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Leaps & ReBounds Rebounder

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LEAPS & REBOUNDS Rebounder is a premium choice for your fitness and rebounder needs. While the price reflects the superior materials used to construct this rebounder, the attention to detail and features it offers, make it well worth the more expensive price. You will receive a top-notch bounce from its bungees. The bungees are made from soft latex rubber and durability is provided from the strong carbon steel frame.

If you have bounced on a rebounder in the past (or read through rebounder product reviews), some of the most common negative observations are that the product wears out too quickly. In some cases, it is the jumping mat that becomes torn or stretched out, and in other instances, the bungees become too stretched out and begin breaking. Another drawback is that on some rebounders the frame begins to flex. This rebounder delivers a durable product that will withstand rigorous use, time and time again.

Fully Customizable

Unlike other rebounders, the LEAPS & REBOUNDS model is fully customizable. You have the option to pick both the color and size that best fit your individual wants and needs. We did not find another rebounder that allowed for customization of both size and color, and we think users will appreciate these customizable options.

This rebounder gives its users the option of a 40-inch frame or a 48-inch frame. The smaller 40-inch frame comes with a 29-inch jumping mat and will be a great choice for those with limited space to use (and store) the rebounder in their home. It also delivers a firmer bounce than its 48-inch counterpart. The 48-inch frame rebounder delivers a softer bounce but does take up a bit more floor space than the smaller rebounder. It has a 39-inch jumping mat that will deliver a great bounce for both beginners and those who are looking to master more advanced rebounding techniques. Additionally, there is the option to pick the color that best fits your style since the LEAPS & REBOUNDS Rebounder comes in six color variations: blue, gray, green, orange, pink, and red.

Quality Guaranteed

The hefty price tag of this rebounder may be off-putting to some, but as you review the materials used for the LEAPS & REBOUNDS Rebounder – Fitness Trampoline, you will see that this rebounder is made from quality products that far exceed the competition. The jumping mat is made from zero-stretch, UV-resistant polypropylene material. It is imperative that the jumping mat be made of strong and durable material, otherwise, after a short amount of time, the mat may become stretched out or torn. With this quality product, there is no need to worry about the jumping mat becoming damaged.

The frame is made of strong carbon steel, which means it will not become bent or damaged, even after vigorous use. Depending on the rebounder size you choose, the frame can withstand either 220 pounds with the 40-inch frame or 250 pounds with the 48-inch frame. The bungees are made from a soft, latex rubber that is flexible enough to provide an enjoyable bounce without being too firm or too flexible.

Unmatched Warranty

Many rebounder retailers only offer a warranty for the first 30 to 90 days and some manufacturers do not offer a warranty at all. This model far surpasses the competition with regards to its protection plan. With its lifetime warranty, there is no fear of the rebounder breaking or becoming damaged and not being covered by the warranty.

They also include a lifetime warranty on the stabilizing handlebar that can be added onto the rebounder for additional support; however, the handlebar must be purchased separately as it is not included in the rebounder’s purchase price. With such a steep purchase price, it gives great peace of mind to know that, should anything happen to your rebounder, the warranty has you covered, for life.

Fixed Frame

One option we wish the LEAPS & REBOUNDS Rebounder offered, that some of the competition features with their rebounder, is a foldable frame. On models that offer a foldable design, users have the option of folding the frame in half (or quarters, if the design allows) so that when the rebounder is not being used, it can be stored away more compactly. It is also easier to travel with the rebounder or move it from room to room in your home when the design is foldable.

Unfortunately, the rebounder has been designed with a fixed frame, so you will need to designate a minimum of 40 to 48-inches (depending on the rebounder size you purchase) to use and store this rebounder. The frame legs are individually attached by screws, so there is the option of unscrewing the legs so the rebounder could be stored a bit more compactly than if you left the legs attached. It is important to decide which size option will work best for the available space in your home, keeping in mind that you will not be able to fold the frame in half when it is not in use.


The LEAPS & REBOUNDS Trampoline is a rebounder that does not sacrifice quality for the price. The materials used on this rebounder set it apart from competitors, along with its strong lifetime warranty. If you ever owned a cheaper and less durable rebounder in the past, you will not mind paying a premium for this quality rebounder, especially since it will hold up to use for years to come.

The ability to customize the LEAPS & REBOUNDS Rebounder with six different color options is also appealing as a consumer since you can decide what color option will best suit your individual style. With its unrivaled lifetime warranty and premium overall build, you will not be disappointed with this rebounder should you decide to add it to your fitness regime.