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JUMPZYLLA 10FT Trampoline and Enclosure Review

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JumpZylla is a relatively recent entrant in the trampoline space. The brand was established in 2020 with the goal to create the best outdoor trampoline for kids. As they say, their trampolines are designed by parents, for parents. As such, the JUMPZYLLA 10FT trampoline and enclosure seeks to offer a high-quality experience to families by providing a trampoline that is adaptable, affordable, and safe. Read our review below to see what we think of this trampoline and whether it will work for you and your family.


These are available in two sizes: 10′ and 12′. The 10′ trampoline has a maximum weight rating of 330 pounds whereas the 12′ model has a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds. The height and width of the 10′ trampoline are 93 inches and 120 inches respectively whereas the 12′ trampoline is 100 inches high and 144 inches wide. Both these sizes are available in black, blue, and orange colors.

Safety-First Approach

What makes this brand stand out is its safety-first approach to design. They have taken the time to design a trampoline that is focused on kids’ safety to the extreme. For instance, their trampolines come equipped with four W-shaped legs whereas most of the other options in the market have only three legs. Four legs provide a lot more stability.

Similarly, this trampoline features curved bars and there is quite a bit of space between the safety net and the curved bar. This innovative design helps prevent injuries, which is not the case with a trampoline with straight bars. It complies with the ASTM F381-16 standard safety specification. This safety specification covers the use of consumer trampolines.

Solid Construction

One of the biggest problems with trampolines is the use of poor quality materials which leads to early failure. The JumpZylla team has paid special attention to the material used for constructing various components. The frame is made of high-quality steel alloy and is double powder coated to protect against rust and inclement weather. In short, you won’t have to worry about rust for a long time. The 360-degree net enclosure is made of extra high-density material to ensure the safety of the kids. Also, each curved bar has foam padding to provide extra protection and safety to the kids. The U-shaped legs are made from 1.3 mm thick steel alloy to provide extra strength and stability. The legs and the connectors are also powder-coated to keep them safe from rusting.

Springs and Jumping Mat

The JUMPZYLLA 10′ trampoline uses premium quality springs that are guaranteed to last for a long time. The spring cover is made of waterproof PVC with 14 mm foam inside. It keeps kids safe and also protects the springs. With an extra thick and UV-resistant jumping mat, you don’t need to worry about discoloration or a worn-out look within a few weeks or months. With proper maintenance, this trampoline should retain its looks for years to come.

Ease of Assembly

A trampoline is bulky and takes a large time to assemble. If you’re going to assemble it single-handedly, it should take you anywhere from 2 to 3 hours. If you have help, it shouldn’t take you more than 1.5 hours. They have paid special attention to the ease of assembly. This is why you will get every single component needed for assembly as part of one single package. You don’t need to wait for different parts to arrive as everything is packaged nicely inside a single box to allow you to get started as soon as you get the delivery. They provide detailed instructions on assembly. You will find an animated installation video on their website that clearly shows how you should go about assembling the trampoline.

Responsive Customer Service

Customer service isn’t exactly a priority for trampoline companies. Most people have experienced poor support from trampoline companies but JumpZylla is different. Their responsive customer service will not only answer all your queries but will also help you get replacement parts, as and when needed. Delighted customers have happily posted several positive reviews online sharing their pleasant experiences with the customer service team.

Value for Money

If you compare the price of this trampoline with similar-sized trampolines in the market, you will find that it is a bit expensive. There are cheaper options available in the market but what you may not know is that cheaper trampolines usually last only a few weeks or months. You will have to frequently order replacement parts for cheaper trampolines which defeat the purpose of buying a cheap trampoline. This company offers an extensive warranty backed by an excellent customer service team. They take product quality and customer service seriously and if something breaks within the warranty period, they will gladly send you a free replacement. In short, it is a value-for-money product that has stood the test of time.

Hours of Fun

This trampoline has ample weight capacity to allow 5 to 6 kids to jump on it at once without any issues. Four W-shaped legs keep it stable and it should never wobble when assembled and installed in the right manner.

Where It Shines

One of the best things about this trampoline is the safety-first approach. After all, when you let a bunch of kids jump on a spring-loaded mat, the most important thing that matters is the safety of the kids. The design team has succeeded in creating a trampoline that is completely safe for kids. Even 5 to 6 kids jumping at the same time isn’t an issue. It features four legs (as compared to 3 legs in other trampolines) that provide extra stability to the frame. Galvanized and reinforced legs, as well as the sockets, ensure protection from rust for a long time. The 14 mm thick foam padding ensures that kids do not get entangled in the springs while jumping. Most of the popular trampolines feature only a 12 mm thick foam padding. The jumping mat is made of high-quality PVC and is UV resistant which means it is likely to retain the fresh looks even when exposed to heavy weather in the outdoors.

The brand also shines in the customer service department. There are plenty of online reviews where buyers are delighted by the customer service team. They respond quickly and also help customers get replacement parts quickly. The brand offers a generous warranty and more importantly, they honor the warranty which isn’t something you can say about most other trampoline brands.

Where It Falls Short

Some people might find the assembly to be a bit difficult. It is tedious to put together single-handedly. If possible, you should get help for assembly and installation. It shouldn’t take more than 1.5 hours for proper assembly with two people doing the job.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s a safety-first trampoline aimed at kids. Almost everything about this product screams quality including the materials used for frame and legs, safety net and jumping mat as well as springs. What makes things even better is their customer service which is responsive and always eager to help customers. It won’t be wrong to say that this trampoline should last you several years with regular maintenance. If you’re searching for an outdoor trampoline for your kids, the JumpZylla 10 feet trampoline with enclosure should be at the top of your priority list. It is made of high-quality materials and is backed by a knowledgeable and helpful customer service team.