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Giantex 16 Ft Trampoline Review

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Apart from trampolines providing great fun for you and your kids, they are also a fantastic way to exercise. Jumping on a trampoline is like jogging in the morning but more fun. In today’s world, there are numerous brands of trampolines currently available. Giantex is a familiar brand of trampoline that manufacturers various sizes of trampolines for all ages. Ranging from 8’ all the way up to a massive 16’ model, Giantex has a large variety of sizes to choose from. For the purposes of this review, we have taken a close look at their 16-foot trampoline with standard safety features that are commonly recommended to keep jumpers as safe as possible. If you are currently searching for a trampoline for yourself or your family, read our review below to see if the Giantex trampoline and safety net is the right one for you.

Giantex 16 FT Trampoline Review

The Giantex 16 ft trampoline is one of the larger trampolines you will find at a reasonable price. It features 6 U-shaped legs to provide support to the huge frame and jumping mat. The legs are constructed of galvanized rust-resistant steel to support a manufacturer’s suggested weight capacity of 375 lbs., which is on the higher end. In addition to the strong frame and legs, the bounce is provided by 108 rust-resistant springs to enhance their longevity. Trampoline springs are the most replaced component of most trampolines, so having durable materials can help reduce cost over time. The rust-resistant nature of the metals works well in “weatherproofing” the Giantex trampoline, but the quality of the metal is not up to the standards of some of the pricier brands.

The frame is connected by T-shaped connectors to provide enhanced strength at the joints. The U-shaped design of the legs makes the trampoline easier to move around the yard, while simultaneously strengthening the base while users are jumping. These components work well together in ensuring that the load-bearing aspect of the trampoline is working to its highest potential. This is part of what gives it a higher weight capacity when compared to similar models.

In addition to the rust-resistant metals, the jumping mat is made of heavy-duty polypropylene (PP) material to help with repelling water and protecting the mat. The stitching is tightly woven to give the mat a taut bounce. Not only is the mat protected from the elements, but the safety netting is also made of strong materials to protect from rain, wind, and damaging sun.

The 16 ft model comes included with safety features you would expect from a modern trampoline such as a safety net, ladder, and spring protector pad. Moreover, the galvanized alloy steel frames of this trampoline are padded for additional protection from wayward bounces. The no-gap design of the playing mat/spring pad of this trampoline will help you avoid any pinch hazards. The no-gap design works well and makes it difficult to get feet and toes jammed.


The weather-proofing capability of Giantex trampolines is like what would be expected from a trampoline in this price range. The rust-resistant metals and cloth materials work well, but do not expect it to last as long as one of the premium trampolines. You can expect the frame to last for many years. The jumping mat usually will need to be replaced every 2-3 years. Like with most trampolines, the springs lose elasticity over time and will need to be replaced as they wear out. Expect to get about 1-2 years of use from most of your springs. The elasticity of the jumping mat is surprisingly responsive and maintains that strong bounce for as long as your springs and mat maintain their integrity. The spring padding is durable and made of strong materials but is often one of the most abused components for most trampolines. Additionally, the safety net is sturdy and should last for at least as long as the jumping mat, provided proper maintenance and care is taken.

Sturdiness and Stability

All trampolines are involved in carrying weight. For a trampoline to be able to support any weight, it must be sturdy and stable while in use. The 16-foot model features a galvanized steel metal frame that can support a weight capacity of up to 375 pounds, which speaks to the supporting structure. Ensure that the trampoline is erected on flat and stable ground and you shouldn’t have any problems with stability. The legs maintain a level jumping area with very little wiggle or give while in use.


One of the most important aspects of this trampoline is its safety features. The galvanized rust steel frame of this trampoline will help in absorbing any pressure that will be exerted while you and your kids will be jumping and bouncing. This helps to keep the landings soft and the jumps under control. For extra stability, the trampoline is reinforced with T-shaped connectors to ensure the joints are solidly connected. Additionally, the frame poles are foam-padded. Because of this, the injuries that you or your kids may incur while jumping in this trampoline have been minimized. The safety net is made of strong materials and does a good job of keeping users within the jumping area. Another handy safety feature is the double-sided zipper and buckle to keep the netting closed. There is also a ladder that you and your kids can use for easy access to the trampoline and prevent those awkward leaps onto the device.

Easy Setup

All the accessories are included that you can use for easy assembling and set up. Setup is very intuitive and simple if you have ever done this sort of thing. Overall, this is one of the easier assemblies for a trampoline you will find. Unfortunately, the instructions could be better. Some aspects of the manual are poorly laid out and are confusing on the first read-through. Expect to spend 2-3 hours during setup, primarily devoted to attaching the springs.


The Giantex 16-foot trampoline (available at Amazon) offers budget-shoppers a solid alternative if you are looking to save some money, but still want a quality trampoline that your family can enjoy. While it doesn’t measure up to the premium brands, it does a good job at providing a fine jumping environment that is safety conscious. The bounce is above average and will allow jumpers to get plenty of air during their jumps. Additionally, the strong safety net and other safety features work well with little-to-no issues. The 16’ model is massive in the amount of room available and can easily accommodate multiple jumpers for trampoline parties, as long as the users stay below the stated weight limit. This is one of the major factors that make it one of the best outdoor trampolines for adults. Overall, this is a good investment that should last a number of years and provide many hours of jumping fun.

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