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JUPA Outdoor Trampoline With Enclosure Net Review

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Trampolines can be one of the best investments you make for entertainment. Studies show that trampolines offer a lot of the same benefits as running on a treadmill. It even helps kids build up their balance. However, there is always one fear a lot of parents have when it comes to buying one. That is, the safety of their children while using it. Luckily, there are many manufacturers like JUPA that have designed trampolines with safety as a priority. This is true with the JUPA Outdoor trampoline. By the end of this review, you should be able to tell whether or not this trampoline is right for your family.

Our JUPA Trampoline Review


As with any parent, the safety of your children is likely to be your greatest concern. This trampoline offers a lot of safety features that should alleviate your worries. For one, all JUPA outdoor trampolines are approved with certification to be safe for kids. This specific trampoline features a heavy-duty safety enclosure that gives you peace of mind knowing your child won’t be falling off the trampoline during use as the safety enclosure is one of the best you’ll find. It also has a thick safety pad that fully covers the entire frame. This pad is made up of PE and PVC and it’s a full .8-inches thick. It covers both the frame and the springs. Not having the springs exposed to your kids while jumping will guarantee they don’t get their arms or legs caught in the springs and cause injury.

Build Quality

This trampoline also happens to have one of the best and most durable frames you’ll find anywhere. JUPA is well-known for producing some high-quality trampolines. This one is no exception. This trampoline is made up of rust-resistant galvanized steel. This is essential for buying an outdoor trampoline because your trampoline will be exposed to the elements. You don’t want a trampoline that is going to break down or rust after being exposed to moisture. Because the frame is so well-built and because it’s made of such sturdy material, it provides a very steady and balanced jumping experience. This can keep your kids from falling because of base wobble which makes it safer for having multiple kids jumping at a single time. The trampoline is rated to hold as much as 375 pounds for the larger varieties and 350 for the smaller sizes (8FT & 10FT).

Excellent Bounce

One of the key things you should be looking for when buying a trampoline would be the bounce performance. This trampoline is no slouch in this regard. This is likely due to the fact it features strong galvanized springs. This enables this trampoline to offer much better elasticity than trampolines that are using smaller and less sturdy springs. It also means these springs will be resistant to corrosion and rusting. This is a must when you are shopping for a trampoline that will offer years and years of performance. Having a trampoline with solid springs ensures you won’t be replacing it for quite some time.

Assembly Process

This trampoline is very easy to assemble. Having an easy assembly can be a major benefit for some consumers. No one wants to spend hours trying to figure things out due to having poor documentation and wrong fitting components. This trampoline is easy and straightforward to put together. It includes all of the accessories you would need including a heavy-duty ladder made from galvanized steel, a safety enclosure net, a spring pull tool, and even a U-shaped wind stake for more secure fitting.

Five Different Sizes

The JUPA Outdoor trampolines offer a good selection of sizes to choose from. It comes in 5 different sizes that you can choose from depending on the amount of space you have in your backyard. You can choose from a trampoline that is 8 feet, 10 feet, 12 feet, 14 feet, or 15 feet.

What We Like/Don’t Like


Excellent Base Design – One of the key things to look at when you are shopping for a trampoline is its base design. After all, the base design will dictate how sturdy the unit is while people are jumping on it. It offers even weight distribution and makes it much easier to keep the trampoline from sliding or moving during use. This JUPA trampoline includes wind stakes with angled ends that make it easy to install into the ground. This helps to add even greater stability to the base of the trampoline which makes it extremely sturdy while in use.

Comes With Rain Cover – This trampoline comes with an all-season-use trampoline rain cover. This means you can cover up your trampoline when it’s not being used for periods. This can protect it from getting too much exposure from the sunlight, rain, or even snow. This can help you keep your trampoline looking and performing optimally throughout the year. While the trampoline’s design is meant to be capable of withstanding exposure to the elements outdoors, having extra protection is always a good thing.

No-Gap Enclosure – One of the things that some trampolines get wrong is having a gap between the safety enclosure net and the jumping mat. Having a gap can lead to injuries. It can make one susceptible to getting an extremity stuck in that gap area. This no-gap design makes it impossible to have that happen. The safety enclosure net is tightly connected to the steel poles. The steel poles have foam on them to keep them from being a safety hazard. This makes it much safer to use for anyone.

Strong Value Buy – The combination of performance and cost savings is tough to beat. While the JUPA trampoline may not be as cheap as some other models, it doesn’t reach exorbitant prices either. The cost of the trampoline fits snugly in the lower end of the mid-grade trampolines but offers performance and features many would expect to see in much more expensive models.


Wind Stakes – The wind stakes, while a nice addition, could be of higher quality to better anchor the trampoline during periods of high winds. As this is a trampoline and is solid and weighty, it does take a fairly strong wind to affect the device. Strong wind stakes that anchor more firmly into the ground would provide additional peace of mind. Fortunately, wind stakes are relatively inexpensive and a good set can be purchased without much problem.

Our Verdict

If you are after a high-quality trampoline for your kids and you want something that makes no compromises in the safety department, this is an excellent option. JUPA has made one of the best designed and safest trampolines in a variety of sizes making it ideal for families. The JUPA Outdoor Trampoline (available at Amazon) offers strong performance and all the features you would expect in a trampoline for the family. Furthermore, the price is appealing for a mid-grade trampoline as it won’t set you back too much and should last for years to come. There are very few problems associated with this model and we believe it is an excellent option for almost any family. Especially considering the variety of sizes allows for one to fit in almost any yard.