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Merax 14 FT Trampoline Review

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Merax is a well-known producer of a variety of recreational products. The Merax line of trampolines is intended to offer buyers a high-end experience at an affordable price, as do many of their other products. The Merax 12 FT and 14 FT trampolines demonstrate the company’s commitment to safe family fun with a trampoline that is accessible to many families. These models are available with numerous features including a safety enclosure and basketball hoop to improve the trampoline’s versatility and safety. We have looked at the 14’ model to see how it compares to similar trampolines and whether it truly offers big-budget craftsmanship at small-budget pricing. Read below to find out what TrampolinesReviewed thinks of the Merax 14 FT trampoline with enclosure.


A new Merax 14-foot trampoline comes in 3 boxes with tools and a manual to help with setting it up and getting you jumping as soon as possible. Including the safety net, the trampoline measures approximately 10.8 feet in height and a diameter of 14ft. The jumping mat is raised off the ground at the height of 2.95ft. The safety enclosure itself measures a robust 6.5 ft tall to ensure the jumpers stay within the jumping area, even when things get rowdy. The trampoline features a built-in entertainment basketball hoop for a double dose of fun with your kids while jumping.

This trampoline includes a total of 72 galvanized heavy gauge trampoline springs that are securely attached to the jumping mat and the frame to offer an impressive jumping experience. The safety enclosure net and the jumping mat are made from a durable, high-quality material that is UV resistant to offer you prolonged usage, prevent premature fading, and save on the cost of replacing them now and then. The mat is tightly woven and covered with a durable spring pad; therefore, you should not worry about your feet or hand getting stuck in the gaps.

The enclosure nets’ poles are made from heavy-duty galvanized steel that is rust-resistant and is supported by 6 W-shaped legs for added stability. The poles are also padded to prevent children from bruises or injuries in the event of a wayward bounce. An included ladder enhances safety and usability as it greatly improves mounting the trampoline. The ladder is made of sturdy and durable material. Furthermore, the trampoline is sturdy enough to support up to 330 lbs., meaning; it can support 2 adults or about 4-6 kids.

Key Features

10KG weightHigh Weight Capacity

The 14-foot trampoline supports an impressive 330 lbs. of weight, which is on the higher end of budget trampolines. It is large and springy, with enough bounce to propel multiple jumpers to exhilarating heights without being dangerous. Finding a high weight capacity trampoline can sometimes be difficult and Merax does a good job at offering users a high threshold for a variety of jumpers. While it doesn’t hold up to some of the more expensive models as far as weight is concerned, 330 lbs. is more than adequate for most people’s use.


The trampoline is made from mostly high-quality materials that make it durable and features some standard design considerations to add to the trampoline’s longevity. For example, the frames and poles are made from galvanized steel to help with resistance to corrosion, rust, and outdoor elements. Expect the frame to never need replacing unless an unforeseen occurrence causes damage (i.e. storms, high winds). Additionally, the UV-resistant nature of the soft components (net, jumping mat, etc.….) further enhance the durability and extend the amount of time needed before these parts need to be replaced.

The W-shaped legs provide a solid base of support to better hold the weight of the trampoline and the jumpers. Furthermore, this design allows the entire trampoline to be easily moved along the ground should the need arise to shift its current position. While this makes it easier to move, it is surprisingly stable while in use with little to no “wiggle”. For additional stability, it is a simple task to place a few sandbags over the legs for a little extra peace of mind.

Should any issues occur, you can also rest assured of a strong 5-year warranty that protects the trampoline from factory defects or other aspects out of your control. Their customer support is responsive and knowledgeable about Merax products.

Performance and Safety

The Merax 14’ performed well when compared to other budget trampolines. The 72 galvanized springs and tightly woven jumping mat provide ample enough bounce for all manner of tricks and flips. While it does not compare to the bounces you would expect from a rectangle trampoline or even one of the premium models, you won’t be disappointed.

Considering the “air” that can be achieved, proper safety precautions are expected. The safety net is attached to 5 foam-padded poles with 1 extra thick pole for additional support. The supporting structures hold the net in place securely and it feels very firm. Furthermore, the soft spring padding does a good job at providing a no-gap architecture to ensure hands and feet do not become entangled in the springs.

Cordless DrillAdditional Features and Assembly

One of the better aspects of the Merax trampoline is the basketball net. Most trampolines that include a basketball hoop seem almost as if they are just thrown on for good measure. That is not the case with this one. The basketball hoop is extremely well-made and sturdy although not so solid that you need to worry about injury. The netting is tightly attached and feels as if it will last a very long time. This is one of the better basketball accessories you will find on any trampoline, regardless of the price.

Assembly can be tedious, as with most trampolines, but isn’t as bad as you may expect. The instruction manual can be confusing with some oddly worded instructions, but it isn’t as bad as some. A spring hook tool is included to help attach the springs and it comes in very handy. An automatic drill is recommended to make screwing in the screws faster and much easier. Finally, a good pair of work gloves will make your life easier as you assemble the trampoline. Overall, you can expect to spend 2-3 hours to fully assemble the trampoline, with the safety net taking up the majority of the time. Having an extra pair of hands is always a good idea while setting up a trampoline, and the Merax trampoline is no exception.


• Great value buy
• Excellent basketball hoop
• Strong performance for a budget model
• Durability and stability are impressive
• Excellent customer support
• Good warranty


• Assembly can be tedious
• Instruction manual can be confusing
• Increased wind resistance from the basketball backboard


The Merax 14-foot trampoline (available at Amazon) with a safety enclosure performs very well for almost any family who is looking for a solid trampoline without spending a small fortune. It is one of the better value buys you’ll find. It has a few minor problems, but nothing that the low price tag doesn’t gloss over. The strong bounce and attention to safety are top-notch. A sturdy and durable design is also a strong selling point for the trampoline. If your family wants a little more than just your average jumping device, this has one of the best basketball hoops available. An impressive warranty, strong customer support, and relatively hassle-free assembly make this a real gem.