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LANGXUN 60-Inch Trampoline For Kids Review

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A trampoline can be one of the best purchases for kids. Not only is it fun to use, but it can encourage them to spend more time outdoors and to exercise. There was a study that showed regular trampoline use could be life-changing for kids. Not only did it help improve their fitness levels, but it also improved their balance and basic motor skills. Because of this, you may be looking to purchase one for your children. With so many different trampolines currently available, you may have difficulty choosing between the various options. If you have been shopping online, you’ve likely come across the highly rated LANGXUN 60-Inch trampoline for kids. Does the trampoline live up to the hype? Read below to see what we think.

What We Think of the LANGXUN for Kids

The LANGXUN is a trampoline for young children that intends to impress buyers by providing a high-quality experience at an affordable price. This particular trampoline not only looks the part, but it acts the part too. It features springs that meet the German GS quality standards. Therefore, the trampoline can comfortably hold up to 220 pounds, plenty for multiple kids or even an adult. The components are sturdily made and built to last. The soft parts of the trampoline are made of better than average materials as they are built to withstand the rigors of being used outdoors and the punishment of constant use. Even if an adult is jumping on the trampoline, it doesn’t feel flimsy or like a toy. This feels like a full-size trampoline but is built in a much more compact design.

Frame and Mat

The frame of the trampoline is not only sturdy, but it’s also rust-resistant.  As with most trampoline frames, it is nearly indestructible aside from a hurricane throwing it across the yard. The jumping mat is made of high-density UV-resistant polypropylene material and offers a soft landing area during bounces. As this is both an indoor (provided you have the room) and outdoor trampoline, the UV protection reduces the effects the sun can have on the mat over time, thus increasing the value. While the mat and springs aren’t intended to be gymnastics-quality components, they provide plenty of bounce for children.


This trampoline was built with safety features that can put your mind at ease. Not only does it feature upgraded protection with its no-gap design, but it also provides ample padding. A lot of trampolines are inherently flawed in their design. They typically have a gap separating both the base and the springs, which can cause injuries. This particular trampoline doesn’t. Therefore, you end up with a safer-to-use trampoline for children. Not to mention, there is little to no risk of your children falling out or entering without permission. It comes with an L-type zipper in the safety enclosure that makes it easier for children to fit through the opening and to keep them from falling out on errant bounces. The safety enclosure includes reinforced T-sockets to improve durability and stability. The T-sockets offer additional protection from twisting or bending over time.


The features are one of the first things you’re likely to look at when you are weighing your options. After all, some trampolines are packed with them and some lack even the most basic features you may want. The LANGXUN comes with the type of features that you would want. Not only is it incredibly easy to assemble right out of the box, but it doesn’t require any additional tools during the assembly process. This alone makes it a very convenient trampoline to get set up right when you get it. The assembly process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes and you’re ready to start jumping! The included safety enclosure and spring padding are excellent at keeping the jumpers safe. In addition, an adjustable height basketball hoop and children’s dartboard are also included to spice up jumping sessions. The hoop and dartboard are built with children in mind, but adults can have a little fun with them as well.

Final Words

LANGXUN did not skimp on the build quality of this trampoline. This leaves buyers with a trampoline that is not only a good performer with excellent bounce but also one that is built to withstand the test of time. If you want an affordable trampoline for your kids that’s built to last, this trampoline should be on your shortlist. It’s a great option for anyone looking for a trampoline that’s capable of being used both indoors and outside. It has all of the safety features you could want in a trampoline to give you the peace of mind you need while your children are using it. The various safety features, basketball hoop, and dartboard enhance an already good value. Overall, the LANGXUN 60″ trampoline for kids is a solid option to keep the little ones happy.