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SereneLife Foldable Mini Trampoline Review

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For many people keeping up a schedule that involves cardio exercise or weight loss program in a fully equipped members-only gym has become next to impossible. This can be tremendously frustrating as those who have worked long and hard to achieve a level of fitness or shed unwanted weight and are now faced with fast disappearing gains. Fortunately, home gym equipment allows those who want to continue to enjoy an exercise program to do so in the comfort of their own homes. In fact, the home gym experience has made converts of those who once were avid gym-goers, for a number of reasons including home comforts, privacy and the cost savings that can be enjoyed by exercising at home.

However, given the choice of which makes and models would best suit individual needs, choosing the right equipment can be a challenge. In order to make this choice a little easier for those who want to explore the cardio benefits and weight loss potential of a rebounder (as mini-trampolines are also known), we take a closer look at one of the most popular models on the market – the SereneLife Foldable Mini Trampoline.

SereneLife Fitness Trampoline Review

Small and Portable

Firstly, this is a rebounder that is absolutely ideal for home use. Most mini-trampolines are capable of being folded in half, but the SereneLife Foldable Mini Trampoline takes it one step further. It boasts four-way folding capability. This makes it ideal for smaller living spaces, including apartments where storage space can be limited (in fact it can easily fit under the bed or behind the couch when it is folded). It should be mentioned that the small cross-section of this rebounder (when folded) also makes it far easier to move from room to room when corridor space is limited. The trampoline is also easy to transport (the relatively light weight of 24.03 Pounds certainly helps both at home and when packing into the trunk of a car). The caveat is that the legs will have to be removed for storage or transport.

Cost-Quality Ratio

Another consideration to take into account when purchasing a rebounder is the relationship between cost and quality. This is one of those purchases that does not always conform to the rule that the higher the price the better the quality and durability of the product. The SereneLife Foldable Mini Trampoline is one of the best quality rebounders on the market – and is perfect for the newcomer to the mini-trampoline experience, and it comes at a wallet-friendly price.


The SereneLife mini-trampoline is also supplied with a number of add-ons that normally cost extra to purchase, including a stability bar (which is great for those who want the kids to be able to enjoy the fun of using the rebounder). The cushioned stability bar is also adjustable from 35” to 46” which means that it can cater to the needs of users of variable height. It also comes complete with a frame cover that covers the springs and further enhances the safety of the rebounder – especially when the kids are enjoying this SereneLife product. Another add-on that will be welcomed by many is the kit bag which is part of the package.

Jumping Area

The quality of the mat is also significantly better than the norm for mid-range products (manufactured using tough polypropylene, which is usually found on top-end models of mini-trampoline) and a definite step-up from the mats that can be found gracing entry-level rebounders. The ‘bounce area’ is a generous 30” in diameter – meaning that a wide range of exercise options are possible using the unit. The spring coils also provide significantly better bounce than some of the entry-level units where bungee cords are the norm. If there is one criticism that can be leveled at the mat of the SereneLife rebounder it is the fact that the rebound action can offer less ‘give’ than models that feature bungee cords. However, this criticism must be tempered with the fact that many users prefer a firmer bounce experience – and it can make achieving fitness, stamina, core strength and weight goals easier.

This make and model of rebounder is ideal for those rooms with floors that are covered in tile, laminate or varnished wood due to the non-slip feet. Obviously, this also enhances stability and safety when using the mini-trampoline. The steel frame can at first glance look slightly flimsy, but it will deal with those weighing up to 150 pounds with ease, which is more than some competing models – but less than ultra-high-end rebounders.


Assembly can be a concern for those who are purchasing a mini-trampoline, but this is not a serious issue with this unit. The clear and concise instructions for assembly are easy to follow due to the fact that they also feature images to guide the less experienced. When assembled the attractive stainless steel and blue (the padding on the stability bar and cover) color scheme is also pleasing.


The SereneLife Foldable Mini Trampoline (available at Amazon) is that perfect balance of form, durability, functionality, and cost. While it may not be suitable for those of more generous body size, it is perfect for beginners who will be using a rebounder for the first time. The fact that it is easy to assemble and comes complete with a number of add-ons also adds to the attractiveness of the entire package. For those in search of a piece of equipment that is easy to use (and also provides a fun experience) and is easy to store and transport, this reasonably priced rebounder punches way above its class when compared to units in the middle of the price range. Given that many are now turning to the home exercise option, a rebounder is a perfect solution for those who want to lose weight and increase their fitness levels in the comfort of their own homes. It is certainly worth a second glance.