Jumping on an elastic trampoline.

Sportplus 43″ Rebounder and Bar Review

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There are several mini-trampolines (often referred to as rebounders) on the market today. The Sportplus Fitness Trampoline is a very strong competitor in the world of rebounders because of its affordable price point and the value it delivers to the consumer. Whether you are looking to engage deep muscle tissues or need the stabilizing handrail for added support, you will find that, and more, from this rebounder.

Adding to, or beginning a home gym, can be quite costly. The competitive price of the Sportplus Fitness Trampoline stands out among similar rebounders and other fitness equipment and we think you will find it a great start (or addition) to your home exercise regime. The fact that this single piece of exercise equipment offers a total body workout means you will not need to purchase multiple pieces of fitness equipment to achieve a full-body workout, which will save you money, space, and time. This rebounder is a top contender in the fitness market and one we think you will be pleasantly surprised by. We encourage you to read our complete review of the Sportplus Fitness Trampoline to determine if it is the rebounder for you.

Adjustable/Detachable Handrail

Many rebounders at the Sportplus Fitness Trampoline’s price point do not include any extra accessories, and you may not be sure what accessories or added features you want or need if you have just begun researching rebounders. We found that the rebounders that include a handrail are more popular, in part, because they offer the consumer balance and added assurance that is needed when just beginning your rebounding fitness journey. While having the option to purchase the stability handrail separately is a great option with many other rebounders, we appreciate that this accessory is included with the Sportplus Fitness Trampoline. The handrail is covered with foam, making it very comfortable to grip, for the user. The handrail not only offers added stabilization for beginners or children but can also be used by experienced users looking to add new rebounding techniques that can be difficult to achieve without the use of the stability bar. It is adjustable between the heights of 33 to 47-inches and can be removed to make workouts more challenging or for a more compact storage option.

Durable Build

The Sportplus Fitness Trampoline offers a bungee cord design that many consider safer to use than its metal spring counterpart. The bungee design delivers a near-silent bounce, which will be appreciated by users, family members, and/or nearby neighbors. It features a hexagonal shape jumping mat that you will not find with many other rebounders. This large jumping surface is safer for beginners and children than the more common jumping mat that is round in shape. The jumping area measures 32 to 37-inches wide, making it considerably larger than other rebounders on the market and it features a strong high-grade steel frame that measures 43-inches. The jumping mat is non-slip, so rebounding both barefoot, or with socks on, is considered safe for this model.

Rubber grommets have been installed on each of the six legs that are attached to the frame. These grommets ensure there is adequate cushion when landing on the jumping mat, and make the landing soft and easy on your joints. Older users, those recovering from injury, and beginners will appreciate the low-impact nature of this rebounder’s design. The sturdy frame supports a maximum weight capacity of 286 pounds, which makes it a great choice for most adults and children.

Full Body Workout

The Sportplus Fitness Trampoline targets deep muscle tissue effectively, as well as small muscle groups. No matter your fitness level, this rebounder has been designed to offer a complete total body workout, all while being low-impact and easy to use. It promotes motor skills and can also help to increase overall body coordination. A full-body workout can easily be achieved with this rebounder, as it has the capability to activate and engage over 400 muscles in the body.

Color Options

Another added feature of this rebounder is that the jumping mat is outlined in one of three color variations that the buyer gets to choose. The color choices it offers are red, blue, or green. We appreciate that some customization is included with the Sportplus Fitness Trampoline, since many other similarly (and higher) priced rebounders did not offer this as an option when purchasing their rebounders.

Assembly Required

The overwhelming downside we found with many other rebounders, including the Sportplus Fitness Trampoline, is the difficulty in assembling the product once you unbox it. It is a time-consuming, and sometimes, challenging task since each of the bungee cords must be attached to the jumping mat and frame individually. Many users reported that more than one person may be needed to complete the assembly process. Others mentioned that even after reading the assembly instructions, they also had to watch instructional videos online for assistance with correctly assembling their rebounder. This drawback is something to consider when deciding what rebounder is best for you.


If the value is what you are searching for in your rebounder purchase, the Sportplus Fitness Trampoline (available at Amazon) is a brand and model that should strongly be considered. This rebounder is very competitively priced, which, in and of itself, makes it shine. The additional features it offers, such as the foam-covered adjustable handrail and color customization are included in the price, which really set it apart from other competitor rebounders.

You will certainly find value in adding a key exercise piece like the Sportplus Fitness Trampoline to your home gym and exercise routine. It is also a great option if you are limited on space since it offers a compact storage design. Since this one piece of exercise equipment can offer a full-body workout, it is potentially the one, and only, piece of equipment you will need to complete your home gym.