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ORCC 15ft Trampoline and Enclosure Review

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In case you are in the industry to find a modern trampoline, note that there are numerous options from which to select. However, you must know that there is no wrong or right whenever you need to pick the appropriate trampoline to meet your demands and needs effectively and efficiently. You only need to choose what is best for you and how well it functions in your given situation. This article will take you through the ORCC 15ft Trampoline and Enclosure, its outstanding features and benefits.

ORCC 15ft Trampoline and Enclosure Overview

The ORCC 15’ trampoline includes a 1.5mm thick (43mm diameter) heavy-duty steel frame. This product is galvanized via the latest hot-dip galvanizing technology process, hence being rust-resistant capable of withstanding more punishment. Furthermore, this enhances the durability of the metal components to extend the lifespan of the trampoline. The trampoline is supported by W-shaped legs for additional support and durability. In addition to the frame, 7-inch heavy gauged springs also utilize the same galvanizing technology to improve performance and rust resistance. One of the better aspects of this ORCC trampoline is that it features a weight capacity of 400 lbs., which is on the higher end of most 15-foot trampolines.

The trampoline’s performance is primarily facilitated by the 7-inch springs and the UV-resistant jumping mat. A solid bounce can be expected from the trampoline with a reliably soft landing. The mat uses stitching technology and Polypropylene (PP) to ensure that it is UV-resistant, fade-resistant, and waterproof to enhance longevity.

Another strong aspect of this trampoline is the various safety precautions that are enhanced via the accessories. A sturdy safety enclosure, spring padding, and ladder are included to ensure jumpers are as safe as possible. It has a 6FT maximum enclosure netting from a polyethylene material of high quality to guarantee maximum durability and UV protection. Additionally, it also has enclosure poles and pole-sleeves, which are padded with 10mm foam; this offers your kids protection against banking the steel pole. Furthermore, the springs are engulfed with a PE + PVC foam spring pad that is durable and similarly resistant to fading and UV rays. It has a 0.8-inch thickness for solid protection against injury. The ladder attaches securely to the trampoline and is also made up of the same galvanized steel as the framing. Finally, 6 U-shaped wind stakes are included to improve stability and withstand high winds or inclement weather.

Assembly is relatively painless, when compared to some trampolines. This product offers you dual pairs of 2 T-Hooks and gloves to make assembling easier for two adults. The instructions are mostly clear with very few hiccups. It is always recommended to have at least one helper when assembling a complex device such as a trampoline. The majority of the time during assembly will be spend on the safety netting.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Sturdy and Durable Construction

The heavy gauge frame and other materials make this a sturdy trampoline. There is very little movement while it is in use. Furthermore, the rust resistant nature of the metal components ensure it will last for many years to maximize your investment and the family’s enjoyment. The soft components commonly require replacing more frequently than the metal parts, but the stitched mat and safety enclosure are built to last for longer than your average trampoline. Overall, this is well above average as far as durability is concerned.

Spacious (Netting on Outside)

The safety netting is on the outside of the springs, adding additional space to the jumping area. Some trampolines add the safety net on the inside, which makes some trampolines feel cramped for space. With the netting on the outside, it allows observers a place to sit (spring padding) while jumpers are going through their routines. This is purely preference as some prefer the netting to be on the inside.

Accessories Included

The ORCC 15’ trampoline comes with all the necessary equipment to get you jumping right away. The accessories include; the U-shaped wind stakes, a rain cover, safety enclosure, spring padding, and a galvanized heavy-duty steel ladder.

TUV Certified

This product has TUV certification approval, demonstrating ORCC’s commitment to safety. TUV certification gives you a comprehensive examination of your product’s composition and design structure to ensure it meets all safety regulations.

Attentive Customer Service

ORCC’s customer service team is well-trained to answer questions or remedy any situations that may arise. They respond quickly to inquiries and are very knowledgeable about their products. If any of the components are damaged during shipping, they can quickly help send out replacement parts so you can get to jumping as soon as possible. ORCC’s customer service team is one of the better units you will find at any company.

What We Like

• Strong construction materials
• Sturdy with little movement while in use
• Firm bounce
• TUV certified
• Fast and easy assembly
• High weight limit
• Strong safety enclosure poles

What We Don’t Like

• Wind stakes could be better
• Ladder can push up mat
• Relatively obscure brand manufacturer


The ORCC 15ft trampoline and enclosure (available at Amazon) performs very well as a mid-range trampoline. It doesn’t really fall into the budget range as far as price is concerned, but it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either. It performs like a trampoline on the precipice of entering into the premium class of trampolines that can sometimes cost well above $1,000. The sturdy construction materials make this a durable model that should last a very long time. Furthermore, some intuitive design choices enhance the jumping experience, all while being very safety conscious. ORCC’s customer service team is responsive and quick to address any issues or inquires customers may have. Overall, this is a strong value buy as it offers a lot of bang for the buck. The 15’ model offers a huge jumping area, but there are also smaller versions available with similar features and performance. ORCC may be a little-known brand, but if they continue to put out high-quality products, they won’t be an unknown for long.

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