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SereneLife Trampoline With Net Enclosure Review

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If you are looking to purchase a trampoline on a budget, you may have your eyes set on the SereneLife Trampoline with Net Enclosure. This is an affordable trampoline that offers a lot for the money. Before buying, you might be wanting to know how it stacks up and what’s good about it. Find out more by reading this review of the SereneLife trampoline.

Our Review

Trusted Manufacturing

One thing you should be concerned with is the safety of the trampoline you end up getting. You can trust the SereneLife Trampoline because it is ASTM approved. This means it was both tested and approved within the standards set forth by the ASTM. You can bank on getting a trampoline that is going to be safe to use for years to come.

Multiple Sizes

This trampoline comes in 3 different sizes. You can purchase it in 8-feet, 10-feet, and 12-feet varieties.

It’s Suitable For Children and Adults

If you are looking for a trampoline that was designed with children in mind, this is one you should be looking at. However, it is versatile enough to be used by adults. At least if you are looking at the 10 foot or greater size. The trampoline can hold weight limits up to 352 pounds which should be plenty.


When you are buying a trampoline, you want something that features a good design. This trampoline has L-shaped feet. Therefore, you are getting a trampoline with better stability than some of the others you will find. The L-shaped feet allow for better stability as it evenly distributes the weight throughout all of the feet.

Build Quality

The SereneLife trampoline features a good and sturdy build quality for a budget-model trampoline. For one, the frame is made up of heavy-duty galvanized metal. Therefore, you are getting a frame that can withstand exposure to water and other elements outdoors. This is something you’ll need when you are getting a trampoline that is going to be situated outdoors. Also, the mat itself is made from polypropylene that has been reinforced. Therefore, you are getting a jumping surface that is high-quality and that should provide long-lasting use.

Safety Net

The safety enclosure net that is included is a good one. It is incredibly durable and stable. The net is high enough to keep both children and adults from falling off the trampoline. The net features a mesh material that makes it strong and it doesn’t have large enough holes that you have to begin worrying about catching fingers in it. This can make it safer and suitable for even younger children. The net features a dual closure entry design with a zipper and buckles. Therefore, you are getting something that no one will accidentally fall out of and it can keep your kids in if you are worried about them opening the zipper on their own.

What We Like/Don’t Like



This is one of the more affordable trampolines you can find available in the marketplace. Best of all, you aren’t sacrificing much to opt for this affordable trampoline. It comes in at a very reasonable price. With it, you are getting a lot of the much-needed safety features that some of the higher-priced trampolines offer. While you may be sacrificing some features or included accessories, you are getting mostly the same build quality for a cheaper price.

Strong Weight Capacity

With a trampoline that is this affordable, you wouldn’t necessarily expect it to be able to hold as much weight as it does. They advertise that it can hold up to 352 pounds. This makes it a very solid option for both children and adults. A lot of homeowners are likely looking for a trampoline that can hold more than a single kid at a time and this is a trampoline that can do that.

Solid Warranty

While you might like to see something a little more than a year for a trampoline-like this, a one-year warranty is pretty good considering the price you are paying. It’s not like you are paying a premium for a warranty, so 1 year is very reasonable for the price. With a 1 year warranty, you should have full confidence that you are going to get a lot of use out of it.

Features a Good Design

This trampoline has L-shaped feet. This is something that you don’t find in all of the trampolines on the marketplace. The unique L-shaped feet make the base much more stable and strong. This is most likely what allows the trampoline to hold so much weight despite being so affordable. SereneLife did a good job with the overall design of this trampoline because it performs well above its price class making it an excellent value for the money.


Be Careful With Assembly

If the clips come loose or they are not installed correctly, it can cause there to be a large gap in the netting. As long as you are careful to avoid this while installing the netting, you shouldn’t have to deal with this. However, it must be noted.

Should You Buy This Trampoline?

The SereneLife Trampoline and Enclosure (available at Amazon) offers a lot for the money. If you are looking for a trampoline that offers the highest build quality and best performance in the market, you might want to look elsewhere. However, if you are after something that is affordable and something that delivers exceptional ‘bang for your buck’ this is a major contender. It comes with all of the safety features you would want for your kids. It also comes with good build quality that you can count on. With a 1 year warranty, you can bet on the trampoline being serviceable for a long time. While the assembly and installation do take some attention to detail, it’s nothing unmanageable. It is a great option to consider if you aren’t looking to spend too much on your trampoline purchase.