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Skywalker Rectangle Jump N’ Dunk 9′ x 15′ Trampoline Review

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Outdoor trampolines feature different designs compared to indoor trampolines. The outdoor trampolines are large and have weather-resistant materials for durability, and convenience, mainly when used by multiple kids. The Skywalker 15-foot x 9-foot rectangle trampoline is a large trampoline that offers more bounce and performance compared to the standard circular trampolines. Additionally, it has a basketball hoop for more options while playing/jumping on the device. If you’re currently looking for a rectangle trampoline, but don’t want to spend the exorbitant amounts of money that these models normally cost, take a look at our Skywalker rectangle trampoline review below to see if this one is right for you.

Trampoline Overview

The Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk trampoline has dimensions of 15’ x 9’ x 9’. The frame height measures in at 37.4” from the ground with a 92 sq. ft. jumping surface area. A 250 lbs. weight capacity allows for multiple jumpers, depending on their weight. The frame and metal components are made of heavy gauge galvanized steel to resist rusting and the effects of the outside elements. Further protection from the elements is provided by the polyethylene netting and fade and slip-resistant UV-protected jumping mat and spring pad. The strong 12-gauge steel tubing (2.4”) that makes up the frame is strong and feels very solid. Overall, the hard and soft components are what should be expected from modern trampoline.

The bounce is provided by two sets of springs comprised of 80 7” springs and 4 5.5” springs. The bounce is an even bounce when compared to a circular trampoline. Most circular trampolines tend to draw the jumpers closer to the center of the device while rectangle models allow for even jumping anywhere on the mat. Likewise, the bounce commonly provided by rectangle trampolines is often higher and more tuned for experienced jumpers. The Skywalker rectangle trampoline follows in this tradition as the bounce is substantially more responsive than their circular models.

Safety is considered with T-socket connections for the frame, strong polyethylene enclosure netting, and no-gap spring cover. The frame uses the T-socket connections to ensure the frame maintains a strong connection and prevent any twisting while the trampoline is in use. The enclosure system is made of strong but soft netting that features a dual-zipper and latch-clip closure mechanism to prevent accidents. The netting is positioned on the inside of the springs (added safety) by foam-padded poles that are nominally soft and don’t create a hard impact. The no-gap enclosure spring padding (Skywalker design) does an excellent job at ensuring feet and fingers can’t become entangled in the springs.

What We Think


As is common when comparing rectangle trampolines to the more popular round models, you can expect a more even bounce that does not draw you to the center of the trampoline. The Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk similarly offers higher jumps and slightly softer landings than their round models. The 9’ x 15’ jumping area provides plenty of space for multiple jumpers to use the device simultaneously. The bounce performs well enough that if you have an aspiring gymnast in the family, this is a solid starting device to get them acclimated about what to expect. It works very well as an everyday jumper and is leaps and bounds better performance than most circular trampolines. It doesn’t provide the awe-inspiring bounces that a premium model offers, but it won’t cost you the thousands those require either. Overall, the performance is better than one would expect from a budget trampoline.


The 9’ x 15’ Skywalker trampoline has numerous considerations in place for safety. First, the safety enclosure works well in keeping jumpers within the “field of play”. The safety enclosure is mounted on the inside of the springs, which does a good job at keeping kids off of the springs and enhances the lifespan of the springs and spring padding. The net is made of firm but soft material to soften the impact when errant bounces propel jumpers into the netting. The spring padding uses Skywalker’s no-gap design to ensure body parts don’t get tangled up in the springs. The padding is soft, but the material feels thin and flimsy at times. Skywalker could have done a better job at providing a higher quality spring padding.


All components on the trampoline are made to withstand being in the elements for many years. The strong frame and springs are rust-resistant, and the jumping mat and other soft components are fade and weather-resistant. This greatly extends the lifespan of the trampoline so buyers can go longer without needing to replace parts. While in use, the trampoline feels sturdy and stable. Some cheaply made trampolines can sometimes feel as if they are going to fall apart while jumpers are using them. That is not the case with the Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk. The basketball hoop is above average and is similarly built to withstand the elements. Like with most trampolines, you can expect to replace the springs and spring padding most often (2 years or so). A 3-year warranty is in place for the frame with a 1-year warranty on the other components should any issues arise. Depending on level of maintenance, you can expect to get many years of use out of this trampoline before you should need to invest in expensive replacement parts.


Assembling trampolines can sometimes be a real hassle. Manufacturers are notorious for providing confusing instructions that leave out important steps. Fortunately, Skywalker has done a superb job with their instruction manual, even providing a bit of humor to keep it light. A spring tool is included to assist with installing the springs. Most of the assembly can be completed with only 1 person, but once you begin working on the safety netting, it is best to have a helper or two. Assembly should take 1-2 hours, depending on your level of familiarity with putting together trampolines.


• Highly durable
• Affordable value buy
• Spacious and flexible
• Basketball hoop provides extra fun
• Good instruction manual


• Lower weight limit
• Bounce is only average for a rectangle trampoline
• Safety enclosure zipper can become stuck


The Skywalker Rectangle Jump N’ Dunk trampoline (available at Amazon) is durable and efficient for people who need multifunctional play equipment for home use. The trampoline is made with heavy-duty materials that are resistant to damage even when exposed to outdoor environments for many years. This trampoline has safety features to safeguard the kids from falling or getting injured when playing on the trampoline. A solid value buy, this 9-foot x 15-foot trampoline provides families with a good entry-level point into the world of rectangle trampolines. The better performance and higher quality craftsmanship provided by these trampolines is truly a cut above the normal round models.