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JumpSport 370 PRO Fitness Trampoline Review

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Are you searching for a mini trampoline that is used by fitness studios? Do you want to get the best value for your money? Do you want a mini trampoline that is easy on your neck and shoulders and allows you to perform a wide range of fitness routines? If the answer to these questions is yes, the JumpSport 370 Pro fitness trampoline is the one you want.

Firstly, you should know that the brand JumpSport is a family-owned and USA based business. All of their products are designed as well as engineered in the USA and they have been in the industry for more than 20 years. What makes this product stand out among a sea of mini-trampolines is its reliability, patented design, durability, and sheer value for money. It’s a brand that is known in the industry for the highest quality products and the 370 Pro is no exception.

JumpSport 370 Pro


The first thing you notice about this fitness trampoline is the patented no-tip arched leg design. The legs have been specifically designed to make sure that it does not tip over regardless of where you jump on this rebounder. You want to feel safe when jumping on a mini trampoline and this design ensures that you are always safe.

One of the biggest problems with bungee cord rebounders is that they tend to be great around the edges but when you land near the center, you experience coning. This is due to the reason that bands used in these rebounders do not offer enough support for the whole jumping mat. This is why, people tend to keep their feet closer to the edges to feel safe when bouncing.

The JumpSport 370 Pro mini trampoline is different as you don’t need to worry about where you’re going to land on the mat. It offers the most predictable and safest bounce. One of the reasons is that it uses EnduroLast 4 elastic cords that are advanced bungee cords and are designed to stretch at least twice their resting length. On the other hand, low-cost alternatives use standard bungee cords that are able to stretch only 25% of their resting length. Also, they use up to 66 feet of elastic cord on the rebounders whereas you will find only 15 feet of bungee cord on similar sized low-cost rebounders. The better elasticity of the bungee cord and additional length helps in reducing stress on the bungee cords which makes it last longer and ensures safety.


There are a total of 36 adjustable cords with up to 7 different tension levels which means you can easily change the tension settings to get exactly what you want. You don’t get this flexibility with other rebounders.

Bounce Area

You get a total of 510 square inches of bounce area but the total workout area comes out of 1030 square inches including the skirt with petals. The frame diameter is 39 inches and you get enough space on this mini trampoline to include a wide range of workouts in your routine.

Weight Limit

The upper weight limit for this high-quality rebounder is 300 pounds.


A quick look at the customer reviews will tell you that people are surprised when they first jump on the 370 Pro fitness trampoline, especially after switching over from a spring-based trampoline or other low-quality rebounders. The comfort level, the feeling of safety and the adjustable tension levels are some of the things that make a huge difference to your overall bounding experience. Also, this particular model uses more than 50 feet of highly advanced bungee cord which means it is likely to last a long time. They also provide a home use warranty of 4 years (!) for the mat and bungee cords and a lifetime warranty for the frame and the legs.

Assembly is Easy

Most of the product comes already assembled and you will get the softest suspension setting when you open the package.

Material Quality

The jumping mat is made of permatron polypropylene. It is a high-quality material and is likely to last for years. In fact, the 370 Pro model has been tested by the company to last at least 1.2 million bounces whereas competitive models are likely to last for only 100k to 300k bounces.


Made of the highest quality material
Uses more than 50 feet of EnduroLast 4 elastic cords whereas competitors typically use only up to 15 feet of bungee cords
There are a total of 36 adjustable cords that allow 7 adjustable tension settings
It is virtually silent and you wouldn’t hear anything while jumping on it
The patented arched leg design ensures additional stability and prevents any tipping
It uses a 16 gauge commercial grade steel tubing for added strength and durability
It weighs only 22 pounds which makes it easy to move around your house
It has a maximum weight rating of 300 pounds
It comes with an excellent warranty for various parts


It does not fold which means you can’t take it with you on trips
The exercise videos supplied with the product are very basic.

Is the JumpSport 370 Pro Fitness Trampoline Right for You?

A rebounder doesn’t come cheap, especially a high-quality rebounder which is likely to last for many years. Before you get stuck on the price, consider the value it adds to your life. A good quality rebounder will keep you happy while working out. You can enjoy rebounding while watching TV. In fact, it is so comfortable and joyful that you will carve out time from your busy schedule to spend 20 to 30 minutes on this rebounder, almost daily.

The patented design ensures that you are always safe while jumping on this mini-trampoline. Also, there are a total of 7 adjustable tension levels that allow you to choose the intensity while jumping. It has an upper weight limit of 300 pounds which means multiple family members can use it without any issues. Also, it is important to mention here that fitness studios prefer this particular model and you will find several JumpSport 370 Pro trampolines (available at Amazon) in fitness studios.

Overall, if you are searching for a high-quality rebounder that makes rebounding fun and enjoyable, and lasts a long time, the JumpSport 370 Pro mini trampoline should be at the top of your priority list.