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JumpSport 350 PRO Mini Trampoline Review

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The JumpSport 350 PRO is one of the most incredible adult trampolines that can support up to 300 pounds (136 kilos). Weighing more doesn’t mean this trampoline will make a lot of noise. In fact, it is impressively silent. It allows the user to jump or bounce on it freely without making cranking noises and disturbing anyone. This rebounder has a 32.5-inch jumping surface and a 36-inch frame, providing enough room to perform various exercises easily. The entire product weighs only 21.8 pounds. It is easy to set up anywhere in the house or the backyard.

Best Features

Strong and Supportive Legs

It’s a no-brainer that when someone is looking for a mini-trampoline, they would want strong legs to ensure the rebounder’s durability. The JumpSport 350 PRO provides the best supportive legs one could ask for. The trampoline supports not only the user’s weight but also its own weight. And it does so without making even a hint of noise. It comes with 16-gauge, commercial-grade steel legs so that they can stand the test of time. Instead of the traditional straight legs, the makers used curved legs to provide additional support and stability while it is being used.

Endurolast Elastic Cords

The quality of the cords that hold the trampoline together is crucial to determine the longevity of the rebounder. Fortunately, JumpSport doesn’t compromise on this front (see how it stacks up against the best bungee cord rebounders). It uses Endurolast elastic cords that are specially designed to stretch far more than average elastic cords. This means the user can jump on the trampoline every day without fearing that the cords will give up. These cords reduce the stress that the user’s weight puts on the trampoline, thereby improving its durability.

Moreover, the Endurolast elastic cords used in this model are longer than regular cords used in other mini trampolines. Additionally, these cords also offer unmatched adjustability. Users can tighten or loosen the cords to tune the resistance to the perfect bounce for you. Not everyone likes their mini trampoline’s bounce to be the same. Adjusting the resistance on the JumpSport rebounder adds a nice touch of elegance that is lacking in cheaper models.

Replacing trampoline cords is often expensive. But JumpSport 350 PRO makes sure that users don’t need to replace their Endurolast elastic cords because of their premium quality. The bungee cords are highly durable and can be expected to last much longer than what would normally be expected.

Wide and Protected Surface

Bouncing on a mini-trampoline comes with small degrees of injury possibility. Smaller jumping surfaces and metal springs are often cause for concern. The JumpSport 350 PRO doesn’t disappoint in this regard and takes into account some missteps can happen. It has one of the largest surfaces compared to some of its counterparts. The 32.5-inch bouncing area is enough for even the biggest person to exercise or jump comfortably.

Sometimes users don’t land precisely where they started. This may seem to be problematic on other rebounders but not this one. The JumpSport 350 PRO comes with a mat extension skirt that covers the elastic cords to ensure that users get a slightly extended landing surface if they don’t land in the same place. Most importantly, it has a petal design that keeps the user-centered while exercising.

Stability and Safety

The JumpSport 350 PRO is ideal for those who want to start exercising on a trampoline for the first time. Old-style rebounders may not provide the stability that a beginner needs because they would wobble once they go up. That’s where this model makes a world of difference. Its ultra-supportive arch legs and Endurolast elastic cords ensure that the surface doesn’t wobble when the user gets up. From high-intensity training to balancing exercises, this rebounder works brilliantly for everyone.

Virtually Silent

It’s irritating to hear screeching noises while exercising. This happens due to old springs wearing down over time. But the JumpSport 350 PRO uses elastic cords instead of springs, making it virtually silent. It lasts more than 1 million bounces, which is far more than any other competitive trampoline. There are 36 premium Endurolast elastic cords that provide smooth bounce and low impact. The user can adjust the firmness on 4 levels. It doesn’t matter whether a person uses this rebounder in the morning or at night; it promises not to make even the slightest of noise.


• Total body exercise – A 20-minute workout on this trampoline is similar to 30 minutes of running every day. It is a gem of a product for fitness freaks. The JumpSport 350 PRO slows down atrophy that usually leads to aging. It aims to provide the fountain of youth to its users.
• Good for cardio – Cardio doesn’t necessarily have to be high-intensity running, Zumba, or swimming. Instead, a person can spend 15 minutes on the JumpSport 350 PRO to achieve the same results. Rebounding on this trampoline can successfully alleviate symptoms of heart diseases. It increases the lipids that work in tandem with proteins to burn fat quickly and at a cellular level.
• Good for weight loss – Rebounding makes every muscle in the body work. It is the best way to maintain the body’s muscle-to-fat ratio. Working out on this trampoline every day not only burns fat but also reduces cellulite. This means a user may notice significant changes to his bodyweight after exercising on this trampoline for a month. Jumping on the trampoline improves resting metabolic rate and boosts metabolism, resulting in a faster calorie burn-out.
• Good for mental health and balance – Rebounding on the JumpSport 350 PRO can reduce stress significantly. Only a few exercises on this rebounder can release endorphins, allowing the user to sleep well at night. It helps to stay focused for a longer period.


• It is slightly pricey compared to similar trampolines. But one can’t ignore the quality of the materials used to make this rebounder.

Final verdict

The JumpSport 350 PRO (available at Amazon) is undoubtedly one of the best fitness trampolines available right now. It is best for users who can’t afford too much space to install a full-sized trampoline. The sturdy construction, together with premium-quality materials, make this rebounder a must-buy for fitness enthusiasts who don’t want to spend time at the gym. Why go to the gym when you can bring the gym home?