Accessories Included

This rebounder includes many valuable accessories in the purchase price that its competitors do not. You not only receive a quality build in the rebounder itself, but you also receive a complimentary bounce counter for measuring your bounces after each workout. You get access to rebound workouts and exercises on DVD, along with a 3-month membership to online streamed workouts. Lastly, you receive a zippered storage/carry bag included in the purchase price, which makes storing or carrying your rebounder compact and convenient.

Expertly Designed

The FIT Bounce PRO USA Bungee Rebounder is designed to maximize lymphatic drainage which helps the body detoxify harmful wastes, chemicals, and excess fluid. Maintaining a stimulated lymphatic system is important to your overall health, which is why this rebounders expert design in this area, is so valuable.

It has also been designed to operate very quietly due to its patented bungee system. This system includes 60 connectors which is twice the amount you receive from many of its competitors. Having a quiet design is important if you are looking to rebound while watching television or would like to rebound without disturbing other household members and/or nearby neighbors. It has the ability to have an adjustable height stabilizing handlebar added onto the main frame, but this accessory must be purchased separately. The high-grade steel frame is designed with two hinges and a safety bolt to keep it secure while in the folded position. Setting the rebounder back up after it has been stored is a breeze since the foldable legs do not have to be detached from the frame while it is being stored. Because the legs are foldable, along with the frame, it makes storage even more compact than other rebounders touting a compact design.


If price is the only deciding factor you are taking into consideration when comparing rebounders, then you may feel this rebounder is a budget breaker. While you will not find the stabilizer handlebar accessory included in the purchase price, you will certainly find added value in the sturdy build, quick set-up, and strong warranty. While other rebounders may be less expensive, most will not come with the build quality and value that the Maximus FIT Bounce PRO offers.


Of the numerous rebounders we reviewed, few (if any) match the build quality, design features, and other value additions of the FIT Bounce PRO USA Bungee Rebounder (available at Amazon). With its unmatched warranty, ability to be used by both children and adults alike, positive user reviews, and outstanding warranty, we believe its more expensive price is well-justified. This rebounder would be a great addition (or start) to any home exercise regime. Additionally, the strong build means you will not have to worry about it breaking or becoming damaged like some cheaper models we found on the market.