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JumpSport 250 Fitness Trampoline Review

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Regular trips to the gym can be a challenge, even in the best of times. Busy lifestyles, kids, and everyday life responsibilities can make adhering to a regular gym schedule all but impossible. Fortunately, makers of gym equipment have provided us with numerous options to ensure there are different avenues to get the daily exercise we need. For those in search of a great cardio workout, a rebounder (a small trampoline suitable for home use) has increasingly become an attractive option. These units are easy to store and move from place to place around the home – and they are also great for smaller spaces such as apartments.

One great choice of the rebounder is the JumpSport 250 ‘In-Home Cardio Fitness Rebounder’ – however, is this piece of equipment right for you? Let’s take a closer look.

Our Review

Firstly, this rebounder is perfect for use when there are other members of the household. It doesn’t have any noisy springs (it uses elasticized bungee cords which are manufactured using Endurolast-technology’ to ensure that they last twice as long as normal springs) so you can exercise in the early mornings without having to suffer the glares that might be a result of waking people up in the early hours. The rebounder experience is also safer due to the padding material (called ‘petals) that covers the bungee cords. This avoids the risk of a misstep leading to a leg plunging through the gaps between the cords. These ‘petals’ also allow the user to make the most out of the entire exercise area of the rebounder – a full 1030 square inches. In fact, the addition of these petals increases the surface area of the rebounder by 60%, meaning that a full range of movement – and a greater variety of exercises can be enjoyed.

An Adaptable Mini-Trampoline

This is the perfect rebounder for those up to 250 pounds in weight. This means that it is great for those who are starting on their path towards a fitter lifestyle. The fact that it can cope with those up to this weight means that it is also suitable for men and women at an intermediate level. In fact, the durability and safety of this unit also make it perfect for kids – so the entire family can get a workout in the comfort of their own home. Feedback from users has also indicated that the variety of exercises that are possible using the unit means that it is simply a fun experience – so the younger members of the family should be entertained and enjoy a great exercise session. This is wonderful, given that many parents are faced with a homeschooling environment – some exercise for the kids during the course of the day in the comfort of home is a welcome distraction.

Pay Attention to the Extras

It’s also worth noting that very young children will benefit from the ‘handle-bar’ that is sold separately – this adds a greater element of safety for those little legs that might not be used to the bounce experience. This bar is also great for helping adults maintain a good posture during training, so it’s an add-on that is well worth a second look.

Another reason that it is perfect for those who are starting out on their journey toward a fitter lifestyle, but are new to the rebounder experience is the fact that it is supplied with a DVD that will help beginners come to grips with what exactly a rebounder (this model in particular) can offer them.

Quality and Portability

As far as the quality of the construction is concerned users should have no complaints when it comes to the durability of this piece of equipment. It has been described by users as resembling a heavy-duty piece of exercise equipment that would not look out of place in an upscale members-only gym. The fact that is incredibly easy to assemble also means that it is suitable for the home user who may not have the experience necessary to put complex pieces of home gym equipment together (most users report that they were able to fully assemble this rebounder in around 10 minutes, seeing that it simply a case of attaching the legs, the rest arrives pre-assembled). This ease of assembly works in the opposite way as well – the unit is incredibly easy to disassemble – especially when it comes to removing the legs. This makes it easy to store even when there is a lack of cupboard space. Simply slip it behind the sofa and it will not inconvenience the members of the household. It can even fold up for easy transport to remote locations (when those COVID-19 restrictions make travel a logical option).

On the subject of the legs – the design means that it is non-slip, so it is a stable platform that will not shift, no matter the flooring. This makes it especially suitable for apartments and homes which are tiled or have smooth wooden floors.


This rebounder has everything that the beginner, intermediate, or experienced home exercise aficionado could possibly want. The addition of the DVD also makes getting started easy. It offers great value for money and it is easy to assemble and move from room to room and storage is a breeze. The large surface area makes it possible to enjoy a wide range of exercises and it is suitable for almost all body types. The addition of the handle-bar even makes it a great option for very young kids who might want to enjoy the excitement and fun.

When all is said and done the JumpSport 250 In-Home Cardio Fitness Rebounder (available at Amazon) ticks all the right boxes. If you want to keep up your cardio regime even when leaving the house is not an option, or when you want quick access to a piece of equipment that makes home exercise easy then this might just be the right choice.

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