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JINS & VICO Trampoline with Basketball Hoop Review

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If you’re looking for something to entertain children and adults outdoors, trampolines are an excellent option. The Jins & Vico trampoline is a popular trampoline for a variety of users. It is commonly sold in 14 ft and 16 ft sizes and all the accessories you need to get a jump (ahem) on good times. While it isn’t in the same class as the premium models, it also doesn’t cost as much as what you would expect to pay for a premium trampoline. But does the performance hold up when compared to similar trampolines? Read our review of the Jins & Vico below to see what we think of this trampoline and whether it can meet your entertainment needs.

Our Review


The JINS & VICO Trampoline with Basketball Hoop is a trampoline that is spacious and designed for durability. It has all the perks a person could need when it comes to overall performance and safety. The amount of space within this trampoline makes it easy to use and allows it to work in different situations. This includes having it set up in the backyard with multiple people jumping inside. If the goal is to go with something sleek and refined, this does stand up as a good option.

Due to the standard Polypropylene bounce, this is also one of the best-performing options available in this price range. The combination of a well-made frame, strong and supple mat, and lively springs give the Jins & Vico a strong bounce with a very high weight capacity. Whether there is one person or more inside, the bounce remains consistent. This is key when it comes to having it work when multiple people are bouncing at different angles (by the way, this is not advised). Since polypropylene is good for maximizing performance, it will not lose its shape. This is important as it is specifically designed to handle the extra load without struggling.

The trampoline mat and springs offer one of the better bounces you will find for a mid-grade trampoline. The company stresses that the mats have been tested for 5,000 hours and offer a very high weight capacity (780 – 1000 lbs). The mat also provides a soft landing in most cases and solid footing. Some trampolines have a surface that may as well be greased with oil as jumpers slide all over the mat. Landing feels natural and does not cause feet to slip and slide. Combining high-performing springs, a well-made frame, and a strong mat have made this a trampoline that is popular amongst those looking for high bounces without costing as much as a premium model.

Jins & Vico trampoline with ladder, spring pad, safety nettingAccessories

The basketball hoop is a nice addition to the trampoline. Whether it is kids or adults, the basketball hoop offers an excellent option to play a little outside the box on the trampoline. This is great for those who want to make the most of the trampoline or maybe host a party in the backyard. The hoop is well-made, sturdy, easy to set up, and works well for all ages.

The 360-degree safety enclosure net is made of polyethylene and features a dual-zipper access point for additional security and safety. Furthermore, soft netting offers strong protection in the event of bounces that get away from the jumper. It does a good job of accounting for how a person is going to bounce around when they are inside especially when playing basketball on the hoop. Just having this type of protection is great for your peace of mind as a user. Although the net works well, it does seem flimsy at times.

In addition to the hoop and safety enclosure, the Jins & Vinco trampoline also includes a sturdy ladder and spring pad. The ladder works well in providing an easier method of mounting and entering the safety enclosure area. The foam spring padding offers additional protection from accidents involving the metal springs. It does a good job in covering the springs and rarely moves out of place.


One of the better aspects of this mid-grade trampoline is that it is built with durability in mind. The frame is made of powder-coated galvanized steel to make it more resistant to the elements. Furthermore, W-shaped legs and the balance bar design provide stability and added durability in supporting the frame and jumpers. Additionally, the soft components are also resistant to weather. Along with the net offering good protection, it also has anti-UV protection. This is good because the sun is harsh on parts of a trampoline over time.

What We Don’t Like

One issue with the Jins & Vico trampoline has to do with the instructions. The assembly instructions are not the best and they gloss over quite a few details that should be made clearer. It appears the trampoline has been made with a lot of care but the manual itself was rushed. This is not a big deal as the trampoline is still easy to set up, but it might be frustrating at first. Another issue is that the netting is not as robust as it could be. It may fray as time goes on and you will have to be meticulous about how you care for it. You should also take the time to install it properly and ensure it is securely in place. For the most part, this is not a big deal and the trampoline still works like a charm.

Final Words

When it comes to finding a trampoline that is well-rounded, safe, and built to last, the JINS & VICO Trampoline with Basketball Hoop is a winner. It has a world-class set of features that make it great for all ages. You will know it is not going to let you down as soon as it is set up.

Whether it is the quality performance or the intricate safety features, the team behind this wonderful trampoline has thought of everything and it shows. You are getting the real deal with this trampoline and it is a good option for those who want to stick within this price point.